Farewell Monte

Monte is the name of the mouse we have been trying to catch for the last two days (Brett named him). Yesterday at 1:12pm his life was ended as he attempted to eat the sour Lifesavers gummy ( I felt kinda bad that he did not at least get a last good meal before his life was ended). I really didn't think you could get mice in the city but I guess you can. It worked out that my mom was in town this week so she and Brett were the mice hunters and I just stood back and let them do the work.

Sorry we had to kill you little guy, I hope it was not too painful to get your neck snapped in half but I really can't have you around my house. You are dirty and gross and I am a clean freak. I do hope this was a sign to all your little friends to not come around my piece no mo!!!


Pretty Cute

Ok, I know I said I would not make this blog about my first born but he is kinda my life these days. I had to share these pics my good friend Hannah took. Pretty cute if you ask me ;)


Baby Hutch

He is here:

Hutcheson (we shall call him Hutch) Jay Wiese!!!

Born at 2:32 am on Sunday, Feb 15th!

He looks just like Brett which I love of course!

I will try to keep up on the blog but I may be taking a couple weeks off to take care of the new little one.


baby pool

Ok, now that my event is over and I am wrapping stuff up at work, I can now relax a bit and think about pumping this little guy out. I think everyone was a little surprised I made it through the yesterday without going into labor. The highlight of the event was getting to meet Dara Torres (our speaker for the night), she was so nice and asked when I was due. She even wanted to know the name so I ran it past her to see what she thought. Her response :"Oh yes, that is a great name. It is kinda unique but really hip too". It kinda sealed the deal for me, I think Brett did a great job of picking the name so I am excited to announce it to you all in a week or so.

My due date is next monday and I feel like people are starting to make bets so I figured I would go ahead and start a pool and give out a grand prize to whoever gets the closest. Brett has picked Feb 20th at 10am and I have picked Feb 21th at 10:30 am. I guess if we get are the closest then we get our own grand prize ;)
Ok folks, now is your chance. Leave the date and time of day you think Baby Wiese will get here and we shall see who the winner is!
Good Luck all!!
Oh, some of you have been requesting one more preggers pic of me, I will try to get that up. For now I thought I would post Dara since this is what I would like to look like this after the baby is born ;) Hey, Dara did it, maybe I will too. Who knows, maybe you will see me at the next Olympics ;)Ummm, no.