dirt to darn awesome!

Since we have moved into our new digs last month, our dog has been having a hay day in the flower beds that have been filled with dirt/mud. I am not sure why the people before us never planted anything but I was getting pretty tired of looking at it and of cleaning Debo's paws. My older brother, Matt (my new hero by the way) helped me out by giving me some simple ideas on what to plant and since he works at a plant/tree nursery he helped me save some money as well.

Last night Matt came over with all the plants and got me started on how to plant everything. I kinda think sons of farmers are the best because they have a wealth of knowledge and the are the hardest workers I know. Matt is like a machine when he starts working and I LOVE IT!!!! He just started digging holes and throwing them in there to get me started by he really did one whole flower bed and a couple pants in another flower bed. After Matt left I had not planned to do all of this alone since Brett had a business dinner but Matt's work ethic inspired me to get working. So, I decided to just knock this project out last night, I finished spreading the mulch right before dark. Here are some before and after pictures. ;)

I still have some round up to do and planting some ground cover so is it not so muddy back there but it looks so much better than it did. Brett is a great lawn boy, as most of you know, so I know he is going to have this yard in tip top shape by next summer. I don't have any before pictures to show you but I can tell you that the plants were all there but they were surrounded by weeds in another part of our yard that Brett and I worked on this past weekend. Matt taught us how to put the edging in and it looks so much better than it did. This was one of the few home projects where Brett and I didn't get in a little fight so we were feeling pretty good about ourselves.

Matt, a shout out to you, thanks a million for helping us so much with our back yard, it looks so much better and I owe you big time!!!!! Love you!


another great find on the C list

Ahh, yet again, I find another good deal on Craigslist. Brett and I saw this armoire at Nebraska Furniture Mart (I hate NFM but I liked the armorie, minus the light house they show in this picture) a few weeks back. I found the same armorie from a girl who just bought it but wanted a bigger desk, so we got the desk for over half the originally price and it was already put together. Thank you Craigslist for coming through again!!! Now the office is nice and organized and I can close the doors anytime to make that room into a guest bedroom.
Lets see what else I have been searching for:
-large indoor Plants
-Free Weights with a bench
-Nice metal shelves for bathroom closet
-Two leather chair set
- Sectional couch for the basement
- A jig saw
- A swing for the back tree
I am sure I will come up with more. I am obsessed!!!


Girls Weekend in Nebraska

This past weekend my sister (Callie) and my mom and I traveled to Seward, Nebraska to visit my older sister Carrie. Carrie has lived here for a couple years and I had never visited so it was high time we took a road trip.
It was great to get out of the city and see all the tall green corn and just enjoy the small town feel. I love KC and where we live but it is nice to not lock your car, be able to see the full moon and stars and just be around good ole' small town folks.

We got there friday night and Carrie made a a great meal, Carrie is a wonderful cook so it was pretty stinking exciting. Oh, I also had to do a little fashion show, these boots were really comfortable, I may have to invest in some. Carrie married a cowboy so they house is cowboy theme, I could not help myself when I saw all the dress up fun I could have.

Saturday we went to the cutest little cafe for breakfast and the food was wonderful. It was so fun to observe locals reading the paper and chatting with everyone since they pretty much knew everyone. We then went to Lincoln (just 2o minutes away) to shop around and hang out. I have to say I think I liked Seward more than I liked Lincoln, it kinda seemed a little deserted, maybe because the college kids are gone for the summer, not sure. We did go to this cool antquie mall and I got a globe and could have gotten a lot more. We only got through half of this store because it had so much stuff, I shall return. After a stop at DQ for a star we headed back home to rest for a bit and get ready to go to a rodeo that Jeremy (Carrie's husband) was team roping in that night.

The rodeo was pretty fun and it was great to see Jeremy in action, he did such a great job!!! I would have to say the bad part about the rodeo was when one of the horses has a heart attack and died right there on the spot. As some of you know, I am not even a fan of horses but I had to hold back tears. I could not believe this horse was just going to die right there on the spot. Carrie said it was pretty rare that something like that would happen but it was really sad. On a different note, I was entertained by an activity they do for the kids at this rodeo which is to ride on lambs. At first I didn't think there was any harm in this but when I saw the first kid coming out on this lamb that was about to run into a fence I had to cover my eyes. Kids were falling off these things and were inches from being trapled by a lamb, I am still considering calling social services and complainning about this activity. :) It looked pretty dangerous for a 4 year old to be doing, I can see a 8 year old being ok but there were some kids doing this that looked like they could still be in diapers. Anyway, stupid activiy but entertaining non the less.
Sunday we just went to church and lunch with Carrie and Jeremy and headed home. It was a great trip to be with the girls and Jeremy of course ;) You can check out more pics of our trip on my slide show to the left ;)

A shout out: Carrie and Jeremy, thanks again for having us in your home and taking such great care of us. You did a great job of treating us and making us feel welcome. Love you both!


A visit from the popcorn queen

So, my little sister (Callie) has pretty much grown up on popcorn (maybe that is how she stays so thin). I am telling you, as long as I can remember from childhood, this girl could eat a whole bag of popcorn by herself and loved it every time (even if it was once or twice a day). Callie would have popcorn pretty often back in the day but since college I would say she is on the "popcorn everyday plan". She was really big into the microwave popcorn but in the last year she has started making her own popcorn.

Callie got a stove top popcorn popper that you stir with the handle and this girl has perfected the art of popcorn making. She adds only a certain amount of oil, butter and salt to go on a certain amount of popcorn. You know how you can get it too salty or too much butter, not this girl, PERFECT!!!!
Yesterday Callie agreed to stop by and make me her famous popcorn along with a cold coke (or Coca cola Classic as the popcorn queen says). It was the best and hit the spot, thanks Callie!!!! You can come over anytime and make it again.


Birthday weekend update


Birthday Dinner: EBT Restaurant, I had lamb chops, mashed garlic potatoes and asparagus. Lime sorbet for dessert.

Birthday gifts: Brett gave me a shopping spree to Nordstom's (not sure if I want shoes, makeup or a hot pair of jeans). I recieved lots of cash, not sure yet what I want to spend it on but I sure lot it that I have a little stash. I got a couple gift cards, a book (Wicked), a wonderful picture for my kitchen taken by my good friend Donna and lots of wonderful cards, flowers and even balloons. I also had breakfast and lunch on good friends of mine, thanks for taking me out peeps!!

I also had a semi-surprise (found out from my good friend David on Thursday night on accident I think) birthday party. It consists of Cherry Pie, smores, friends and lots of cute kids!!! It was a great time.

Thanks all for making my birthday such a special day!


7-11: B-day

Today I am 27 years of age, how does it feel you ask? Not to much different than 26. I am normally really high maintenance about my birthday but this year, I almost forgot about it this year. I think a mixture of moving into the new digs and just being busy with work, I really just forgot it. I really have no clue what Brett got me this year, I kinda hope he does not use the excuse that the house was my birthday gift, I don't think he will. Brett might be the best gift giver I know so I am really looking forward to it ;)

Really my only request this year has been this:

yes, it is an apricot pie. Not many people know about the apricot pie but it is yummy!! I was not feeling cake this year, the problem is that my grandma strahm makes the best one so it is hard to live up to it so I may just settle for a cherry pie from The Upper Crust (best pies in KC if you ask me).
Besides "doing some pie" (this is what my Dad says when he means, eating pie) I think just relaxing this weekend is my request. We have kinda been so busy with house stuff that I have not had a chance to really take a good nap with my beagle or cook a nice meal in the new home so maybe I will try to do that.
Anyway, I will have to update you on monday on how the birthday weekend went!
Thanks all for your birthday wishes and cards so far. I do love all the attention ;) hee hee.


What a great weekend full of friends, sunshine, fireworks, great summer food and relaxing. Brett and I headed to our friends farm house near Wichita on Friday to celebrate July 4th weekend (one of my favorite holidays next to Easter).

Top 5 things I loved about this trip:

- The summer food: I adore watermelon, chips, brats, pasta salad, puppy chow, and seven layer dip! Oh Baby, bring it on!!

- The small town feel: I love how simple life seems to be out in the country near a small town. I loved that at the local fireworks show on Friday night, all the kids were lighting fireworks (some dangerous ones) off up until the show started. You don't see that in KC.

- Watching my dog in Heaven: I often feel bad that Debo does not go out to my Dad's farm more often, he loves to get into all kinds of trouble. Debo has been sleeping non-stop since we got home.

- Spending time with friends: It is always great to spend time with friends and meet new friends. Laughing with friends around the table has to be one of my favorite things.

- Summer Sun: I love being by the pool and reading some trash magazines and sipping on some cold ice tea with lemon. The smell of sunscreen is the best and becoming a bronze beauty is not so bad either.

Check out the pictures of our trip on my slide show to the left!!

Special thanks: Jack and Mindy, thanks so much for having us out, can't wait to go back!!!