Happy Ho Ho Ho to me!

This year Santa (aka Papa Strahm) brought me a power washer for Christmas. I know, I know, it may seem crazy but I am sure it is going to be my new favorite thing. I am not sure if it is just this pregnancy or what but I have had the need to clean. That doesn't mean that am always cleaning but I can't seem to get things clean enough and I am constantly thinking about how to get rid of every germ in my house.

Early this fall we borrowed a power washer to do our deck before we stained it and I kinda fell in love with the idea of blowing water out of a hose going like 50 miles per hour. I started using the power washer to wash down the outside of my house, garage doors and gutters. I even blew the leaves out of the flower beds with it and watered my plants at the same time. When my Dad asked for some ideas for Christmas gifts I really had no ideas for him. Being preggers, no clothes sounded fun, I am not really into electronics and I have everything I can think that I really need. AHHH, except a power washer!!!! My Dad got a really good one and I can't wait to blow the winter off of everything once spring gets here.

My Top Ten things I want to power wash first:

- My whole driveway

- House and gutters

- You can add a cleaning solution in the hose so I am going to wash all the outsides of my windows

- The inside of my garage

- Might wash the cars from time to time although I do love Rainbow Wash so we will have to see about that. This power washer is also super powerful so I will have to make sure I have the delicate nozzle on for this project.

- Cleaning out Hutch's pool after it has been out all summer

- Washing under Brett's mower before putting it away for winter next year

- Power washing the grill

- Washing out my garbage cans

- We have a little back patio area that gets really dirty and it is hard to sweep up, this will be the perfect solution.

I would love more ideas if any of you had them. If you are ever in need of a power washer, give me a call. I am more than happy to spread the love :) (only if I get to help do it, that is).


The broom elfs are taking orders

Hey everyone,
just wanted to let you know that I will be putting in another big order for Fuller Brush products before the holidays. Let me know if you would like to make an order. I would be happy to chat with you one on one to let you know the products I have tried and love.

You can also click here to order online!! My account number that you will want to be sure to enter is 1033562.

Just a couple new products that I just got and love: The Kitchen Broom and the window cleaner!!!

Your Fuller Brush Lady!