Late night

So, I had a blast baking with my girls last night, we baked a total of a 124 cupcakes I think, I am not sure what the total came to. All I know is the next time I have a chance to do that again with those girls, I will be all over it. It was so fun to hang out and talk about girl stuff. I was really proud of Brett, he watched Huffmania kids for two hours all by himself while his mommy was baking with me. It is her 30th birthday today so I thought I would give a shout out to Hannah, Happy 30th birthday sister!!! I love you tons and I am thrilled that I have gotten to know you better this year!! You are my inspiration for blogging, so thanks!
I hate not posting a picture everyday because I love pictures so much. This may be why I am a terrible reader, I only picked up picture books as a child, I prefer to just look at pictures instead of doing the whole reading thing ;). It might also be why I prefer to read trash magazines such as US Weekly and In Touch (so many stupid pictures) instead of books that might actually help me become more intelligent. I am sure it would help with my vocabulary, or lack there of. So, no reason for posting this picture, I just like it. My friend, Kate-O and I took this when we met up in NYC last fall, if you look close you can see the women on the very right under panties)


Anonymous said...


Love your website. You write just like you talk - always makes me laugh. Thanks, M___

hannah said...

some good late nights the last few weeks huh? thanks chica for the birthday wishes, so glad the wieses are part of the crew. we love butt and icky!

brett said...

updates please--you're boring me, i'm bored!