Back with a bun in the oven

Hey there,

did you all miss me??? I have been in "event mode" for the last month and a half and just could not find time to blog. A lot has gone on in the last month (celebrated my 5 year anniversary with my main man and planning Treads and Threads, my biggest event of the year).
The best part has been sharing with friends and family of our recent news of getting ready to welcome Baby Wiese into the world around February 16th of 2009. Yes, it has been a long time coming and we are finally on our way to jumping into parenthood (ahhh crap, what have we done). ;)

Just to put your mind at ease here are just a few things you will not see on my blog moving forward:

1.) Nude stomach pictures, sorry boys, I know you think it is hot but I am not going to do it.

2.) Every day posts about my pregnancy or children. Yes, this baby is an exciting part of my life but it does not define me. Not to worry, I still plan to blog about plenty of other things besides just my kids.

3.) New born pictures with mucus on them. That makes me throw up in my mouth a bit so I will be sure to not post a picture of this kid until a spit bath has taken place.
I also thought I would not only show my progress on getting preggers and fat but also show Brett's progress. Brett has not been eating as many bagels, bowls of honey nut Cheerios at 3am and he has not taken as many pounds of red meat as I have so he is having a hard time keeping up but I will let you watch the progress:


Andrea said...

YEAH VIKKIE!! Youre back in blog action! Love the pic!

Anonymous said...

congrats again, we decided to start a blog, not sure how long it will last-we are horrible about keeping up with family and friends-so here it is-its mostly about the boys though-dont worry- no nude belly pictures here either-thats just-well, its gets worse the more kids you have

Kara Tramp said...

Great post! You made me laugh- as always!
You look beautiful!!! I will take pics of your belly anytime and I will love looking at your little bun with the white goo- it is gross but pretty dang amazing!! The miracle of birth is unexplainable!!
Enjoy each momemt- esp ones with your hubby- go do things on a whim- do that lots b/c when that baby comes it's a lot harder to do things on a whim!!
Take care of yourself and keep eating those bagels and cereal at 3am- you sound just like me when I was pregnant!!! I love it!

Carrie Anne Johnson said...

Oh, Vikkie! You look so pretty. You are the prettiest prego woman I have ever seen! Keep posting photos so I can watch your belly grow.

Tish said...

you are so wonderful lol!!! thank you for withholding the nasty mucus pics ; )

also it's good to see the baby bump. i love the baby bump...live for it dawling!!!

hope you two love every moment of it!!!

EmilyG said...

Aw congratulations! So happy for you guys!!! :) I love the moms with perspective...you guys are going to be great parents.