Hunting adventures in Sabetha

As promised I told you I would tell you about my first hunting trip. Well my second really, I went when I was in high school with my Dad and I was bored out of my mind!! This time it was a bit more fun and I think I might go again for sure.

So here is how it works. Because there are not too many birds to hunt in Sabetha these days and my Dad has a lot of land to hunt on, he "plants" birds so that the boys can have something to kill. That is right, he buys these birds called Chuckers for 8 bones a piece and twirls them around by their legs to make them dizzy and then he puts them in the grass and runs away. My sister Callie and I helped my dad "plant" these chuckers.

One hour later all the boys went out with the bird dog and the dog found the bird, the dog points the bird, the dog scares the bird up into the sky, the boys shoot the bird dead. It is pretty crazy isn't it. I mean, how hard is that, you just let the dog do all the work and you wait to kill something. It was a great time with the boys and my main man Brett did a great job!! Here are pictures for your enjoyment ;)

One Rocking Christmas

That's right, I had a theme Christmas at my Dads house and it was totally rocking!!!! He had the palm trees, the beads, the great food. It was wonderful.
I have to say, I was a little nervous about my Dad changing up the tradition this year but it was a great idea and I think he is going to do a different theme every year. Come on, you all know my Dad is not just a farmer in a small town. He is Event Planner extraordinaire!!! Yep, he can fix a tractor, feed cattle in the dead of winter, grow corn event when their is little rain but he can also through one great party. Not only did he have some great ambiance going on but the food was great!! It was a shrimp boil and yes it tasted as good as it looks. Maybe you are thinking..... "Man, the colors in these pictures on Vikks blog are great!!" Well, you can thank my Dad for that too. He got Brett and I the best joint gift ever since we have been married, a digital camera!!! It is so nice and I love it already. I did get lots of wonderful gifts (Pink I-Pod, target gift cards, cooking stuff, a hot little coat and some clothes and great stocking stuffers) but the camera just topped it off!!
Dad, thank you for doing something fun and special for this years Christmas. It has been one crazy year but this was a great way to end 2006 and jump into 2007. You do a great job of mixing it up and I love that about you. Love you Dad!!!
After the party we went hunting, say tuned for that post ;)


Carrie come home!!

Hey all,

this post is for my sister Carrie, I really want her to come home for Christmas and I thought if I put it out there on the "World Wide Web" (I am talking about old people calling it that, I once heard a guy at the gym call it that and I about came out of my skin laughing) then maybe she would come for sure. Carrie, please oh please come home. I want our cute dogs to meet and I really want to see you soon. I have been shopping for you and thinking about you so much this Christmas, I really really want you to come home.

Ok, now everyone please comment and tell Carrie to come home for Christmas as well ;) this should be fun.

Love you Carrie, hoped you like getting the "shout out" on my blog, hee hee.

Merry Christmas All, I am signing off until later!!!


Just add pudding

hey all,
I am feeling on top of the clouds today because I made a chocolate cake a birthday party at work and it was a huge hit!!! Nothing feels better when people notice your handy work. I have to let you all in on a little secret though: IT IS THE PUDDING!!! That is right, next time you make a cake from the box, just add a box of the pudding flavor that you are making. I have done this with lemon and vanilla and the cake is so moist and a little more taste. I am not sure who told me to do that but thanks, it works everytime. Even if I cook the cake a few extra minutes on accident, it still works. This cake was so good with a side of mint chocolate chip icecream, great during the holidays. I would also reccomend taking the Wilton Cake Decorating class, it is pretty cheap and you do learn so much. Have fun baking this Christmas season!!!



hey all,
yes, yes, I know I didn't hold up my end of the deal on blogging on the topics I picked. I thought if I put it out there, I would do it but I just didn't. My goal of the new year is to change the look of my blog a bit and try to blog at least twice a week ;)

On to other things, Christmas is just around the corner and I thought I would fill you in on the top ten things I love and hate about this time of year, here we go:

1.) The Celebration of Christ, hands down that is the best!!
2.) Smell of Christmas Tree
3.) Breaking out my Old Navy Christmas Tree sweats that I have had for years and refuse to give up.
4.) Listening to my NSYNC Christmas CD, shut up, I know you all love it!!! Back when Lance was straight!
5.) Shopping for gifts way in advance so that I don't get stressed out about that. Yes, in case you wondered, I have been done shopping for about a week now and they are all wrapped too. Pays to be a planner sometimes.
6.) Cookies and goodies, I do have the reoccuring problem of the dreaded "winter wieght". This year I am just going to let nature take its course and not stress about it. Hit the gym Jan. 2nd ;)
7.) SNOW, I love to look at it, not to drive in it. I am praying real heard for snow on Christmas day for the sake of my cute husband, he is like a little kid sometimes. He wants snow so bad he can taste it. I also went to LA a few weeks ago and thought it would be great to have warm weather in the winter. MMMM, Christmas just wasn't the same with out cold weather and snow. It was like they were trying to have Christmas in July.
8.) Christmas movies. Top one ever: Christmas Vacation!!! I finally bought this DVD this year and I love it!!! I will watch it year round. Following that movie my other favorites are Frosty the snow man, Home Alone 1, Ernest saves Christmas (this use to be my favorite, not sure I could stand to watch it anymore), I also love to watch Little Women and Step Mom during this time of year. Christmas Tree sweats + hot coco + popcorn + snow outside + fleece blanket + one cute Beagle to snuggle = BEST DAY IN MY LIFE!!
9.) Time with my extended family. In all there are about 35 people, fun times!!!! Best food in the land and great stories.
10.) Waking up on christmas morning with my best friend (and hotty, I might add).
11.) I know I only said 10 things but I love Time off work, that is worth a number 11.

1.) That I can only call Christmas, "Holiday" , until I get home in my own house where I won't offend anyone.
2.) People shopping last minute and complaining about it.
3.) Trying to be at every bodies Christmas at a certin time and rushing around with your head cut off. Not this year folks, I am sleeping in my own bed on christmas morning, it is going to be great!!
4.) trans cyberian orchestra, I really hate that crap!!!
5.) People that put one string of lights on something outside thier house. If you are not going to do it right, don't do it at all!!!!
6.) The bell that the Salvation Army people use to ring outside every store. I mean, would it hurt them to get a few more bells to play some music with. Come on, at least do something else to keep yourself busy while raising money. I would like to think I would be really good at doing that because I would have some other instruments to make it sound great. I hate the sound of bell in the same tone.
7.) Hobby Lobby at Christmas, it is like Santa came in there an threw up all over. That have some nice stuff but so much of it sucks!! They also have tons of stuff that people could get and they do but you get up to pay and they have two cashiers and they have to type each thing in the cash register because they have not switched over to the scanner. ANNOYING!!!
8.) Christmas jewelery, for the love!!!!! Please stop wearing that crap, it is so gay!
9.) Wrecks. Yes, I have at least one wreck per winter season, last year, I had two, that was my all time low!!! This year I am going to do my best to skip that stage and try to make it to spring to have another wreck. I did have a very small fender bender at the end of Nov. I figure that does not count since it was still kinda fall.
10.) Lastly, the stress of everything being perfect on christmas and forgetting the reason we celebrate. I hate what the world has done to this time of year. Lets all do our best to focus on the bigger picture. Not the gifts, the decorations, the drama, just Christ alone!

Merry Christmas!!!!


what a flop

Ok, I had big plans this week to share some favorite childhood memories and pics but I have not been able to find access to a scanner and I didn't really want to go to kinkos. So for now I am just going to move on to the next week and talk about what I am thankful for since it is Thanksgiving week!! Anyway, I do want to share a picture of my cute dog being packed up to go to Sabetha a few weekends ago. poor boy. Ok, I will try to do better next week.


And finally number three

I am sure I could think of tons of things I would like to do in my lifetime but these last three blocs have just been the ones that first come to mind. The last thing I really want to do is save someone's life. I remember as a child I use the watch rescue 911 hosted by William stammer every week, do you remember that show? This was one of the first reality TV shows that I can remember. So many stories come back to mind about people doing CIPRO on someone they never knew and they saved a life and then they because a part of that persons life and family forever. Not that I would ever wish that someone would start choking while I am out to dinner so I can hurdle over chairs and wait staff to give them the hymlick(have no clue how to spell that one) but it would be pretty cool;)
On a serious note, I have always had a love for caring for people, I think it started watching rescue 911 and then later working in a nursing home and then nannying for family. I just have a deep desire to nurse people to health I guess. Brett will tell you that I love it when he gets sick because he is so needy and I love that feeling of someone needing you and depending on you to help them to feel better. I just think the ultimate would be to save someone else's life. Some may say I save a life every time I car pool since I am not exactly the worlds best driver. Have a great weekend and stay safe.

number two before dying

Ok, no my dream is not to have a number two before dying, I just wanted to indicate that this is the second thing I want to do before kicking the bucket.

Ok, ever since I visited NYC a couple years ago I have been obsessed with it. I love everything about the city, the noise, the lights, the people everywhere, the subways, great restaurants, you name it, I love it. So, I would really love to live there for at least a year just to try it out. I have been trying to get Brett to up and leave with me but he tells me that we need to be saving money and that we can't just up and leave when we have good jobs here. I am like "Brett, we can work in a starbucks or at the Gap or something". Brett is way more responsible with money and overall everything than I am so I am going to follow his lead on this one but I would love it if he came home from work one day and was like "Vikk, pack your bags, we are putting this house on the market tomorrow and we are moving to NYC for a year" I would seriously pee my pants, how stinking fun!!!!! Anyway, this may actually come true some day but now that having baby's in the near future is on our mind, not so sure. ;)
This picture is from my last trip to NYC in the spring with my sisters. Man central park is great, can't you see me hanging out and playing Frisbee with my boy?


"things I want to do before dying"

Welcome to the first blog of this week on what I really want to do before I kick the bucket.

My number one thing that I want to do before dying is to sing on stage like a popstar, yes, I have this weird obsession with the hot popstars like Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson. There are a few things about singing though. I want a different voice, a different body which would include a bigger chest and smaller. I want dance moves that people have never seen and great make up and super sparkles clothes. I just love the thought of being in front of thousands of people and them all coming to watch me. I can't explain it but I just just really want to do that. I often catch myself singing in the car like I am in concert or when Brett is gone and I hear a song on TV starting to make up dance moves. At least Debo is entertained!!! Anyway, that is the first thing I want to do before dying. Stay tuned for more things this week ;)


back on a monday.

Hi, it is me Vikk, rememeber me??? (that is what I am saying in this picture)
no to worry all, yes I took a blogging break for a while. Life and work have been busy and I have not had a lot of time to put some thought into my blog. I think I am ready to start up again starting monday with a theme per week so here are some post to look forward to.

Week 1: "Things I want to do before dying"
Week 2: Favorite Books, oh wait, I don't read, I mean "favorite childhood pics and stories" My be some naked baby pics so you will want to watch for that ;)
Week 3: Thanksgiving week: "Things I am thankful for" (whoa this is getting deep, I know. Stay tunes, you might be one of my posts on week 3)
Week 4: Gearing up for the Christmas

See you next week, hope to get lots of comments ;)


Alert the media, Halloween just got better

Ok, so if you read my post a few days ago, I talked about Reeses Peanut Butter cups that I love around Easter and valentines day. They come in in the shape of Easter eggs, hearts, and now:

Dum Dum Dum Duuuuuum: PUMPKINS, they are so good!! My friend brought some candy to our garage sale on Saturday but they were the smaller pumpkins so I was really exited but when I went to Wal-Mart on sunday I found them in the larger size!!

Oh baby, Halloween just got a lot better in the Wiese house. Good stuff!!!


Happy Birthday sweet boy

As most of you that know me well at all know that my sweet little dog turns One, or in dog years seven, years old today.
He is the best Christmas present I have ever gotten and I love that dog more than I thought I could love any animal. He is a loyal dog who I can always count on to snuggle and give me attention. Debo has been such a joy and I look forward to several more years of having him around. Happy Birthday Debo! Don't worry, I am going to pick up Mickey D's for you tonight to have for your birthday dinner. I know it is bad for you and you might have the squirts tomorrow but it will be great while it lasts.


I want Candy

If you don’t know me all that well this may come as a shock but for the rest of you, you don’t even need to read this ;)

Tis the season of candy, Halloween is just around the corner. I would bet to say that I gain mmmmm, maybe around 8 pounds when Halloween rolls around and everyone has candy at their desk and I have a basket full at home when the little kids come around. My all time favorites:

1.) Snickers Bars, Cold or Warm to room temperature.
2.) Easter Egg Reese’s Buttercups (you know what I am talking about, who doesn’t love those)
3.) Reese’s Buttercups (for some reason I like the individual packets better than the ones that come two cups at a time. I love the one cups that you buy around Halloween)
4.) Kit Kat (Simple but delicious)
5.) Heath Bar (this has not always been on my top ten but my dad introduced me to it and I love them)
6.) Nutragoues (some people forget about this one but it is the so stinking good)
7.) Sour Patch Kids (I don’t like to many candies that don’t have chocolate but I do love these little guys)
8.) Milk Duds (I like these only in the movie theaters)
9.) Hershey Kisses with Almonds in the middle
10.) Red Vines (these are not too popular but I have loved them since childhood at the pool in the summer. They are good every once in a while)

So, even though I do eat pretty healthy and that may hide the fact that I am a sugar addict, it is true, I love the sugar!!!

I also love CARBS, I miss the days when meat and potatoes and bread were good for you. I think I could eat potatoes everyday if my butt didn’t blow up like balloon. When you have a metabolism like me, you have to limit it. As you can see I eat mostly eggs, veggies, chicken salad (reason for all the mayo), green tea and I never get enough water. I am pretty sure if I lived alone I would be pushing 300 pounds right now. Thanks to Brett, I do pretty good during the week but when I get my hands on some sugar or carbs, look out KC, I am all over it.

Dear Wal-Mart,
I hate you so much but thank you for all the candy that you stock during the Halloween season, you stock it all and I thank you for that. I especially want to thank you for stocking the Easter Reese’s Egg, you have the best price in town and you allow me to stock up so that the Eggs last until the middle of June. Remember, I still think your store sucks and if I were going to pick one thing to wipe off the face of the earth besides teenagers, it would be you.
Your customer (unfortunately), Vikkie


no thoughts these days

so I think I am going through a dry spell, I can't think of anything at all to post on these days. I am not really bored out of my mind, I just don't think I have anything interesting or fun to share. Mmmmm, think Vikkie, think......

Oh, I did make a cute shirt with Debo my favorite dog on it. :) I am going to have to post something later, this is totally lame. ;) Peace out.


Farewall Huxtables

It was a sad day over my lunch hour yesterday. You see, every single day for the last year I come home and watch two episodes of the one and only, Cosby Show. That is right, one full hour of laughter and sometimes tears, everyday for a whole stinking year! I come home over lunch, grab some lunch, sit down and turn it to channel 29 and prepare myself to be completely entertained.

Yesterday, I did my daily routine only to find out that Blind Date was on instead of the my favorite show. Did I come home an hour late? Did I miss it? Was I on the wrong channel? I panicked!!!! What the H E double L is that about!!!! I didn’t even know what to do with myself. What am I suppose to do on my lunch hour?? Please someone tell me. Yes, I can talk to Brett for a while, watch Debo play and maybe do a load of laundry but I miss the Huxtable family!!!
It was a sad day over my lunch hour yesterday. You see, every single day for the last year I come home and watch two episodes of the one and only, Cosby Show. That is right, one full hour of laughter and sometimes tears, everyday for a whole stinking year! I come home over lunch, grab some lunch, sit down and turn it to channel 29 and prepare myself to be completely entertained.

Dr. Huxtable (Cliff), Clair, Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, Rudy,

I miss you more than you will ever know, I know I should just get cable so I can watch you on Nick at Nite but I just can’t swing it right now. Thank you for over 200 hours of pure entertainment over the last year for free. You guys are the best!!!
Cliff and Clair, thank you for being the coolest parents and setting such a great example for me. Sondra and Denise, you are not around much but I will miss you. To Theo, Vanessa and dear Rudy, you guys are my favorite. You continue to make me giggle and smile everyday. Thank you for being the best kids ever, I do hope to get all your episodes on DVD so that my kids can watch you for as long as I did.
I have been a Cosby show lover since I was a small child and I will never forget all the memories. Please come back to non cable TV.

Your biggest fan,

P.S. If you would like to give a donation to the “Get all the season’s of the Cosby show on DVD Fund” please send a comment ;)


The Mold

Brett just inspired my post for the day because I about peed in my pants it was so funny and an email I am sure I will never get again:

Vikkie emailed:
Heads up, I am taking a walk with Debo,Baxter and Andrea tonight,
just letting you know. I will be home and then go on a walk at 7:30pm.

brett relied:

cool--i'll be buying boric acid to kill the mold in our basement. fun stuff

I am not sure why this made me laugh so hard but I am wired like that. I guess I just think it is funny because I am just taking a walk with some dogs and hang with my friend and the reply was like: "I am going to save the world and kill some mold"!!! So stinkin funny to me, Ok, maybe not that funny but in case anyone wants to kill some mold tonight, I am sure brett would love someone to help him. I am too afraid to be around mold that is growing and is black an fuzzy!!!



Ok, I know this is blog number two today but I wanted to have a post of just Treads and Threads stuff because it was a huge event and it deserves its own post. ;)

Thanks so much to all my friends and family for volunteering and helping me out big time. The event raised over 1 million and will go to help support the Cancer Center at KUMED.

There were some great stories of people being a little over served so those are always interesting to watch. I am sure my friends have some great stories to tell, I was going to post a bunch of them but I want them to start a blog so maybe this will encourage them to do so. This is a blogging world folks, get started!!!

Back in the groove

Well, Brett is home from Bear hunting and Treads and Threads is over. What a crazy week last week was. It all seems like a blur really. Brett had a great time with the boys but I think was pretty disappointed that none of them got a bear. Yet, time with my family is priceless, hee hee. Not sure I could spend 6 days with my brothers burping and farting, not sure how Brett did it. He is my Hero!!! I am glad he got to get to know my brothers more though and I think Brett was happy to hang with the boys for a week.

Ok, I am not sure if my brother Abram reads my blog but I had to post the one of him in his camo and those hot legs, sorry Abe. I do love you!!!;)

Welcome back boys, sorry no bears this time. Not sure you will ever kill a bear now but deer season is just around the corner.


No Bear yet

Well, I talked to brett lastnight and still no bear, everyone is a little frustrated I gathered because they drove 22 hours and paid a lot of money to go shoot a bear and only Brett has seen a baby bear. I told Brett I would pray that he would shoot his bear today but I have not been able to bring myself to pray for that yet, seems kinda weird, don't you think?? Any guidance would be nice.

Since I gave a shout out to my friends yesterday for hanging with me I thought I would give a special shout out to my friend Andrea. I have just gotten to know her better over this summer and last Friday she took me to a Royals game with her company, it was wonderful!! I had not been to a Royals game since George Brett times!!
Thanks for the wonderful weekend Andrea, You are wonderful!!!!


come on saturday

Sorry I have not posted yet this week. I am getting ready for " The Party of the century", it is on Friday and I am in charge of all volunteers and restaurants. Brett has been out of town for over 120 hours now and I am starting to get a little depressed. For those of you that don't know, Brett went Bear hunting with my dad, my two brothers and Brett's dad. I talked to Brett lastnight and he did see a bear but didn't take the shot because it was to small. That a boy, don't kill the baby bears ;) Brett said he got a picture of it so I am excited to see and hear about his trip. This was the image on my bed before he left, not sure I will ever see this again but I thought it was funny. My bed was covered in Camo from Cabelas!!!!

Man, I can't wait to see pictures of Brett dressed from head to toe in camo!!!! hot stuff.

Well, he comes home on saturday and I am getting so excited to see him, I have to say I shed a few tears the other night because I missed him. He is a blast to hang out with so of course I miss him. My friends have been rock stars at spending time with me and going the extra mile to make sure I am doing ok. Thank you to all of you that are so wonderful, I feel so blessed to be loved so much.

Well, since I have not pictures of Brett to post and Debo has been one of my best buddy's this week, I thought he deserved a picture in this post.

Dear Debo,

Thank You so much for taking care of me and loving me so much. The nap we took on Sunday was unforgettable and I loved every minute. Hugs and even some wet doggy kisses. Love you boy.

Your Master,



Problem area

those of you that know me well know that I am a stickler when it comes to HOW my lawn is mowed. I am a huge fan of bagging the lawn at least once a week and trimming is preferred. I am not sure where this obsession has come from. Maybe because I came from a farm and I like to see straight lines in a field or maybe because I am over anal and I really need to get help. Poor Brett usually deals with it but lastnight he was not filling like dealing with it because we could bail hay in our back yard ;) See the clumps, not good.
The front lawn he was more careful about, I can not see one flaw. He even edged around the sidewalks & driveway, oh baby!! I love that!! Can you see how it is mowed to an angle, I have to have the angle, like a golf course, don't give me any of that back and forth in a square. It has to be at an angle. Nice work on the front lawn Wiese, no bailing hay up there.



first of all, I hate posting without a picture, maybe people really don't care but I am a visual person so I get bumbed when I don't have a picture with every post. Anyway, sorry folks.

So several of you have asked how the 3 year anniversary was so I thought I would blog about it since you all read my blog ;)
The day started bright and early when I was planning on getting out of bed at 5:30am to run. Instead I stayed and snuggled in bed for another two hours!!! That is always a great start to a day ;) I had a meeting from 5:30-7pm yesterday evening so I was kindaworn out and wishing that we could just stay home and not go to J. Gilberts (which is great steak)as we had planned, or I at least thought that was the plan. I felt so bad on my way home from the meeting, I really didn't want to go out again. Change clothes, re apply my face and do my hair. Brett must have know because I came home and there were candles all over my family room. A large picnic blanket in the center of the room with D Bronx supreme pizza, a cooler of Corona and Coca Cola, and even cheese cake and apple pie for dessert. It was perfect!!!!! I threw my shoes off and ran into the arms of my wonderful groom. I was really impressed with the ambiance, I am an event planner so presentation is everything in my line of work. Brett passed the test on the pizza picnic!!!! He had music, playing, the cool air was coming through the windows and I stuffed my face and we talked about our days. It was the perfect date after a long day at work. I suddenly got a boost of energy because it was all so refreshing and we decided to go see Talladega Nights, I would highly recommend it. I do have a feeling I might have to see that one again because I think it is the kind of movie that you see once and think it is kinda funny but the more you quote lines from the movie the funnier it is. I will for sure get it on netfix when it comes out on video.

Thanks for the laughs and three years of having a blast Brett, you are the best!!!!!


Tri fecta here we come!

sorry it has been a week since I have posted. It has been a busy week with me getting ready for the big event out at the Kansas Speedway. I am getting pumped but it is coming down to crunch time. Anyway, I do have a volunteer meeting tonight that I am running and then buzzing to dinner to celebrate with my groom! Today we have been married 3 years and they have been some of the best years so far. Thanks Brett for all the love and mostly patience!!


summer coming to a close

Yes, one of the best things of summer: ICE-CREAM!!! This summer I had plenty of ice-cream. I started the summer by having a icecream social for our block to get to know everyone which was a so much fun. I was also introduced to FOO's in Brookside this summer where I enjoyed a handful of coffee toffee custard concretes. Needless to say, it is time to cut off the sweets as I try to fight the fall and winter weight, which boys laugh at, but women do have to fight it every year. It is like we go into hibernation or something and save up the weight to keep us warm in the winter. It is really a good plan if you think about it, now if I could convince Brett and my clothes of that. ;) Sure would save on the heating bill this winter. Brett, just think of that?

Another fun thing about this summer has been getting to know my girls in craft night, I have become so interested in making fun things for friends. My friend Hannah taught me this great craft where you use paint to make t-shirts. She is super crafty so she is a great person to get ideas from. Here is what I made my friend for her surprise baby shower, they turned out pretty cute. I am sure this baby is going to be pretty cute and hip wearing these bad boys:

Thanks for all the fun times Craft night girls, looking forward to the next craft night.

Dear Icecream,

I will miss you so much this fall and winter. I look forward to seeing you next June and please tell the the crushed candy that I put in you, that you have been great this summer.

Your BFF, Vikkie


T-1000 baby

If it has been a while since you have seen a classic action movie? Try renting Terminator 2 today. I have had a urge to see this movie again since the weekend and Brett and I finally sat down to watch it last night. Nothing better than PJ pants, a blanket, your hot man and cute dog by your side. Unless you add a cop made from liquid metal, that makes for one great night of fun. Minus the headache I had during the last part of the movie, it was just as good as I thought it would be. My favorite parts are when T-1000 gets shot and then molds himself back together. The very end is awesome when he is "terminated", I am sure to watch that part again tonight after dinner before I have to take the movie back. I highly recommend it!! And yes for all your men out there that are reading this thinking "Man, brett has the dream girl, she likes Terminator?" yes, Brett has a good girl, I also love Total Recall, all the Mission Impossible, Jurassic park and I love to throw a football, I might even be a little better at throwing a football then most of you guys on a good day;) Hee hee. Ok, just playing.


5 dollars anyone?

I hate this, two necklaces completely not wearable because I can't get the stinkin things apart. I am not to concerned about the pink one but I love by long black necklace, dang it. Anyway, today I thought I would put the challenge out there and in anyone things they can get this undone, the 5 bucks is yours. I have worked on it several times and I just get mad and quit.
Today is Friday and anyone that knows me knows that is my favorite day of the week. This weekend we are having some old friends come in town and stay with us. I am pretty excited to sleep in my new room in the basement that we just re did. I am also excited to eat pizza tonight and Oklahoma joes tomorrow. That is the perfect combination!!!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Still the cutest ever

Ok, maybe this post will be better just for the picture. My dog, as you all know, is the cutest animal to walk the earth. The other day when I as snapping some shots of him, he did this trick:

Need I say more, he is not the smartest and really not that great of a listener but he is the so cute and a great nap partner on Sunday afternoons. Love you Debo!!

Lets get it started

How do I start me day?
EGGS!!!! got to get that protein so I am not starving at work and start eating things that I would not normally eat. Brett and I laugh about this subject maybe once a week about how people in the office eat and how it is really disturbing. I think I would put down at least one snickers a day and three cokes if I didn't have my eggs to fill me up. So Eggs: thanks so much for keeping me full so I don't turn into a fat slob ;) Brett: thank you for making my three scrabbled eggs to perfection everyday! ;) Yes ladies, my man makes the best eggs ever so don't even try to compete, I don't. In fact I don't even really make them anymore because I am not patient enough to let them cook so I always burn them. I also have the problem of not spraying enough Pam on the pan so I end up eating half the eggs that I cook because the other half is stuck to the pan. As I sit here with my full tummy I think the chickens for the eggs. This was the dumbest post ever, I might try again later to come up with something better. ;) Peace out.


before and after

this weekend I worked on the half finished room in our basement. Since we have lived there it has been storage and mostly ugly. I decided to start working on that room and 72 hours and$116 dollars later:......tada!!!!!!
Here is the before:

Here is the after:


how about a 4

day four of talking about my vacation, this will be the last day since the weekend is hear and I need to get back to thinking about real life and not vacation.
Golden Gate Bridge, pretty cool. Brett was not sure if it was cool because he couldn't get his eyes open enough to see it as you can see in this picture. hee hee, just teasing Brett, I love it that your eyes are that small. I guess we are both kinda squinting.
Well, that wraps it up.Back to the real life of going to work, eating healthy, working out, hanging with friend and living in the midwest.


and a three

Day three of the vacation posts:
One of the best things about our vacation was my date night with Brett, with the help of my friends this evening was one of a kind. From the dress, to the food, to wonderful hotel we stayed at, it was a success!! Here is how the night unfolded: I wrote brett this card a few days before we left for our trip and when he was all ready to go out for the night and I was still in my PJ's I told him to go down to the lobby, read and letter and I would be down in a bit.
I slipped on my friends Banana Republic dress and shoes that I want to steal so bad and finished it off with pearls. I took the elevator down to the 2nd floor and walked down a large stair case. I looked down to see Brett sitting there looking at me the same way he did when I walked in in my wedding dress almost three years ago. It was wonderful, he was shocked that I put this together and that I surprised him with a cute dress. I then took him to a wonderful little restaurant in a really cool part of San Francisco called Plump Jack Cafe. It was wonderful, maybe one of the best meals we have had eating out. It was wonderful to just sit, talk, drink wine and later ate two tables from Jenna Bush. I guess I picked a good place if Jenna Bush was eating there. We finished up by having a lovely dessert that had candles on it to celebrate our upcoming anniversary and then a taxi ride back to the hotel. My next plan was to get other clothes on and go see Talladega Nights but since it was opening day, it was sold out. That was the only bummer of the night but we walked around a bit in San Francisco and headed back to our hotel that was so nice for a little R and R. I have to say the best part of the night is when we where in the taxi to come back to the hotel and Brett said "I love it that we dined with Jenna Bush tonight but my wife looked hotter" YES!!!! That is what I was looking for. ;)


Day two

Another day about vacation. I am still somewhat rested from our time away but work stress is starting to creep in. "Vikkie Don't let it happen, stay cool, not stressed", I am telling myself ;)
I think Brett looks like a hotty male model in this picture. I may submit to Urban Outfitters, this shirt is my favorite. I love their shirts, everyone should own at least three of them.
As you can see the boardwalk is so cool and full of rides that Brett and I are already to old for. It was great to watch Brett's face on one of the rides, if only I had a camera for that. It made me laugh for at least a good 5 minutes, I love that. Man, I use to ride rides all day at WOF and not feel a thing. I have to say I was really close to blowing chunks everywhere but I kept it on the down low because I didn't want Brett to know I was feeling so ill. Good stuff.