Happy Ho Ho Ho to me!

This year Santa (aka Papa Strahm) brought me a power washer for Christmas. I know, I know, it may seem crazy but I am sure it is going to be my new favorite thing. I am not sure if it is just this pregnancy or what but I have had the need to clean. That doesn't mean that am always cleaning but I can't seem to get things clean enough and I am constantly thinking about how to get rid of every germ in my house.

Early this fall we borrowed a power washer to do our deck before we stained it and I kinda fell in love with the idea of blowing water out of a hose going like 50 miles per hour. I started using the power washer to wash down the outside of my house, garage doors and gutters. I even blew the leaves out of the flower beds with it and watered my plants at the same time. When my Dad asked for some ideas for Christmas gifts I really had no ideas for him. Being preggers, no clothes sounded fun, I am not really into electronics and I have everything I can think that I really need. AHHH, except a power washer!!!! My Dad got a really good one and I can't wait to blow the winter off of everything once spring gets here.

My Top Ten things I want to power wash first:

- My whole driveway

- House and gutters

- You can add a cleaning solution in the hose so I am going to wash all the outsides of my windows

- The inside of my garage

- Might wash the cars from time to time although I do love Rainbow Wash so we will have to see about that. This power washer is also super powerful so I will have to make sure I have the delicate nozzle on for this project.

- Cleaning out Hutch's pool after it has been out all summer

- Washing under Brett's mower before putting it away for winter next year

- Power washing the grill

- Washing out my garbage cans

- We have a little back patio area that gets really dirty and it is hard to sweep up, this will be the perfect solution.

I would love more ideas if any of you had them. If you are ever in need of a power washer, give me a call. I am more than happy to spread the love :) (only if I get to help do it, that is).


The broom elfs are taking orders

Hey everyone,
just wanted to let you know that I will be putting in another big order for Fuller Brush products before the holidays. Let me know if you would like to make an order. I would be happy to chat with you one on one to let you know the products I have tried and love.

You can also click here to order online!! My account number that you will want to be sure to enter is 1033562.

Just a couple new products that I just got and love: The Kitchen Broom and the window cleaner!!!

Your Fuller Brush Lady!


the first chop

Last Friday night Brett decided it was time for Hutch to get a trim. Hutch did not have a ton of hair but he was getting some long pieces by his ears and had a sweet curl in the back. I called it a curl, Brett called it a mullet. I decided if Hutch was going to get a haircut, I wanted him to go to a older barber shop where an old guy who was a little intimidating would cut it. None of this sport clips or kiddy hair shops that cater to 2 year olds. I wanted my son to buck up and do it like a man!!! So, I went on a search and found a barber shop not far from our house that was pretty old school. I even noticed these guys using Suave hairspray on other gentlemen getting a trim. NICE!!!
Hutch did great and he looks like such a grown up now. I have to admit, Brett gave him a cookie to keep him occupied while the barber was using the trimmers. I can't blame him, those things are a little scary so close to your ears.

It was a great experience overall exempt for when we went to pay. $16 !!!!! Holy cow!!!!!! I am thinking Hutchy will have to get his hair cut in Sabetha for now on or go see Papa Wiese. I am way to cheap to be paying over $3 for a 2 year olds hair cut.

Here is an after picture of Hutch reading on the toliet. What a man!!!


hello, I am the fuller brush lady!

Although, I love event planning, I have always had a secret love for sales and negotiating (ok, maybe the negotiating part is not so secret). I have been told by several people that I missed my calling in sales but never really knew what to do with that information. A few months back I was approached by someone selling jewelry, one selling purses and one selling make up all in the same month. I just can't get excited about these type of products. It may be because I am too practical and really want something I don't want to feel guilty about buying something that I really don't need. I got to thinking, "What would I spend money on?" my answer: a great quality broom, a new scrub brush for that hard to clean shower, cleaning products!!!!

After months of researching, I found a company called The Fuller Brush Company and right away loved the products and the prices. I guess this company has been around for over 100 years but I had not heard of it. If you know me at all, you know that I would only sell something that I personally love. Having a clean house is another passion of mine and I was getting frustrated with my brooms, cleaning brushes and cleaning products so thought it was time to try this out. Don't get me wrong, I still love comet, bleach and ammonia. I often want to mix them all together to clean but thought that might not be a good idea if I want this baby to be born with no birth defects.

The Fuller Brush Company has so many great products that are 100 % guaranteed and I can't wait to keep trying them. Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email if you would like to see a catalog. Have to share this product today: the broom below is a great one and is on sale right now. $20 for a great broom that sweeps up even sugar!!!!!!


Sweet Blue Bird

So I debated and debated on what Hutch should be this year for Halloween. Someone had mentioned to have him be Peter Pan with green tights on and I loved the idea. I was not so crazy about him being Peter Pan but I could not get the thought of Hutch in little tights out of my head. So, the research began, what outfits REQUIRE tights? I know, I know, my son may hate me for this when he is older but I could not help myself. After looking on several websites I found this sweet little blue bird costume on Martha Stewarts website.
The directions were terrible but I think it turned out pretty cute. Hutch loved wearing his tights and I am even trying to think what I could dress him in next year that will require another color of tights. Hopefully I can get away with doing homemade costumes for a really long time. It was fun to make and I love it that is was different than everyone else costumes.

There are many more picture and a couple sweet videos of him if you click on the slide show to the left of this post. Oh sweet blue bird!!!!

A few special Thanks: Tammy, thanks for the super cute hat that you made. It turned out so cute, Hutch wore it all night and even to daycare this morning. Andrea, thanks for letting me work on this at your house and for overseeing this little craft!!!


Guest Post by Dad Strahm: Life's Not The Breath You Take...

Life brings things your way every day, that sometimes your not sure your ready for, or maybe it is just something that your not ready to hear yet. They can be sad or hurtful things, they can even be great things. Fifteen years ago,I had given very little thought to what life would be like without my own Father, but then life brought that news that he had taken his last breath, and honestly, I don't think anybody was ready for that except him, it was news that I was not ready for, but again,something that I could not change. Life went on....and Dad became a memory in my heart forever. I maybe had an unfair advantage over my other four siblings in that I farmed with Dad everyday, so we visioned things together, built things together, worked together to bring those things about, but perhaps what I remember most, are the times at the end of a hard day or a moment in which we stopped to catch our breath, we would sit down,and Dad would share something with me about the past, his experiences, a family story, a life lesson, maybe even a song he learned as a child, and perhaps his favorite topic......geneology, and a "result there of".

Five years ago, I was given the news for the first time......"Dad, your going to be a Grandpa!" Again, looking back, I am not sure that was news I was quite ready for. Ooooo, that sounds so old! I remember selfishly thinking, "Hey, I just got these kids raised up and out of the house, and now I'm going to have more little ones running around? Where is that time to myself?" But then, that is not how it is. Grandchildren are thee absolute greatest!!! Life issued another another blow, by not even getting to hold little Jentry before she went to be with Jesus. But today, there is Jude, Hutch and Libby, and two more in the making....Good Times! Each moment with them is soooo cherished. This past week, Jocelyne and I were privileged to take Hutch to the American Royal, then off to the PRCA Rodeo followed by a "Little Texas" concert. I am pretty sure that Mommy was a little hesitant when I told her over the phone that the rodeo didn't start till 7:30, and we may not be home till 10:00 or later, anyway, I could sense her rolling those big blue eyes, thinking "What is he thinking, does he know what he is in for?" Hutch hits the hay at 8:00 pm.....except for when he is with Grandpa Strahm, (alias PaPa-tractor).

What joy, though, to walk hand in hand, with such a little man. Life takes on a new perspective when we live in such a "hustle bustle" world, and then we suddenly slow down to the pace of a two-year old's footsteps. Ahhhhhhh....it feels so good! Hutch enjoyed everything, from sitting atop a life size bronze sculpture of a quarter horse, to feeding young goats, being face to face with a market hog, feeling the soft coat of show cattle, getting behind the wheel of a new pickup, or playing on a horse hay feeder. Then, the rodeo, just the mere size of Kemper Arena caught his breath. So we walked step by step, down and down, to row three....great seats!!!! Yes, the rodeo was good, fireworks, laser light show, all the cowboy events, and even Papas-tractor in the arena. But by far the best part......holding little Hutch on my lap for nearly three hours. I don't know how many times I caught myself just looking at his beautiful hair, and caressing his shoulders and legs, and wandering what will become of him someday......what will his dreams be? Could we share he same dreams since we share the same genes? What will be his God given gifts? Will he like sports and be very athletic like his Dad? Will he like to grow things like his Grandpa Strahm? Will he be a great cook and manager like his Grandpa Wiese? What will he name his children someday? Crazy how all this stuff went through my head while he was completely consumed by the busyness of the rodeo.

I have been spending most of my time in a combine these last two months, and in so, listening to the radio each day...."county" of course, and one of my favorite songs today is performed by George Strait called "The Breath You Take" and the chorus goes like this...."Life's not the breath you take,
Breathing in and out,
That gets you through the day,
Ain't what it's all about,
Ya just might miss the point,
Tryin' to win the race'
Life's not the breath you take,
But the moments that take your breath away.
Thanks Dad and Mom Wiese for letting us have Hutch for a day, and thanks Hutch, for taking my breath away.............again!

Love you all,
Papa tractor

"I think I could do that.....I take that gray filley with the two white socks "

"If I give this pig my cracker, will you buy me a cowboy belt?"

"If you put a ball bearing under this horse feeder, it would be a great merry-go-round"

Dad: Such a beautiful blog post!! Thank you for investing time in my son, he adores you and you are his hero these days!! :) Love your daughter, Vikkie Jan.


Day at the races

Last week my friend at work had a couple extra tickets to the Nascar Races and was so kind to give them to me. I have been wanting to go to the races to help inspire me for my event that is held at the speedway but I am also always up for an adventure. When I was given these tickets, I thought of my Dad right away. I later found out that, my husband,who may spend more money on his hair cuts than I do (not that it would be that difficult to do since I have not had a hair cut in 17 months), only dresses from banana republic and refuses to drink Bud light, wanted to go too. Who would have known Brett had a little need for speed in him?? :) Anyway, Brett graciously agreed that he would spend a fun filled day with Hutch so I could take my Dad and it could be a great Daddy/Daughter day.

We had a great time!!

Happy Birthday Dad and thanks for coming up and spending the day with me!!! Nascar fan for life baby!!!!!!


Diagnosis: Bad Parenting

Ok everyone,
some of you may know that over the last few years I have tried to become a bit more educated on what I am putting in my mouth. The good news, after learning what I am about to share, is that I think I have only had chicken nuggets less than a handful of times in my lifetime. I also want to take the time to give a shout out to my mother for not feeding me this crap all the time. Thank you for the fresh veggies from the garden and Dad, thanks for rarely feeding us hot dogs but feeding us farm fresh pork chops, steaks and hamburgers. Get ready:

"Say hello to mechanically separated chicken.
It’s what all fast-food chicken is made from—things like chicken nuggets and patties. Also, the processed frozen chicken in the stores is made from it.
Basically, the entire chicken is smashed and pressed through a sieve—bones, eyes, guts, and all. it comes out looking like this.
There’s more: because it’s crawling with bacteria, it will be washed with ammonia, soaked in it, actually. Then, because it tastes gross, it will be reflavored artificially. Then, because it is weirdly pink, it will be dyed with artificial color.
But, hey, at least it tastes good, right? High five, America! "

After reading this article I just had to stop and think about how many kids I see eating these chicken nuggets from McDonald's all the time and I now need to vent. Ok, Ok parents, I will give you a free pass if you have fed these to your children in the past. Yet, if you have read this article and still just can't find time to pack some carrot sticks, an apple and a healthy sandwich for your kid. I am diagnosing this as bad parenting!!!! I know we can't always control how our kids act in the super market or what they do at daycare but you can control what they eat. It is disgusting, no excuses!!!

The End


Welcome to the fam

This past weekend we traveled to one of my new favorite small towns in KS to celebrate as my youngest Brother, Abram, got married to the most wonderful gal. I have loved Misty from the very start! In fact, I have told Abram several times that if he messes this up, I am keeping her and sending him on his way. I am thrilled to officially have her as a sister and as an aunt to Hutchy.
Misty was the most beautiful bride and we had such a great time with family and just being good ole Downs, KS.

Besides the beautiful wedding, here are some the the best parts about the weekend:
- My Dad rented this hunting lodge in Down, KS for the weekend and it was off the hook wonderful. We had plenty of space, a full kitchen, Big screen TV, pool table, big bathrooms and so many animal mounts that my kid thought we were at the zoo. Seeing my sisters, kissing on my niece while eating Grandma's cookies and quick breads, what is not to love. It was just perfect for a large group of people to hang out and we loved it.
- Putting flowers together with my mom and sisters. I am never surprised at what a great team we are when we get on a project. My mom is so organized and a wonderful teacher. The flowers were beautiful and it was so fun to just help out, talk and laugh together.
- Hutchy with his papa. Ok, Hutch has this obsession with Papa Strahm that I can not tame. He says his name constantly when he sees tractors or when he sees a picture of my Dad and it is just so cute. Hutch can take a little time to warm up to some people but he has a sweet spot for my dad and instantly reaches for him when he sees him even if it has been a whole month since the last time he saw him. There is just something about see my son with my Dad that melts my heart. Hutch usually calls for mama and daddy when he is sad and needs us or when he wants something and he has now added "papa" to the list.
- Friday Night Lights!! That is right, we went to a Friday night game in Down, KS and it was great. Free tailgate with BBQ that was so good and just wonderful small town folks. Oh man, I love small towns. Brett may not believe yet but at some point, I will get back to a small town. It is just a matter of time.
Congrats Abe and Misty, Love you both so much.



The baby bump has arrived!!!!


everyone poops

Yes, this is true, everyone poops but not everyone makes it such"an event". Hutch likes to save his up for a day or so and then it becomes a real challenge for him. This past week after he woke up from a nap, I walked in to find this:

He seriously grew a tail over his two hour nap. The sad thing is that I am pretty sure he started this as he was falling asleep so he had this lump sitting in there for over two hours. I went to change Hutch after he woke up and based on the look on his face, I am guessing he was not quite finished with his #2.

Needless to say, Hutch has been taking it easy on the carbs and been eating some more veggies and probiotic yogurt.

Thanks for the laugh Hutchy boy!!!


Worth every penny

The breakdown of my last few months:

8 packs of Ginger Nausea Gum: $56
4 gallons of mint chip ice-cream: $16
26 sonic fresh lime slushes: $65
70 flushes after throwing up: $ 140
Throwing up on the street while driving: Absolutely free

Having baby Wiese # 2: Priceless

We will be welcoming a baby March 5, 2011


Tuna Casserole

Back when I was dating Brett, I would have him over to my apartment and fix him some serious farm meals (Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes/ gravy, pork chops, cheesy biscuits, etc.). I guess I thought Brett was going to like anything and everything I cooked because I grew up always seeing my Dad love everything my Mom cooked. So, I was so excited to fix Tuna Casserole for Brett after we got married, who does not love a hot casserole!!! Brett liked Tuna so I figured, where could I go wrong?? I made this casserole about 3 months after being married and Brett informed me that he hated casseroles and has never been a fan. I WAS SHOCKED!!!! What??? I grew up on casseroles!!! "What are you saying Brett, you are not going to eat casseroles??" Well, here we are, almost 8 years later and I have maybe made maybe two casseroles since. Last week I decided that Tuna Casserole sounded really good and Brett was working late a lot so I just thought maybe I could get the other man in my house to like it.

Hutch did not let me down. After having two bowls of it, he said "all done" as he waved his hands. What a sweet boy!!!

In case, you want to give it a try:
Cook a package of elbow macaroni (I did a little less than one package) and boil them just enough to be soft, they cook more later so you don't want them fully done. Then drain.

Then add to the macaroni:

A little less than half a brick of Velveeta in small cubes
1 can of drained sliced mushrooms
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
4 celery sticks cut up
2 chopped green onions
2 drained cans of tuna
I added a bit of milk

Then you bake that at 300 for 20 or 30 min. Then break a couple handfuls of pringles over the top and bake for another 5-10 min. until the chips are golden brown. AHHH, enjoy!! We always loved it with a side of peas and cottage cheese.


Test Tube

It has only been a month or so since I blogged last, yikes. Don't worry folks I have a couple blog ideas lined up so don't give up on me.

So, lets see, what has happened in the last month that I need to catch you up on:

- Hutch started saying some words (car, shoe, more, up, sticker, tractor, daddy, papa and our favorite NOOOOO!!!) He has been swimming alot this summer and growing like a weed.
- Brett and I were reminded of why we will never buy a brand new car off the lot. We just sold our car for a grand total of $2,250 when we purchased it about 7 years ago for $13,000 (the engine is completely shot). Cars are the worst investment, we are currently looking into getting a sweet grandma car, perhaps a 98 Buick, oh yes, cassette player and all. Until we get another car, we are a one car family. We are spending lots of time together and getting better at communicating on where we all need to be and at what time. The good thing is we both work 5 min. from home and Hutch goes to daycare 5 min. from our home.

- I have been busy at work working on my biggest event of the year which is in Sept. (thus the reason for not blogging). It is going to be a fun year with Huey Lewis and the News as our performers and lots of great KC restaurants.

- Lastly, I had a birthday and turned 29 years old. It was a pretty uneventful birthday since both Hutch and I were feeling a bit under the weather but I managed to get some good food in and some nice gifts.
I would have to say my favorite gift was what Brett gave me. It is called a Test Tube and it is where you get beauty products samples 4 times a year in this cool packaging. I am so cheap and hate going out to buy beauty products just to find out a few weeks later that I don't like it so this is perfect for me. I got my first test tube yesterday and it was so exciting to get such a fun package in the mail:

As you can see, Hutch is also pretty impressed with the Test Tube, as he eats his dinner. This thing is so cool!!!! I love the packaging and it comes with a $20 gift card so you can go online and get some fun products. Out of the 13 products in the tube my favorites so far are: a Marc Jacobs perfume called daisy, a Jane Iredale lip gloss, a Pro Clinical Colgate Teeth whitening toothpaste and a Phyto Paris Botanical Hair relaxing balm, Lumene Firming Day Cream (wish there was enough to put on my legs and this tush instead of just my face) and Brow Doctor eyebrow enhancing gel.
Score Brett Wiese, I like this gift and I can't wait to get 3 more of these throughout the year!!!


Coach Hutch

Do you see any resemblance here????

Red Shirt, Khaki Pants and running shoes....

It's Baby Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights!!!

I love it!!! I have been calling Hutch "Coach Taylor" today and I think this nickname may even stick.
Oh man, if this kid is bad at football when he gets old enough, mommy is going to be very disappointed. No pressure son, no pressure.


Growing up on the farm

I can't say that growing up on the farm was super tough. I mean, I had my share of walking beans & Milo, cleaning out pig sheds, picking & snapping beans from the garden, hanging several hundreds of loads of laundry on the line, doing dishes with no dishwasher for 7-10 people per meal twice a day, etc. Yet, can't say I ever had it this bad:

I am pretty sure this kind of treatment on the farm has been going on for years since I found this picture of my brother Abram doing almost the same thing but from a tree. Grandpa Strahm gets some thrill out of doing this to his little guys, not sure why.

You gotta love these pictures!!!


Beagle Vacuum

We went to the farm last weekend and plan on going again this weekend so I thought it might be fun for our sweet first born (Debo the beagle) to stay at the farm and play for a week. He is in heaven when we go out there eating whatever he can find, rolling in anything that stinks and chasing rabbits all day!! He loves it out there and I love watching him just run free.

I thought this was such a great idea until I was feeding Hutch breakfast Monday morning and Hutch threw a piece of his peanut butter toast off his tray and on to the floor. Typically, I don't even worry about it since I know good ole Debo will come to my rescue and eat anything that falls from Hutch's high chair. It is only Tuesday and I am already tired of picking up Hutch's food. How do Mom's not have a dog???? You would save yourself a lot of work :)

Miss you Debo :( Not only because you are a great "clean up crew" but you are just the sweetest dog I know!!!!


Mothers Day Delight

What can I say, I love Mothers Day!!! Sleeping in until 9 am with not a peep from the boys + Going to lunch at BRGR after church + Great naps by Hutch while I watched Friday Night Lights First Episode of the season (It was amazing by the way) + time at the park + the gift of flowers and a cleaning lady + time with friends & dinner = ONE GREAT MOTHERS DAY!!

Great job Brett and Hutchy, you defiantly made me feel appreciated yesterday. I love being a mom to you Hutchy!!! Brett, you are a wonderful Dad and teammate, you really make my job as a mom pretty easy, thank you for all you do.

AHHH, how I love my boys!!!


Sweet Cali

Oh how I love vacation!!!! I love how it is just a fantasy world of no schedules, eating out, shopping, maids cleaning your room everyday, no 8-5 work, etc. I also have to say that everyone tried to talk us out of taking sweet Hutchy boy but turns out that "vacation hutch" is the best kind of Hutch. In fact, we have been using the term "vacation hutch" since we have been back. When he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, I roll over and say to brett, " I miss vacation Hutch". I am not going to lie, it is a bit of a chore to take along a one year old but pro's out weighed the con's by a landslide.
Top 5 Highs:
- Seeing my husband finish a marathon and seeing him embrace Hutch afterwards. Hutch was so proud of Daddy and was impressed with his metal!!!
- Staying at sweet Hyatt hotels at no cost at all since I had some Hyatt points for doing an event there a few months back.
- Waiting for my son to wake up almost every morning since he slept longer than we did, when does that ever happen at home?? Oh, and he woke up in the BEST mood.
- Traveling with friends, we have never done this before but I think we will do it again for sure.
- Breakfast at The Creamery in Palo Alto, CA. I think I would like to retire in this town.

Top 5 lows:
- Brett accidentally rolling the car window up on my finger while I was putting a blanket in back window to give Hutch some shade. The fight following this incident was not so great either :)
- Eating at this bad Crepe place in Monterey, nothing worse than wasting money on a really bad meal.
- Only getting to eat at In and Out burger once, my goal was to eat at least three meals there even if one had to be a burger at breakfast.
- Getting sick on the way home in the airport and then being sick all week when getting home.
- Accidentally paying 13.99 to watch a movie in the hotel one night and then falling asleep before the ending. YIKES!!

All and all, we had a great time! Check out my pics on my slide show!!


What a welcome!!

My dad stopped by for a quick visit on his way to the airport last night to pick up Joce who had been in NYC for a funeral. Soon after eating some dinner we got news that Joce's flight had been cancelled and would not be in until the next morning. Poor Joce was so ready to get home and so I was suggesting to Dad that maybe he should pick up some flowers to take to the airport to welcome her home. "Flowers is the last thing that women would want, trust me, she thinks they are pretty but it really does not mean a thing to her", my dad said. I thought, mmmm, what would be good to greet her home?? "How about a nice bunch of Snicker's bar's, she loves chocolate", I suggested.

Just then, Brett chimed in with the best idea ever: "How about you make a sign like those limo drivers do at the airport that says her last name", Brett said and I followed it with "Great idea Brett, how about making the sign out of SNICKERS!!!!!!"

Almost 40 snickers, a roll of double sided mounting tape, a piece of foam core cut in half and three peoples (Brett, Dad and myself) crafty brains working together we came up with this:

I have still not heard what Joce's reaction was but I hope it was laughter and then running into the arms of a man that made you a sign out of chocolates!!!! I know I sure would!!


two vaca's in one month

Brett and I decided to take a last minute trip a few weekends ago to celebrate with our friend at his 30th birthday party. We were unsure about leaving Hutch and just getting it all to work out but we "Pulled an Eddy" as we say in our house (Eddy's are dear friends of ours that love last minute planning and it seems to always work like a charm for them) and went to St. Louis. Dropped Hutch off with Grandma and had a great time!!!! It was kinda wonderful and refreshing to not have any responsibilities all weekend I have to say. I adore being a mom and feel like I don't get get to see Hutch as much as I would like to as it is but it was good for us to get away for a short weekend. We had some good food, great times with friends and we even got some kickball in. I am embarrassed to say that I was so sore after playing kickball that I could barely get out of bed the next morning but it cold be because I slide into every base even when it might not be necessary.
Next stop......
Big Sur California. Brett is running his very first (and maybe last) Marathon.
This time we are going to be taking Hutch on his first airplane (I know, we are stupid crazy) and making a 5 day trip of it. Hey, it will all pay off after visiting: In and Out Burger, IKEA, H&M, Pizza of my Heart and Pinkberry all in one week. AHHHH, Cali here we come!!!!! RUN BRETT RUN!!!!!