sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek of the baby crib. My sister did a great job of sewing this, I love it!!! I still have a few things to put on the walls to add some color.
I have hung just a few pictures (actually my good friend Andrea did) but I still want to do a decal above the crib and a few other things. My mom is going to recover a glider I found on craigslist (of course, I can't stop) and I hope to find an armoire by this weekend for some more storage. Baby Wiese, we are getting ready for you but don't think about coming out for three more weeks ;)


I heart Friday Nights

Friday Night Lights that is! This is my favorite show and I have been waiting way too long for the season premier which is this friday night on NBC. My obession for this show started last season but since then I have gone back and purchased the first season and have watched it and loved every minute of it.
I love this show for so many reasons but I would have to say my top three:

1.) I love the small town feel of the show, it reminds me a lot of how I grew up and what football season was like in a small town.

2.) I love the relationship of the Coach and his wife. I love the way they talk to eachother and how they are such a team when it comes to their home life and in work. I have actually requested that Brett talk to me how Coach talks to his wife. You will just have to watch the show to see what I mean by that.

3.) I love the team aspect of this show, I have always thought that a team of young boys that bond over a sport is so cool. Hopefully our son wants to play football and I can watch him bond with his team and beat some people up in the process. I also just love how everyone respects the Coach and how Coach is like a father to so many of these boys.

One more thing I love about the show that I have to mention is the character Tim Riggins. I have a minor crush on this character, ok, who am I kidding, I have a serious crush on him to the point where I kinda want to name our first born Riggins. Maybe Riggs for short? Any takers? Here is a picture if you need to know how cute he is:

My old roommates brother out in LA also loves Friday Night Lights, he has much better reasons for loving the show than just having a crush on Riggins and loving the drama.
Happy Watching!!!


my view these days

I know I promised not to blog about baby stuff too much but it is hard not to only think about my huge stomach when his is my view. Keep in mind, these are my dad's cowboy boots that I threw on out at the farm and they might be two sizes to big ;)