Tis the season of the lawn boy

You may recall from a blog post last spring of my hot lawn boy that I secretly want to take advantage of. Well this year it has gotten even worse. I thought a lawn boy pushing a nice green John Deere mower and riped up blue jeans was nice, check out this new get up:

My Lawn boy now also sprays for weeds, over seeds and fertilizes. My lawn might be the best one on the block now ;)

Thanks Dear Lawn Boy, I love it that I get to see a full summer of you out my kitchen window!


mission 1/2 Marathon accomplished

I made history yesterday by running 13.1 miles all at one time. It was such a great experience that I am pretty sure I am hooked. The training was someone time consuming but I got most of it done before most people were out of bed so it really didn't take much time out of my day. The weekends were longer runs and they were a bit more challenging but over all, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was so afraid to committed to this race because I really was not sure if I could do it, man it felt good to cross that finish line and know that I had accomplished a huge goal for myself. I am not sure what is next, I am thinking about starting a list of things I really want to do and start checking them off.

Walk 20 miles a day for three days...... Check
Eat three Reese's Easter eggs in one sitting......... Check
Be in Lawrence, KS when we win a National Championship..........Check
Do a 1/2 Marathon..... Check

mmmm, any suggestions on what to do next? I am not sure about a marathon and if I did one, I would want to do it in my favorite city (NYC) I believe you have to qualify or be on a waiting list for that marathon so not sure that is in my near future. Maybe I will look into a triathlon for beginners. My friend at work told me about one might be perfect for me. Maybe I will look into it ;) If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. It could be like that game "What would you do for a dollar" and you could see what I would do. I think I ate part of a can of cat food when I was in middle school when playing this game. Yummy.

Feel free to visit my picasa page to see some pics of yesterday.

A shout out to my girl Andrea for being a great running partner and for wanting this as bad as I did. Nice work sister, I am so proud of you!!!


Proud to be a Jayhawk!

It has finally soaked in, we are the National Champs!!! Go Hawks.

For Monday's game we had planned to go to Lawrence to watch the game with some friends to see them but also so that we could be in Lawrence in case we actually won. I knew, based on how crazy Lawrence was when we went to the final four back when I was in college, that if we won, it was going to be off the hook. We last minute decided to stay in KC and watch it with some good friends which ending up being so fun (thanks Jack, Mindy and sweet bella). It was a great game from start to finish!! Just as I was putting on my coat on to go home, Mario came back with that three pointer, the rest was history!!!

After winning the game we went down the street to The Blue Moose to celebrate with other Jayhawks. As soon as "One moment in time" was over it shot back to a helicopter view of Mass. street and my heart started pumping so fast and I knew I had to get into Lawrence and be apart of that energy. I mentioned that I really wanted to be in Lawrence to Brett and he was like "oh yeah, that would have been really cool". Our other friend heard me say that I really wished we were in Lawrence and he said, "lets hit guys, lets go right now". We had both only taken like two drinks of our beers but we paid and headed to Lawrence at 11:30 pm at night. Yes, I would be tired the next day at work and yes, I knew most of these people are going to be drunk college kids but I had to see Mass. Street with my own eyes. Here is some pics of the night, it was so fun to be apart of such a wonderful celebration. Yes, there were some crazy drunk people hanging from trees and several people (guys and girls) peeing in the alley's because of lack of public restrooms at 1am. I saw this one girl by Chipotle squatted down and I though maybe she was hurt so I looked down at her and she looked up at me and said "hey, when you got to go, you got to go". I couldn't have agreed with her more, I just pulled into Lawrence at midnight. When you have to go, you have to go!!

A special shout out to Pitts for wanting to go to Lawrence as bad as I did, thanks for making the night so fun!


a cool 45 feet

Over easter weekend we went home to Sabetha to be with my family. My Dad had sent out an email a few days before the weekend to see if all of us kids might want to help clean up after the ice disaster that he had this winter. This was the first time that it was warm enough to get out and really start cleaning up the hundreds of branches and thousands of little tiny sticks. Every single tree needed to be trimmed and it was going to be a big job. Even though I love a good days of work on the farm from time to time, I was not thrilled about this request from my Dad until he mentioned that we would get to light the whole pile of limbs on fire. I was sold in a matter of micro seconds. I ADORE FIRE!!

When we got home and pulled up I saw this out of my car window: Right away, I knew this day was going to be so much fun, anything look weird to you? Can you see someone at the top of the tree?? Nice

I knew right then I would be riding up in the bucket lift at some point in the day. I would not say I am a dare devil but if I am ever given the opportunity to do something I have never done, I usually try it out. I was telling Brett if I didn't have to pay for it I would be a sky diving, bungee jumping, swim with the sharks fool (mmm, maybe not sharks). So, after picking up all the limbs, stacking all the wood my Dad had cut for fireplace wood and cleaning up all the little sticks, it was time to go up in the big bad bucket. I have to brag a little that I was the only one to get all the way to the top. My dare devil brother Matt was not home so I am sure we would have shown me up if he would have been there. I will not lie, I did scream a little once I got to the very top since it was really windy that day and I felt I was a little out of control but I did make it too the top and loved it.

I was pretty beat after all that work and going up 45 feet up in the air but still had plenty of energy to start a massive fire, it was the best bonfire ever and I didn't even need a smore (the steak dinner Dad, Angie, Carrie and Joce made was just as good ;).

It is always an adventure on the farm, some of the best times of my life are out there.
To see more pics of the weekend you can visit here.