The real santa

Ok, so I know I am a slacker mom!!!! I bought hutch's christmas toys this year off of craigslist, I didn't send out a Christmas card (or birth announcements, yikes) and I didn't take Hutch to see Santa. It just seems like a nightmare to drive to the mall or crown center, find parking, fight the crowds, wait in line etc. just to see a guy that is 40 years old dressed in a beard. I love Christmas and all but I am not going to kill myself trying to do all the traditions for a kid who will not even remember it. I did kinda want a picture of Hutch and Santa at this young age but it was not high on my priority list.

Hutch had to go in for a check up at his pediatrician yesterday and who was in the waiting room but Jolly old saint NICK!!! I had my camera and was able to get a couple shots. This Santa looks more real to me than any other Santa I have seen. He had a real white beard, Rosy cheeks and his tummy was just like a bowl full of jelly!!!!
I loved that he did not wear the big scary red costume but more like the clothes he would wear in his work shop. Hutch adored him and didn't want to get off his lap, it was pretty cute!!!


Congrats are in order

After only 8 years of college my brother Abram is finally graduating from college on friday. Congrats Uncle Abram we are all so proud of you. We knew you could do it!!!!!!


tis the season

This has been the week of getting a "splash of Christmas" up in our house. Tree shopping was a breeze again this year thanks to the Lowe's store just down the street. I know the fake tree is easy clean up and you only pay for it once but I love picking out a tree each year and I love how my house smells of fresh greenery.
Decorating the tree went pretty smooth this year. All the lights still worked from last year and I found three new cool ornaments for the tree this year (I started a tradition a couple years ago of getting one new ornament per person per year that describes you).
Hutch also wanted a tree for his room, this is really the only one that I could find that would fit on his dresser but he seems to like it.
I wished I could say doing the lights outside was as smooth but it was maybe the worse experience hanging lights ever as far as everything working. Our main issue was racing to get some daylight to put these up. We also had an issue with the clips we put up last year to hold these lights. They were so brittle from being weathered through the year that we had to start from scratch. After not being able to find the clips that worked on our roof we resulted to ole faithful, the Staple gun. I have to tell you, it worked like a charm. After replacing several light bulbs, replacing many fuses because of me plugging too many strands into one outlet and climbing up the roof, we finally finished!!!
I know it looks simple but there are 11 strands of lights up on this bad boy. We seriously had a "Griswold Christmas Vacation" moment when I finally got it all to work without blowing a fuse, we stood out on the sidewalk and admired our hard work. Brett was the best sport about helping me and not giving up even when I wanted to. As much stress as it was to get these up and going, Brett and I had the best time laughing and working as a team to finish it. Thanks Brett for being the best guy I know!!!

Let the Christmas Holiday Begin!!