proud of my boys

This was a weekend full of being so proud of my boys. Brett is training for his first marathon that takes place in California this spring. He and two good friends are taking on this challenge and I could not be more thrilled! I think it so great to have a goal like this and it makes you feel so stinking good when you have accomplished it (Man, too bad I can't find some motivation to get moving more myself, after the holidays, I promise!!!)

Brett did his first 1/2 marathon this weekend as part of the training for the marathon and did so great. I was so happy to see him cross the finish line at just around two hours!!! Hutch was also so proud of his Dad as he cheered at the finish line!!! (thanks Kerry for this picture, I am in love with it)

Hutch was such a joy to be around this weekend. Lots of time with friends and being out an about. This kid loves people and being in the action, mmmmm, where does he get that from??? I was so proud of Hutch being such a good boy this weekend.

Man, I miss my boys this morning. Is it Friday yet???