two vaca's in one month

Brett and I decided to take a last minute trip a few weekends ago to celebrate with our friend at his 30th birthday party. We were unsure about leaving Hutch and just getting it all to work out but we "Pulled an Eddy" as we say in our house (Eddy's are dear friends of ours that love last minute planning and it seems to always work like a charm for them) and went to St. Louis. Dropped Hutch off with Grandma and had a great time!!!! It was kinda wonderful and refreshing to not have any responsibilities all weekend I have to say. I adore being a mom and feel like I don't get get to see Hutch as much as I would like to as it is but it was good for us to get away for a short weekend. We had some good food, great times with friends and we even got some kickball in. I am embarrassed to say that I was so sore after playing kickball that I could barely get out of bed the next morning but it cold be because I slide into every base even when it might not be necessary.
Next stop......
Big Sur California. Brett is running his very first (and maybe last) Marathon.
This time we are going to be taking Hutch on his first airplane (I know, we are stupid crazy) and making a 5 day trip of it. Hey, it will all pay off after visiting: In and Out Burger, IKEA, H&M, Pizza of my Heart and Pinkberry all in one week. AHHHH, Cali here we come!!!!! RUN BRETT RUN!!!!!


The simple life

Living the simple life in Sabetha is pretty tempting. Don't get me wrong, I love running to target whenever I need something but as far as bowling is concerned, small towns are the place to be!!!

Top five things I loved about this place:
1.) It had four lanes so our family took up 3 of the four lanes.

You can see all four lanes behind the birthday girl here.

2.) I brought my own cd of music so we enjoyed three games of bowling all the soundtrack of "GLEE", ummmm awesome!!
3.) The shoes were like brand new and not nasty like so many of these bigger city places. I guess people in small towns take better care of their shoes.

4.) The machines were ancient but awesome vintage!!! Misty was a pro at figuring these old things out. (I also love how dangers this machine looks with the large DANGER sign.)

5.) After we bowled my Dad asked for a tour of where the bowling pins get sorted and set and so we took a family tour to see how it all works. I felt like I was on Mr. Rogers or something, it was pretty awesome.
Thanks Dad and Joce for a fun night of bowling, we need to make that a tradition!!!

Ok, here are a couple more pics of the fun night out:


Pretty in Pink

Ok, I was hoping this would be a picture of Brett and Hutch in Pink but I could only get the boy to wear it for Easter. He does look pretty adorable flirting with his sweet cousin, Libby. It will be my goal to have Mr. Wiese in a adorable pink Polo next year for the Easter Holiday.

OH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SISTER!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful 30th Birthday today!!!!