Stay at home mom

I am sure no one will even reads this post since I have not blogged in three months and everyone thinks I have quit. I have been a little crazy running around with my head cut off. Turns out, I kinda stink at having two kids, working outside the home full time,trying to keep a house, maintain healthy friendships and oh, yes, be a good wife.

After a hundred conversations, looking over the budget a million times and praying about it. We have decided that I will quit my job in late September. This is an exciting but scary time for us.

Exciting that I will get to spend more time with my sweet boys, not pay for child care anymore (which was way more than our mortgage) and just having a few less things on my mind. I am excited to watch my kids grow and help mold them into the wonderful people I know they can be. I am excited to be thrifty, find great deals on craigslist and share my finds with all of you. I can't wait to get my house back in order and just feel good about going on a long walk by myself. No guilt here!

Scary because we are going to one income with me working a few side things on the side to bring in a little income. Being a stay at home mom is also SO HARD!!! I thought a stay at home mom's had the life of just hanging out in sweat pants, going to the pool all day, watching day time tv and just kissing on kids all day. Over maternity leave, I found out that staying home with two kids is the hardest job I have ever had, hands down!!!

Hope you are all ready for play dates, I am going to need you all so I don't go crazy!!!