The real santa

Ok, so I know I am a slacker mom!!!! I bought hutch's christmas toys this year off of craigslist, I didn't send out a Christmas card (or birth announcements, yikes) and I didn't take Hutch to see Santa. It just seems like a nightmare to drive to the mall or crown center, find parking, fight the crowds, wait in line etc. just to see a guy that is 40 years old dressed in a beard. I love Christmas and all but I am not going to kill myself trying to do all the traditions for a kid who will not even remember it. I did kinda want a picture of Hutch and Santa at this young age but it was not high on my priority list.

Hutch had to go in for a check up at his pediatrician yesterday and who was in the waiting room but Jolly old saint NICK!!! I had my camera and was able to get a couple shots. This Santa looks more real to me than any other Santa I have seen. He had a real white beard, Rosy cheeks and his tummy was just like a bowl full of jelly!!!!
I loved that he did not wear the big scary red costume but more like the clothes he would wear in his work shop. Hutch adored him and didn't want to get off his lap, it was pretty cute!!!


Congrats are in order

After only 8 years of college my brother Abram is finally graduating from college on friday. Congrats Uncle Abram we are all so proud of you. We knew you could do it!!!!!!


tis the season

This has been the week of getting a "splash of Christmas" up in our house. Tree shopping was a breeze again this year thanks to the Lowe's store just down the street. I know the fake tree is easy clean up and you only pay for it once but I love picking out a tree each year and I love how my house smells of fresh greenery.
Decorating the tree went pretty smooth this year. All the lights still worked from last year and I found three new cool ornaments for the tree this year (I started a tradition a couple years ago of getting one new ornament per person per year that describes you).
Hutch also wanted a tree for his room, this is really the only one that I could find that would fit on his dresser but he seems to like it.
I wished I could say doing the lights outside was as smooth but it was maybe the worse experience hanging lights ever as far as everything working. Our main issue was racing to get some daylight to put these up. We also had an issue with the clips we put up last year to hold these lights. They were so brittle from being weathered through the year that we had to start from scratch. After not being able to find the clips that worked on our roof we resulted to ole faithful, the Staple gun. I have to tell you, it worked like a charm. After replacing several light bulbs, replacing many fuses because of me plugging too many strands into one outlet and climbing up the roof, we finally finished!!!
I know it looks simple but there are 11 strands of lights up on this bad boy. We seriously had a "Griswold Christmas Vacation" moment when I finally got it all to work without blowing a fuse, we stood out on the sidewalk and admired our hard work. Brett was the best sport about helping me and not giving up even when I wanted to. As much stress as it was to get these up and going, Brett and I had the best time laughing and working as a team to finish it. Thanks Brett for being the best guy I know!!!

Let the Christmas Holiday Begin!!


proud of my boys

This was a weekend full of being so proud of my boys. Brett is training for his first marathon that takes place in California this spring. He and two good friends are taking on this challenge and I could not be more thrilled! I think it so great to have a goal like this and it makes you feel so stinking good when you have accomplished it (Man, too bad I can't find some motivation to get moving more myself, after the holidays, I promise!!!)

Brett did his first 1/2 marathon this weekend as part of the training for the marathon and did so great. I was so happy to see him cross the finish line at just around two hours!!! Hutch was also so proud of his Dad as he cheered at the finish line!!! (thanks Kerry for this picture, I am in love with it)

Hutch was such a joy to be around this weekend. Lots of time with friends and being out an about. This kid loves people and being in the action, mmmmm, where does he get that from??? I was so proud of Hutch being such a good boy this weekend.

Man, I miss my boys this morning. Is it Friday yet???


cousin lovin

Just a couple cousins snuggling on the couch.

Oh sweet Libby & Hutch. Can't squeeze you kids enough!!!


Letters from Dad/Grandpa Strahm

A few weeks ago my Dad sent me this:


I just had to send you this picture that you took with my camera , it was just special. It is even cooler when you put it on full screen, which we have currently on our front page on our computer. Hutchie Putch just reminds me of that caged bird on Tom and Jerry that says, "I tot I saw a puddie cat...I tot I did..I tot I did". Hope you enjoy as much as I did. That little one just makes me laugh.


Picture attached:

Then an email I got today:
Vikkie darlin`,

I have said from day one that little Hutch looks like you,especially through the eyes and mouth, and shape of head.....well I guess that pretty much covers it, ha!
Anyway, the "tweety bird" photo reminded me immediately of a picture I always admired of you, and so went looking for it on Sunday. I found it, then had Jocelyne do her computer savvy and scanned it to my computer, then put them side by side....I rest my case. I just thought you would enjoy it.

Maybe a little more hair, another year, and a lot less testosterone, and he would be a "spittin` image" of you, right? I miss that little guy. The distance between me and my grandchildren does sorta suck.....keeps me from just droppin` in and kissing a butt cheek or biting some toes.

Back to work,

Pictures attached:

I love it that Dad took the time to do this. It made my day and it will show all of you that think Hutch looks just like Brett that really he looks like his mommy.
Thanks Grandpa for these fun emails. You are the best Grandpa to your grand babies!!!!!


the farm

Ahh, always so good to get back to the farm and visit. If it was not two hours away, we would be up there every weekend. We love it and now Hutch is old enough to love it too.

Good to see my son loves corn on the cob as much as I do. Oh yes, see that stick of butter next to the corn??? BRING IT!!!!!

Hutch could not get enough of farm animals. It was pretty adorable even though I am deathly afraid of horses.

After a great weekend of great food, fun with family and so much to do. We took time to relax. Or at least Brett and I did:


my boy

I could not resist posting this picture that my good friend Hannah just sent me.

I love that he looks so much like Brett in this picture. I also love that I am whispering in his ear:

" You better sleep all the way through the night tonight or I am going put you in the crate to sleep with Debo". I guess he thought it was pretty funny.


I survived

Ok, finally something new to blog about (even though I loved that last post and could have left it up for several more weeks). I am slowly coming down from the adrenaline rush and my legs are so sore from standing for three days on concrete that I can hardly walk without looking like I am 85 years old.

A few shout outs:

Brett: Thanks so much for picking up on the slack these past weeks, you are the best husband a girl could ask for and the support you give me with my job always blows me away. I promise to make you a hot cooked meal this week :)

Mom: Bless you for watching my sweet boy, Hutch, all this week and for cleaning my house and doing laundry. You are the best!!!!

My Girls: Andrea, Sarah P, Sarah S, Megan, Jessica: I was completely impressed with how wonderful you all did last night. You were the best help I have ever had. Thanks so much for working so hard and keeping a smile on your face the whole night. I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you!!!!!

David H: Thanks for making sure my kid was still alive when I got home last night.

There for dozens of other wonderful people that made last night so great. You all know who you are, thanks for being the best to work with on this event!!!

Oh, a great perk about being an event planner is that you are the very last person to leave the event so you gets lots of free stuff that gets left. Last night I loaded up about 6 huge flower arrangements and had fun picking them apart and making my own arrangements. I love having fresh flowers all over my house.

AHH, ok back to trying to relax with some good old biofreeze!!!

Peace out.


my little WT'ers

Like father:

Like son:

Brett found this great mullet wig for $10 and it was a great laugh for everyone except Hutch. I don't know, he looks pretty happy sporting the mullet. He looks like a White Trash Cabbage patch baby or something.


he growns up and he growns up

wow, all those mom's are right when they say "it goes by so fast, enjoy every minute". My son turned 6 months old this week and it is kinda blowing my brains. Sometimes I look at him and can't believe how fast it has all gone. It seems like just yesterday I was crying because I was afraid he was not gaining enough weight, now I laugh because he is a monster. I love seeing his smiling face every morning. I love seeing Brett interact with him, that father son bond is the coolest thing to watch as a mom. I love his smell (even if it involves some serious Wiese gas that he has inherited, thanks Dad). I love his smiles that include only gums and no teeth. I love how he looks at me and I love love that he is my sweet little extrovert!!!

Dear Baby Hutch Jay Wiese,

can't belive that this week you will be eating solid foods and just weeks ago you would choke and scream everytime I tried to feed you. Now you sleep on your tummy and role all about your crib when I swear it was just yesterday that I had you in a tight swaddle to sleep. I remember the day you were born like it was just hours ago and how it changed my way of thinking forever. You have changed my world completely and I can't imagine my life without you. Yes, we have had some tough times but it has all made me love you even more. Thank you for being such a great baby and for always shooting me a smile just when I need it. I love you so much and I love being your mom.
p.s. brett, this also marks the week of you being a great father for 6 months, love you so much.


my sweet Libs is here!!

Thursday night my sweet little neice decided to come about a month early. Even though baby Libby made my sister miss her first baby shower ever, I was THRILLED to finally meet her. I have been bouncing off the walls for the last few weeks getting excited for her to arrive. She is the sweetest little girl I have ever met in my life!!! Libby Anne is 5lbs 8oz and 17 inches long, not to bad for being so early. My sister, Carrie, was amazing through this whole pregnancy and I am so proud of her. She is THE BEST MOM and I can't wait to see her raise this little girl. Jeremy, my brother in law, also is a total natural and it was such a joy to see him with my sweet neice. I can't wait to go back to Nebraska soon and see the Johnsons, I can't stop thinking about that sweet girl.

Love you all so much Carrie, Jeremy and baby Libby!!!!

p.s. A shout out to my good friend Miranda for letting me and my mom crash at her beautiful home so last minute. Mir, thanks for being such a great friend even after being out of high school 10 years. You are the best!!!!!


Oh, now I see......you just need one of these....

Because I am known for sometimes talking about inappropriate things, ok, alot of the time I am. Most of you know that I have not been to crazy about this whole nursing thing since Hutch was born. After many tears and some curse words, we have it figured out enough to get some fat on that boy. A few months back, I was finally starting to feel like I had nursing figured out, then it was time to go to work and let the pumping begin. I kind of hate pumping but I have worked so hard to get to this point that I refuse to give up. I thought most women were going through this struggle until I saw this picture and wondered to myself if I need to invest in one of these.

This is maybe the most unrealistic picture I have ever seen. Come on, no one wants to talk to you on the phone while you are pumping unless they also like to talk to you when you are running a vacuum cleaner. I also start to get faint when I think about wearing something like this under my clothes on a hot summers day. Oh and nice denim shirt lady!!!

This is my shout out to all you women out there that are crazy (like me I guess) to stick with this nursing thing and pump at work. Nursing is suppose to be so natural but this picture is the furthest thing from natural that I have ever seen.


to bright?

What do you think?

This past Saturday I celebrated my 28th b-day. Woke up late, hung out with my boys, ate some good breakfast at first watch, ate sushi for lunch and hung out with some lovely ladies for apps, wine and makeup. A friend of Hannah's, Gina, gave us ladies a little lesson on makeup and answers some questions every girl may have about makeup. How do I apply bronzer? What brushes do I need? Can I get good makeup at Target? (the answer is yes on that, I just got new foundation at Target that I think I like better than my expensive foundation). I may do a post on the products that I am now trying instead of the products you can only get at the counter. Here are a few fun pics from the party.

Oh, and I am not done celebrating, tonight I am going to dinner with some more friends to Blue Koi where I am going to eat so many dumplings, I may make myself sick, I LOVE THEM!!!

Thanks friends for making me feel so special on my birthday!


full house

This past weekend was another wonderful weekend of family and friends. We were able to host Brett's parents, my parents and a house full of friends and kids all in one weekend. I tell Brett often that if I could, I would spend all my money just hosting people for dinner and parties, I love having people over and just hanging out in the kitchen eating. (Clark, I know you are with me on that one).

This weekend was a reminder to me of why I would like to have a big family, the more going on in this house, the better. Bring on the craziness!!!!!

Love you all family and friends, we really do have a great circle of friends!!!!


so far, so good

Have to say, this weekend is going pretty good so far:

- Car is running like a champ

- AC is up and running

- Cold peach pie for a warm summers day turned out and was wonderful

- Good time with family

- Husband mowed yard and it is perfect just the way I like it

- Got pictures hung in family room finally

- Planted a Jade plant

- House cleaned
- Got to hang out with one of the sweetest boys I know

Can't wait for tomorrow!!


something to cheer us

I have tried to not get down about our current situation of being a one car family (Brett's Jeep bit the dust a couple weeks ago and we still have not found the right car for the right price) and now we have not had power for the last 18 hours or so. It is 96 degrees out so it would be nice to have a little airflow tonight while we try to get some shut eye. I also have over 240 ounces of "B Milk" in my deep freeze that I worked pretty hard at getting so hopefully the $60 worth of dry ice that we bought this morning will keep it frozen. Anyway, Brett and I went home over our lunch hour and where heading back to work as we were complaining about how the air-conditioner in my car really sucks and needs to be charged when we both saw this truck in front of us and could do nothing but laugh:

Seriously, someone does this??? Apparently they do a lot of it or they would not spend the time to repaint a whole truck with the word "poop" on it. I did a little research and for a low price of $7 a week I could have Debo's poop removed from my yard. MMMM, that's OK, I enjoy going out there once a season and picking up what Debo has not already eaten for for a hot treat. (yes, he is a cute dog but does eat his poop, thus the blog about getting his teeth cleaned, Think how your breath would smell if you ate your poop).
I am in no need of this service but if you are you can go check it out at:
Ahh, thank you Northland Poop Scooping, not for cleaning up the stinkies in our yard but for giving my husband and I a much needed laugh.


Fathers Day Delight

Who can resist a man with a baby??? Not me. I am always running for my camera every time my heart melts when I see my boys together. Brett is a wonderful father and Hutch loves his Daddy without a doubt!!!
Happy Belated Fathers Day to all you good Daddy's out there!!! Hope you had a great day!


I Heart small towns

This weekend we took off Friday from work and headed to my old stomping grounds, Sabetha, KS. For some reason, this is becoming my new favorite vacationing spot. It is not a far drive, there is always great food (I had an amazing steak this weekend) and wonderful time with family.

This weekend I had another couple reasons to love the small town. A few months ago we were told by our vet here in KC that our dog really needed to have his teeth cleaned. I did not disagree, Debo likes to eat his own poo poo from time to time so his breath was out of control. I got a quote from the vet and it was near $250 to have them cleaned!!! Since there are a few other things that may come before Debo having his teeth cleaned such as clothing my child and eating, I thought we would see what the cost was in Sabetha.

The grand total came to:

$60 bones??? What a deal!! They even trimmed his nails for free while he was out. I am forever going to Sabetha for check ups. I had almost a $200 savings !!! Maybe this is a business opportunity for me. I take your dog for the weekend to the farm to wear him/her out and get any vet visits taken care of for a small charge.

The other reason I love small towns so much is because they really help you regain your confidence. This weekend I ran in my first 5K since I got preggers. I just started to run again and watch what I eat so I am pretty slow these days yet:

I got third in my age group!!! Ha ha. Everyone in my family placed in their age groups so we were all feeling pretty good. I may have run the slowest I have ever run but I still got a metal and a bag of dog treats that I won in the drawing ;)
If I could get my friends, Target, D'Bronx, Okie Joes and our church to move to Sabetha, I am pretty sure we would be moving tomorrow;) I love where we live but the small town is the best place to live if you ask me. Go shopping and out to eat in the city but just live the good life in a small town. Maybe someday.
p.s. Dad and Joce, thanks so much for making the weekend so relaxing and enjoyable, you do a great job of entertaining your guests!! Oh, Hutch misses the farm already! Can't wait to come back.


10 Years ago

Yep, 10 years ago I was a senior at Sabetha High School and I am going back to my home town this weekend for my ten year high school reunion. I have been warned by my good friend Sarah not to go, I am going to take my chances.

Here are a few things that are different about me since I was in Highschool:

- I drove a red VW bug until it kept breaking down and I had to drive the family Pontiac Sunbird
- I was dating a guy that was in the army.
- I worked as a nurses aid at a nursing home
- A fun night out was dragging main in the town 15 miles from Sabetha
- I was eating DQ chicken strip baskets at any chance I got.
- I went to Topeka for fun (that is the arm pit of Kansas incase you didn't know)
- I shopped exclusively at American Eagle (I must have been pretty cool because I think the kids are still shopping there)
- I was a runner up for the queen of hearts at the Valentines Dance but did not win. (I am still upset about this)
- I had a retainer that had a tooth hooked on it while I was having a tooth implant. I would pop the retainer out to eat and I would have a large gap where my tooth was going to be. (The funny thing about that is Brett also had this in highschool, we are soulmates)
- I would wake up on days I had gym class and could not wait to play dodge ball (wait, that is not different than now, I still wake up wanting to play dodge ball)
- I did not enjoy learning (this is the reason my spelling is so stinking bad, I only started to learn how to spell within the last 5 years of my life) Being social was a priority for me in highschool, not homework. I was the girl that took home ec. and shop class instead of a English College prep class.
- I was a swimmer and now I am a runner
- I listed to grunge music (Green day, No doubt, Superdrag, The Refreshments, The Cranberries)
- I never wore heels or wore much makeup (wait does carmax lip balm count as make up?)

I am sure I could think of a million other things but I think I covered most of it. I will be sure to blog about how the reunion went. GO BLUEJAYS Class of 1999!!!!!


Mothers Day Delight

Well, it is the end of mothers day and I am pretty sad the day is over. I have to say, I think I like mothers day more than birthdays or Christmas (not that I really like either of those holidays all that much). It was the perfect day, my boys took great care of me today and I feel like a million bucks.
Hutch slept in to 7:30am this morning so that was his gift to me along with a full package to pamper myself at a salon. Brett said Hutch picked it out all by himself :)

Then we had brunch at our house with our mom's and some family and who does not love egg casserole (made by Brett of course), orange and cranberry scones and a wonderful fruit salad??? Yes Please!!!

A highlight of the day was dedicating Hutch in church today, it was a very special moment for me to be able to do that on Mother's Day. Hutch slept the whole time but I will never forget it.

Oh yes, the day gets better..... Went out to lunch and home so the boys could hang and take naps while I did a little shopping solo.
To top it off the boys took me out to Mochi-Yo for my new favorite dessert, it was perfect!!!

Now I am headed to bed so extremely thankful for my husband, my sweet baby boy and of course, my MOM's :)
Happy Mother's Day Ladies!!!


Back to Work

Today is a bittersweet day. It is my last day on maternity leave with my first born. Becoming a mother has changed my life in so many ways. I never thought I could love a little baby so much. I am so much more thankful for my family and wonderful friends after these past 12 weeks. Thank you to all of you that were so supportive and brought us food after Hutch was born. I did not have to make meals for almost 5 weeks, that is alot of meals people!!! Thank you for all of you that stopped by to visit Hutch and the phone calls and emails to call and check in on us. We truly have the best friends and family!!



No, I am not learning Japanese while on maternity leave, I am letting you all know about my new favorite place for a sweet treat. Oh yes, I will always love Foo's and a small town DQ but Mochi-Yo is my new favorite that I finally got to try on Saturday!! Oh, if you are a MTV Real World fan, you may like this place even more since the owner use to be on the Realworld. Mochi-Yo is frozen yogurt with a great tang and fresh fruit for toppings. It is very similar to Pinkberry in LA which I tried a few years ago and loved. Now if we could just get an In-N-Out burger joint up in this city!!

Yes, going to Mochi-Yo does require a little drive "out south" but it is well worth it. Hey, you can stop into the best shoe store in KC too. Habitat Shoe Boutique is doing a drawing right now for some hot shoes and clothes which of course I signed up for and plan on winning (as I always do) ;)

Here are a few pics of our fun visit:
This is me enjoying the sweet goodness

Wes (the owner) from the Realworld is the guy with the red hair.

Pink Bathroom.... Who would not want to pee in a pink bathroom???? yes please!!!!!