I sure do love Target!

So as most of you know, I love to shop at Target, I always find something but today I left the house and got to work and realized that not only do I love the store but apparently I need to get a job there. I am not sure how I managed to leave the house without noticing that I look like a work at target. Rookie mistake!! I guess I will go apply for a part-time job there over my lunch break. Then I realized after taking this picture that I must also love Christmas because I look like a elf with these shoes and this shirt. Man, seriously good thing it is Friday and I don't even care. ;)
Well, I think I have been living for the weekends so far this summer. I turn into a whole different person at work on Fridays, I just want to kiss everyone and laugh all the day. The thought of Monday makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little.I guess it is suppose to rain all weekend, so much for a fun weekend of boating!!I was thinking I might take the pup out on the boat as well, nothing cuter than a dog in a life jacket unless you count Brett of course.I just realized that I don't have much to blog about except my dog and my main man.I need to get some hobbies!!

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hannah said...

i am so glad you are such a loving person vic. target and christmas? they need your love.