and a three

Day three of the vacation posts:
One of the best things about our vacation was my date night with Brett, with the help of my friends this evening was one of a kind. From the dress, to the food, to wonderful hotel we stayed at, it was a success!! Here is how the night unfolded: I wrote brett this card a few days before we left for our trip and when he was all ready to go out for the night and I was still in my PJ's I told him to go down to the lobby, read and letter and I would be down in a bit.
I slipped on my friends Banana Republic dress and shoes that I want to steal so bad and finished it off with pearls. I took the elevator down to the 2nd floor and walked down a large stair case. I looked down to see Brett sitting there looking at me the same way he did when I walked in in my wedding dress almost three years ago. It was wonderful, he was shocked that I put this together and that I surprised him with a cute dress. I then took him to a wonderful little restaurant in a really cool part of San Francisco called Plump Jack Cafe. It was wonderful, maybe one of the best meals we have had eating out. It was wonderful to just sit, talk, drink wine and later ate two tables from Jenna Bush. I guess I picked a good place if Jenna Bush was eating there. We finished up by having a lovely dessert that had candles on it to celebrate our upcoming anniversary and then a taxi ride back to the hotel. My next plan was to get other clothes on and go see Talladega Nights but since it was opening day, it was sold out. That was the only bummer of the night but we walked around a bit in San Francisco and headed back to our hotel that was so nice for a little R and R. I have to say the best part of the night is when we where in the taxi to come back to the hotel and Brett said "I love it that we dined with Jenna Bush tonight but my wife looked hotter" YES!!!! That is what I was looking for. ;)


Cara said...

would it be way too cliche if I commented on that dress, and how it is from Ann Taylor and not Banana? Okay, so you blew it on store name recognition, but you more than make up for it by doing the dress justice and looking hotter than the President's daughter. Thank you for taking my dress to dinner with the Jenna Bush. You better believe that everyone I meet in the future when I am wearing that dress will hear the story. Peace out, fabulash (you know, it's the name of mascara, because your eyes POP in those pics)

vwiese said...

thanks for the correction ;) Give credit where credit is due ;) Thanks Cara and Ann for the great date!!!