No, I am not learning Japanese while on maternity leave, I am letting you all know about my new favorite place for a sweet treat. Oh yes, I will always love Foo's and a small town DQ but Mochi-Yo is my new favorite that I finally got to try on Saturday!! Oh, if you are a MTV Real World fan, you may like this place even more since the owner use to be on the Realworld. Mochi-Yo is frozen yogurt with a great tang and fresh fruit for toppings. It is very similar to Pinkberry in LA which I tried a few years ago and loved. Now if we could just get an In-N-Out burger joint up in this city!!

Yes, going to Mochi-Yo does require a little drive "out south" but it is well worth it. Hey, you can stop into the best shoe store in KC too. Habitat Shoe Boutique is doing a drawing right now for some hot shoes and clothes which of course I signed up for and plan on winning (as I always do) ;)

Here are a few pics of our fun visit:
This is me enjoying the sweet goodness

Wes (the owner) from the Realworld is the guy with the red hair.

Pink Bathroom.... Who would not want to pee in a pink bathroom???? yes please!!!!!


Easter on the farm

As most of you know, I love Easter!!! I do love the Bunny's, pastel colors and spring flowers but I love the reason for Easter even more. Yes, I know most people love the Christmas holiday the most because Jesus was born. Come on, raising from the dead??? That is pretty impressive if you ask me. Babies are born every day but do they raise from the dead?? Ok, I guess Mary was a virgin and she got preggers, pretty impressive I suppose.

We always spend Easter on the farm, my family has a wonder Easter lunch and it is a get together that I hate to miss. Plus the Ham, potato casserole, hot rolls, jello salad and chocolate mousse are a must!! Hutch loved going to the farm, he got to meet all his great aunts and second cousins and hang with Grandpa and Grandma Joce.
Hutch really wanted to go turkey hunting with his dad Saturday morning but Brett said he was too young and he does not have his hunters safety permit just yet. Hutch did get to take a picture with the prize bird that Brett killed though, sweet boys!!!!