Wine tasting a hit!

Friday night was a fun night celebrating my girl, Natalie's, B-day. Usually we just go to dinner or hang at someones house for birthdays but Natalie put together a little road trip to Parkville, MO for a wine tasting. It was so fun to sit around with the girls and laugh. God has really blessed me with some wonderful friends and it makes living in Kansas worth it. (I still want to move to NYC and live the city, Brett don't think I have changed my mind)

We went to Wines by Jennifer and to then to a local place for pizza. It was a real classy night until a few of us got a wild hair to go check out the local casino and try and win big money. Most of you that know me know that I have really good luck when it comes to winning things so I thought for sure I would love it. Ummm, I got there and could hardly breath because of all the smoke and it was some serious people watching. Lots of mullets, Las Vegas Hard Rock t-shirts and people looking like zombies staring at slots. I pretty much chickened out and didn't spend a penny. I kept thinking how much it would suck if I dropped $50 and lost it and how I might need that $50 later. Sure enough, I was right, the next day I locked my keys in my car and the $50 came in handy. Nice call Vikk! In conclusion, I don't really have any desire to ever step foot in a casino again unless it is smoke free, I had to go home and shower before I could even stand myself.


Wedding weekend, CONGRATS!!!

I am such a bonehead, I just blogged about the sucky weather and totally failed to mention my Dad's wedding that so many of you have been asking about. Thought I would show you all a picture of the couple just a few hours after they said "I do". Congrats Dad and Joce, love you both!!!
Oh, Dad and Joce, if you are reading this be sure to eat your wedding cake soon. We waiting a year like you are suppose to and it was nasty. That cake was so good, no use in waiting a whole year to eat it, eat it now!!!;)
It was a fun weekend of hanging out with my siblings and doing flowers (I did the flowers for the rehearsal dinner and the reception, it was so much fun and I think it will be my new hobby) Here is one arrangment that I was so happy with, I am not a huge fan of red roses but I think these are so pretty.

come on spring!!

Ok, as most of you know I pretty much hate winter. I have tried to be very positive this year about the fact that I have been freezing for going on four months and I have only really seen day light on the weekends this winter. I have not gotten all depressed or ticked about this weather yet but that is now coming to an end. I am offically ready to move out of this state if it does not start gettting warm. Come on, Feb, is almost over. I am ready for some spring showers, tulips, grilling, firepit and EASTER!!! I am going to start hitting the tanning beds hard in about a week if things don't turn around. If you try to call or stop by the house and I am not there. You can find me at Cabana Tan down the street.


And I am back!!

Hey all,

no more excuses, my event is over and it was wonderful. I learned so much in planning this event and can't wait to make it even better next year. There were some really late nights and lots of stress but at the end of the day, it is so worth it.

Here are a few pics!!