dirt to darn awesome!

Since we have moved into our new digs last month, our dog has been having a hay day in the flower beds that have been filled with dirt/mud. I am not sure why the people before us never planted anything but I was getting pretty tired of looking at it and of cleaning Debo's paws. My older brother, Matt (my new hero by the way) helped me out by giving me some simple ideas on what to plant and since he works at a plant/tree nursery he helped me save some money as well.

Last night Matt came over with all the plants and got me started on how to plant everything. I kinda think sons of farmers are the best because they have a wealth of knowledge and the are the hardest workers I know. Matt is like a machine when he starts working and I LOVE IT!!!! He just started digging holes and throwing them in there to get me started by he really did one whole flower bed and a couple pants in another flower bed. After Matt left I had not planned to do all of this alone since Brett had a business dinner but Matt's work ethic inspired me to get working. So, I decided to just knock this project out last night, I finished spreading the mulch right before dark. Here are some before and after pictures. ;)

I still have some round up to do and planting some ground cover so is it not so muddy back there but it looks so much better than it did. Brett is a great lawn boy, as most of you know, so I know he is going to have this yard in tip top shape by next summer. I don't have any before pictures to show you but I can tell you that the plants were all there but they were surrounded by weeds in another part of our yard that Brett and I worked on this past weekend. Matt taught us how to put the edging in and it looks so much better than it did. This was one of the few home projects where Brett and I didn't get in a little fight so we were feeling pretty good about ourselves.

Matt, a shout out to you, thanks a million for helping us so much with our back yard, it looks so much better and I owe you big time!!!!! Love you!


Andrea said...

WOW Vikkie, that looks awesome! I love that you just knocked that project out on your own, good work!

Kara Tramp said...

That looks awesome Vikk! I'm super impressed and what an upgrade you made- your neighbors are thanking you I'm sure!

kjl said...

Looks great, Vikkie! Will you come do our yard next? :)

Jennifer Anne said...

Looking good!