Low point

This may have been the low point of my day when I came home, kicked my shoes off, grabbed the mail and discovered this:
I have had many misspellings to my name, in fact, I was just emailing a friend about this yesterday. Pretty much every single day of my life, I get an email with my name spelled: Vicki, Vicky, Vikki, Vickie. But never DICKI!!!
No offense to my parents who gave me the great name of Vikkie but having this name as a women in her 20's is hard enough. When I talk to people on the phone and then we finally meet, they always look at me like they are shocked that I am not a 40 year old women. You just don't see to many Vikkie's my age. I must say, it has not been the easiest name to have but because it has an "e" and double "k's" I'd like to think it is special. I have never met another girl with the same spelling as mine but if I did, I am sure she would be my best friend. It has crossed my mind, if I had to change my name what would it be, any ideas?? I would love some feedback on what you maybe thought my name was before you met me.
Peace out!


Puppy Love

I have not posted about this guy in a while so for all your dog lovers out there, look at this one.
This is some serious puppy love!!!!

I know for those of you that don't have dogs, it makes no sense but this guy brings such much joy into our home. Debo is so fun to cuddle, play with and just have around. Love you Debs!!!!


My greatest weakness

A couple weeks ago, we were leaving our local price chopper when Brett stopped to see a candy display and said: “Vikk, Oh Vikk, I think I just found your greatest weakness”. As he pointed to the Halloween candy display, my mouth dropped and I began to salivate. Hershey’s has really outdone themselves now!!!!
Now, I have posted about the Reese’s Easter egg, the Valentines Day Heart and the Christmas tree. I only just saw the pumpkin Reeses last year but they were small ones that I could eat in about one bite, they were tasty but not big enough.
This year they have this:

That is right, King Size with more Peanut Butter. This thing blows my brain. I was afraid to eat it in one sitting as it was over 300 calories but I just thought I would go for it. It was one of the best experiences (as far as candy eating is concerned) and you all have to try it. It might not be a bad idea to have a 12 oz bottle of water to wash it down since it has so much sugar, even I almost could not take it. My plan is to stock up on these until Christmas and just pray that they come out with a King Size Tree. Just rememeber, Dreams do come true. They may make you sick and you may have to walk 12 miles a day like I do to feel better about yourself after eating it but Dang, it is worth it!!!!!


Belated Post


this has been a post that I have been meaning to post for about two weeks now. As I blogged about in July, I received a trip to Chicago for my birthday and we went over labor day weekend. It was such a wonderful trip!! I wish I could be on vacation with Brett Wiese all the time, he is my favorite person to travel with.

I would have to say the highlights of the trip were:

- Dinner at Trattoria No. 10, it was a small Italian place that Brett had found and made reservations to. The food was great but really the best part was just spending time together and talking. It as very romantic and so much fun.

- The sunset boat cruise through the city, again this was very romantic but it was fun to learn about the different buildings in Chicago. We had fun laughing and trying to get good pics of the city.

- Seeing my all time favorite Broadway show for a steal!!! I have seen "Wicked" before but I am kinda obsessed with it (not as much as KW is but I am pretty into it). We were able to see a show for just $25 a ticket, front row center of the stage. I was able to get these tickets through a drawing that is done two hours before every show time, of course by good luck continues, we won two tickets and two hours later I was so close to the stage I could see every expression and every detail on the costumes. I was holding back tears almost the whole show because it was amazing!! I think Brett got more joy out of watching me love it than the actual musical.
-Eating so many carbs, I made myself sick. AHHH, the pizza, pasta and french toast, I LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!

It was wonderful and I can't wait to take my next vacation with my boy!!!