Late night

So, I had a blast baking with my girls last night, we baked a total of a 124 cupcakes I think, I am not sure what the total came to. All I know is the next time I have a chance to do that again with those girls, I will be all over it. It was so fun to hang out and talk about girl stuff. I was really proud of Brett, he watched Huffmania kids for two hours all by himself while his mommy was baking with me. It is her 30th birthday today so I thought I would give a shout out to Hannah, Happy 30th birthday sister!!! I love you tons and I am thrilled that I have gotten to know you better this year!! You are my inspiration for blogging, so thanks!
I hate not posting a picture everyday because I love pictures so much. This may be why I am a terrible reader, I only picked up picture books as a child, I prefer to just look at pictures instead of doing the whole reading thing ;). It might also be why I prefer to read trash magazines such as US Weekly and In Touch (so many stupid pictures) instead of books that might actually help me become more intelligent. I am sure it would help with my vocabulary, or lack there of. So, no reason for posting this picture, I just like it. My friend, Kate-O and I took this when we met up in NYC last fall, if you look close you can see the women on the very right under panties)


Yo Yo Yo, Get your bake on!

So today has been pretty uneventful, I am busy planning for a huge event in September called Treads and Threads, it is a blast but a ton of work to plan. Here is the website if you want to purchase tickets or to volunteer, let me know: www.treadsandthreads.org

Besides working hard I am getting pumped to get my bake on tonight with some girlfriends, we are going to bake like 100 cupcakes for a big birthday bash on Saturday. We are leaving Brett with the kids and baking some yummy cupcakes. I say if we bake 100 cup cakes then there should be at least 30 to bring to the party. Come on, 100 cupcakes and 5 women, ARE YOU CRAZY, that is some good eating. I just thought I would post this picture of the last time I did some baking with my sister, I think we had all 17 cookies gone in about 20 minutes, Nice workCallie!!! Well should be fun and I will be sure to take some pics!!!


Lurk alert!!!

So, I find out everyday that I have many readers but several lurkers out there, in case you don't know what lurkers are, it is people that read my blog and don't comment. I would like to give a shout out to my good friend Hannah for religiously leaving comments to make me laugh. Now, I have gotten three emails this morning about not blogging for almost a week. I didn't know you were all reading it ;) I have set my blog up so you don't have to sign up, just leave a comment.

Ok, on to other business. I am still flipping tired from a weekend at the lake with some friends, I am not sure why but once I get out on a lake, I get the lake tiredness. It reminds me of when I was younger and we would go to the pool everyday in the summer and then we would have a Swans orange pushup and crash until dinner time. It must be the mixture of the water, junk food, and sun that makes me very sleepy. I don't have any pictures of this weekend yet but I did have a great time spending time with my main man Brett, it is always good to get away for a weekend and be with each other. I just got this picture from a wedding we went to a couple weekends ago and I love it.


Corn fed!

To celebrate the first day of summer I had three ears of corn last night, that is right, I went to the store and got three and ate all three!! Brett didn't have a fighting chance. I go into the zone when I eat corn on the cob, I am not sure if it is just growing up on the farm with four other siblings and fighting to get the last piece or if I love it so much that I can't eat it fast enough. Brett said he would like to take of picture of me eating corn on the cob because I am ONE BIG MESS. I don't even mess with trying to stay clean, I just get the job done. Last night I had maybe close to a 1/2 cup of butter, salt and pepper falling off my chin. Since we still don't have a digital camera and I could not take a picture of me last night and get it on my blog, I thought this picture would have to do. I found a picture that was on the web that I am pretty sure is me when I was a child. Regardless, I think it gives you a good picture of what went on in our house last night.


Working for the weekends!

Is it only Tuesday, I feel like in the summer I really work for the weekends. It is really like I make money so I can spend it on the weekends. This weekend I will be spending my money to get my fine self to the lake for some sun, relaxing, and time with friends. You know how people ask "Lake or Ocean"? I think I may be a lake girl. If the ocean didn't sting every part of my body when I jumped in, maybe I would like it more. I feel like the ocean is a lot like the Cheesecake factory. It looks great from the outside and so many people love it but it is just not as good as you would like once you get there. You can't layout at the beach unless you have a tarp to put under your blanket or you will find sand in every pocket of your body for days. But it is most the burning, you shave your legs to look great on the beach and then you run into the ocean and it is like a thousand needles. In conclusion, "Lake vs. Ocean" I pick the lake, call me white trash but it is a good time!
Tomorrow is the first day of summer, bringing the Frisbee, the sunscreen, and the good times with friends. I tried to think of a fun picture to post today but didn't come up with anything great so I figured I would post one of my two brothers playing golf, country style, that's right baby, right into the corn field. Summer is good!


Back at the farm

This weekend I went back to my hometown to celebrate fathers day, it is always good to get out of the city and see the open sky before a thunderstorm. Growing up, I don't think I appreciated the farm but now that my backyard is border line not big enough to put a volleyball net up, I am thankful for the wide open spaces that I had a child.

One thing that was funny to me this trip was a little restaurant we ate at. First of al, this sign is only somewhat true. The did have cold beer and it was only $1.75 a bottle but the food was not to great. In fact, the dinner salad consisted of iceberg lettuce with four small pieces of tomatoes. Yummy!!! Maybe it would be nice to have a little bit of carrots and cucumber on the salad? Perhaps it would add some color? My fries were great, you can always count on small town hole in the wall restaurant to have good fried food. I knew there was going to be great fried food when I walked in and I saw a big fella holding a beer with word "Bub" on the back of his shirt, he may have been just shy of 350 pounds I would say.

Of course I can not go without saying that Debo had a great time on the farm, he sniffed his little heart out and has been napping since we got home last night. He always knows a big bath is coming his way when he gets home from the farm because he stinks something awful. He is a happy boy on the farm, just chilling to the max.


I sure do love Target!

So as most of you know, I love to shop at Target, I always find something but today I left the house and got to work and realized that not only do I love the store but apparently I need to get a job there. I am not sure how I managed to leave the house without noticing that I look like a work at target. Rookie mistake!! I guess I will go apply for a part-time job there over my lunch break. Then I realized after taking this picture that I must also love Christmas because I look like a elf with these shoes and this shirt. Man, seriously good thing it is Friday and I don't even care. ;)
Well, I think I have been living for the weekends so far this summer. I turn into a whole different person at work on Fridays, I just want to kiss everyone and laugh all the day. The thought of Monday makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little.I guess it is suppose to rain all weekend, so much for a fun weekend of boating!!I was thinking I might take the pup out on the boat as well, nothing cuter than a dog in a life jacket unless you count Brett of course.I just realized that I don't have much to blog about except my dog and my main man.I need to get some hobbies!!


Welcome Back

Last night was a great time of catching up with our good friend Toby Lunn. He has been in Kenya for a past few years with a mission organization and is home to stay for a while. Welcome Home Toby!


crazy people

Have you ever known someone who has gotten a dog and then became obsessed with it? Calling it baby cakes, saying "I have to go home early to take the boy out to go to the bathroom". Wanting to take it anywhere and everywhere and letting it snuggle you with its wet paws just after you got out of the shower. It is so annoying and YES, I am one of them. Who can resist this cute guy.

Oh, brett is a cute too. He and Debo have so much in common, they love to hunt birds. Me? I just love them both!!!


Thinking about it

Hey all,
I have been thinking about blogging for the last few months and finally got the gumption to do it. I figured since I don't have cable, I don't have a personal cell phone, and I don't have a ipod, I might at well keep up with times and start blogging. I am not sure how good at this I will be but I will do my best to entertain you with my thoughts and pictures as much as possible. I also have not gone to the digital world yet with cameras so the pictures may be far and few between. Ok, here it goes.