oh please trash man

This is what the trash man gets to deal with today. Do you think he will take all of this? I hope so. I am pretty sure we are the talk of the block this morning with this much trash on our front lawn.

This past weekend we tore out all our old insulation because it was not put in correctly about 20 years ago. We were freezing in the winter and dying in the summer. Our good friends helped us take it out and put it in a total of 35 large trash bags. Then Brett and I blew 44 bags of insulation in our attic. I'd like to think we are saving lots of money by doing this but we will just have to see on next months bill.
It was a lot of work but it is done and hopefully when I go home for lunch today the trash bags will be gone and I can start to ease the memories of being in a hot attic full of dust and darkness from my mind. A little shout out to Jack and Mindy for helping us out, you guys are the best!!!



I have been wishing these last few weeks that I would have become a teacher. I don’t know if I could spend the whole day with kids (especially teenagers since I HATE them), do lesson plans, wear apple and school bus pins on my sweater vests, deal with kids that pee their pants and don’t blow their own noses but I do know that I could take the summers off in a second. Here is a shout out to all you teachers out there that are taking the summer off instead of working. Don’t even worry about the money (we all know teachers do not get paid near enough) just relax, soak up the sun and eat lots of Popsicles and smores!!!!

I love the summers. The cookouts, the pool, ice cream, Lighting bugs, green grass and trees, summer mornings on the porch, walks with the dog. I LOVE IT ALL. Lately I have loved my new fire pit that I got. I also have a chiminea that I got last year for my birthday but I found that it did not put off as much heat as I wanted to and it was not good for cooking smores which is the main purpose of having a fire ;) Brett built our first fire in the pit last weekend and we each had way to many smores!!! It was so good and so fun. I think this is on the agenda tonight around 8pm, if any of you would like to come over for smores, just stop on by, we will be outside!!!!


Motorcylce Daddy

Is it Tuesday already? I meant to blog about this on Saturday but was too busy having a great time and here we are on Tuesday at the end of the day. Saturday I started my day by seeing my father off on a cycle ride benefit. It was pretty fun to see my Dad in his entire motorcycle garb showing off his hot bike ;) My brother Abe painted this cycle so it is really special for my dad to ride it around and get compliments on it. I even think it is pretty cool and I am not really into the fire graphics on motorcycles, I am more into skeletons and naked women on motorcycles but that is just me. J

My Dad had four sisters and no brothers so it is amazing he is not more metro sexual ;) ** Side note: Dad, I will explain what metro sexual means some other time. It was fun to see Dad, Joe (dad’s neighbor who is really dad’s brother separated at birth) and my uncle Jim have fun just being Guys and trying to fit in with all these Motorcycle guys and girls (yikes, those girls are kinda scary, I really did fit in with my little dress and red shoes ;).

It was a great way to start my Saturday and I was so happy I got to see him off.