Wedding weekend, CONGRATS!!!

I am such a bonehead, I just blogged about the sucky weather and totally failed to mention my Dad's wedding that so many of you have been asking about. Thought I would show you all a picture of the couple just a few hours after they said "I do". Congrats Dad and Joce, love you both!!!
Oh, Dad and Joce, if you are reading this be sure to eat your wedding cake soon. We waiting a year like you are suppose to and it was nasty. That cake was so good, no use in waiting a whole year to eat it, eat it now!!!;)
It was a fun weekend of hanging out with my siblings and doing flowers (I did the flowers for the rehearsal dinner and the reception, it was so much fun and I think it will be my new hobby) Here is one arrangment that I was so happy with, I am not a huge fan of red roses but I think these are so pretty.


Tish said...

oh tell them congratulations for me!!! she looks beautiful and your arrangement did too!!! ahhh...

kjl said...

It looks like the wedding was beautiful! I'm so happy for your dad. :)

Anonymous said...

Your dad is so cute! :)

And how talented are you...seriously!

--Emily :)