Headed out

Well, after 16 weeks of training and about 430 miles of walking later, I am ready to do the three day walk this weekend. I fly out tomorrow morning and then the walking is on fri, sat and sun. 20 miles a day! I am packed and ready to go and I am excited to go on this journey. My girl and I are going to stay a couple days after the walk just to sight see and relax so that should also be a good time. I think the only thing I am not looking forward to is not seeing my boy Brett or my other boy, Debo. Miss and love you guys ;)

Well, I will Blog all about my adventure when I get back. Wish me luck! ;)


clark said...

alright vikkie, new challenge. do the walk barefoot like the lady in front in the picture.

toby said...

Go Vikkie, go!

Tish said...

i'm proud of you chica! it was good seeing you out there!!!