“Oh Christmas Tree”

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches”
Brett picked this tree out last night and I think it has been the best tree EVER!!!
I think this tree has gotten me really excited about Christmas this year and I am not even that in to the whole Christmas thing. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that baby Jesus was born but I hate what society has done to this holiday. I hate Christmas sweaters, I hate the life size blow up Santa’s that are in people’s yard, I hate that I can’t say Merry Christmas because it is not PC, I hate how people go in debt getting others gifts and I really hate that it gets so stinking cold/ icy around this holiday and I usually wreck my car. All this things aside I am kind of loving Christmas this year. That’s right, I have my lights up, my holiday flannel pants from Old Navy ready to wear and even some gifts purchased. I thought I would make a list of things I do love about Christmas since I did just spent several sentences talking about what I hate about it ;)

I love snuggling by the tree with Brett and Debo watching some classic Christmas specials (Christmas Vacation and Home Alone), I don’t really love getting the gifts for people but I LOVE wrapping them, I love the way the house is so cozy with all the lights and the smell of the greenery, I love seeing what Brett gets me for Christmas (he is the best gift giver I know, no pressure this year brett). MMM, what else, I love Reese’s Trees (king size of course) and I love how everything is on sale. I think I might shop for myself this time of year more than others, hee hee.

I also love smores over the stove like I did last night, you all know my love for smores, that is right, I even do it in the winter, works like a charm!!!


3 amazing Days!!

Sorry it has taken me a full week to finally blog about my 3 day walk experience. To sum up my experience all I can say is that it exceeded all my expectations. It really was amazing how this 3 day walk was a huge projection and was so organized. From an event planners perspective it pretty much blew my brain!!! The people that plan this event really have it down to a science and I don’t think I would have changed one thing about it. I am so thankful that I took the time to do this with my great friend Kim. I am also so thankful for the relationships I have built in training for this walk, not sure how else you could be forced to talk to someone for 5 solid hours, IT WAS GREAT!

I have to brag that I did not have one blister and my body was not even that sore but I did train and I felt very prepared. Kim and I pretty much power walked each mile. Just to give you an idea: There were almost 5,000 women and men and the first day we came in 71st and 72nd out of all of them. No, it was not a race but Kim and I are both a little competitive so we wanted to get it done in a good time so we could be back to the camp site for some foot rubs and peanut butter and jelly graham cracker treats (YUM)

Here are some pics for you to look at. Kim did a great job of putting captions on these pictures, thanks sister. http://picasaweb.google.com/chadluce/20071115SanDiego

In Summary, anyone that has been affected by breast cancer should do this, it really is so amazing, I had to hold back tears so many times and I have not been effected directly with breast cancer but what a great support system for someone who has. What a wonderful event!!!

The End ;)


Headed out

Well, after 16 weeks of training and about 430 miles of walking later, I am ready to do the three day walk this weekend. I fly out tomorrow morning and then the walking is on fri, sat and sun. 20 miles a day! I am packed and ready to go and I am excited to go on this journey. My girl and I are going to stay a couple days after the walk just to sight see and relax so that should also be a good time. I think the only thing I am not looking forward to is not seeing my boy Brett or my other boy, Debo. Miss and love you guys ;)

Well, I will Blog all about my adventure when I get back. Wish me luck! ;)


we could have died tonight

This is what I made along with steak, wilted lettuce salad, rolls and french silk pie with whipping on top for our guests

I found these potatoes at the Chopper and they are larger than life (this picture really does not do it justice, they were HUGE, I loved it!!!)
Dear Potatoes,
I love and miss you everyday!


Dodge This!

Just an update for all of you that are following out dodge ball team, Yes, we are #1 so far! Yes, I am awesome at recruiting a dodge ball team and Yes, we will win it all!!!!
I am not sure why I am so competitive with this sport, I am not even that great at it. All I know is that I hate to lose and so far my team has made me very proud!!!
This stud muffin was rocking it on Monday night.