sweet boy on my mind

sorry Brett, I am thinking about Debo our sweet beagle.

So, I know I have turned into a little bit of a wierd dog person but Debo my dog is just such a good dog and he is so stinking cute that I have to blog about him from time to time. Lately he has been super good about going into his crate when asked and giving me lots of attention.

Most of you that know me know that I am a super extrovert, meaning that I get my energy from people and Brett is an introvert which means people exhaust him and he needs a little alone time to recharge. I didn't see this being a problem after we got married until Brett would go into the cold basement to surf on the Internet or pay bills. What was I to do all by myself for a solid hour at a time?? Debo has been the best companion. He always loves attention and he loves to love on me. He is the best snuggler on a cold winter day and I love Sunday naps with him. He is not a very smart dog and he doesn't really do any tricks but I still love him more than I ever thought I could love a dog. Anyway, no big story, just wanted to give a shout out to my cute beagle (since he reads my blog and all)

Love you Debo!!!


a Pro

So most people that know me know that I am kinda a pro at walking on ice. Whether I am in heels, snow boots or sneakers, I seem to always keep my balance. I am not sure I have ever fallen on ice since I was in elementary school because I just had the balance and coordination to be such a pro. Two days ago I came home for lunch and my husband was telling me about a girl at work that wiped out in the parking lot three times and had to go home to change her clothes because she was such a mess. I laughed my head off and then said “How do you fall on the ice that easy, seriously, just get your balance and walk, it is no big deal”!! I am usually pretty sensitive in general but this is just one thing that I can’t be sensitive about for some reason. When I see people slip when they are walking, I have to hold it as tight as I can to not bust a gut, I just think it is ridiculous and really funny. Last night my girlfriend was telling me how her co-worker slipped and broke her leg, Ha!! Are you kidding me, what the crap, can’t people just be more careful and think a little before they start walking on ice, I mean it is really not that hard!!

I said goodbye to my friend last night, opened the door to go outside and Whhhhhoaaaaaaa!!!! I BIT IT HARD!!!! Can you believe that? I hit my knee really hard on the hard cement and scratched up my elbow a little. I also fell partly on my butt which is always a safety feature when you have a ghetto bootie as I do. I started laughing so hard I could not contain myself. I was one of them, one of those idiots that can’t walk on ice and makes a total fool out of themselves. Fortunate for me, I was with two good girlfriends that could laugh it off with me and I was not with a group of people from work or something.

To all people that suck at walking on ice,

I am sorry for judging you all like that. I know you are good people and you may even be coordinated, sorry for thinking that you guys just didn’t have any sense of balance and athleticism. Next time I see you slip and almost bite it, I will try to not laugh (no promises). If I see you bite it, I will run to you aid and help you up without laughing (no promises). If you are nervous about walking on the ice and you need a hand, I will be there by your side and not even think you are ridiculous (again, no promises).


Wicked was Wicked awesome!

I could just have a short blog today because the conclusion to my thoughts on Wicked the Musical is:


Yes, the bold means I am shouting, it was so good and you all have to see this show if you ever have the opportunity. The set was amazing, the costumes were creative and beautiful, the music was wonderful and the story was unique and funny.

I love it when a show like that can be so good that it puts me in tears because I am just so entertained and I am so into the story. That is my gage on if it was a good one, three tears at least. I have seen Mama Mia and Hairspray here in KC and it didn’t really do much for me but Aida, Cats and Chicago have been ones that I have LOVED!! Even shows in KC are ok but if you have a chance to see them in a big city, even more fun.

Earlier that day we hit IKEA and shopped for 5 hours, can you believe that!!! I got all kinds of stuff for just $150, good deal!!! I love IKEA and I wish instead of Nebraska Furniture Mart we could have gotten an IKEA. I will save how much I dislike NFM for another blog.
Day two in Chicago was by far my favorite: IKEA + Yummy Thai food + Wicked + Two great girls = PREMIUM!!


What a start

So this week I am going to blog about my trip to Chicago. I title my blog what a start because this trip started off on the best foot ever!! As most of you know, the weather got bad last Friday and we had a 7pm flight out of town and we were a little concerned it was going to be delayed and we were not going to get out of KC for hours. So, my girl Katy suggested that we find an earlier flight, I didn’t really think that would be possible but I called Southwest and two minutes later, we were booked to leave at 4:30pm. We get to the airport and we are in line to board the plane and an announcement comes over the intercom “We have over booked the 4:30 pm flight and we are looking for 5 passengers to go on the 5pm flight for a $100 voucher plus the cost of your ticket” We all looked at each other and in seconds decided we were all a go on that. So I ran over to the check in and told them I had three passengers in my party and we wanted to go on the 5pm flight.

They started with the paper work and all three of us were already planning our next girl’s trip!! Just after we got all the paperwork done a Southwest employee came over and said they miscounted and they needed three people to go back on the 4:30pm, we wanted our vouchers we didn’t really want to go but the women behind the counter said “you will still get the vouchers and you can board right now for the 4:30pm flight”. We all just started laughing like a bunch of giddy school girls. It was so funny, we just got $160 bucks in vouchers for 10 minutes of waiting in a line, sweetest $160 I have ever made ;) So we all ran back to the gate to board out plane, it was stinking funny and we laughed all way to Chicago as we thought of places we should go. We decided at that minute that this could very well be the best trip already. What better way to start out a vacation than to do absolutely nothing and get another round trip flight!!!!

Dear Southwest,
I love you and I will always come to you first when I need a flight out of KC, thanks for giving me free money when I didn't do a dang thing!

This was only the beginning of how great this trip was, more to come ;)


Every 6 months

So I was brushing my teeth this morning and getting really close to the mirror to check it all out. Far away, I think my teeth look pretty good but up-close, man!!! So, I could see a little build up that I have missed by brushing and thinking to myself “great, how did I miss that, now next week when I go for my every 6 month check up to the dentist they are going to say something about it”. I can just hear the dental hygienist “Now, Vikkie, I see a little build up back here, and oh I see some over here. Are you flossing? Do you brush twice a day? Are you brushing like this or that”. I suddenly became furious as I was thinking about it and that is when I came to this conclusion:

If I did a great job of cleaning my teeth, what would the dentist have to do? I do an ok job at taking care of my teeth but if I fall asleep on the couch as I watch TV and Brett wakes me up to go to bed, I am not going to run to the bathroom to brush and floss for 3 minutes, I am go to bed!!! Are you kidding me?? I mean, I can go to bed because I have a dentist that I see every 6 months to clean my teeth in a serious way. Even when I work really hard at keep these boys clean, they are never going to be good enough for miss little, I get my teeth cleaned everyday because I work for a dentist and that is my job!!! Come on, they have machines that are plugged into the wall with three prongs on them (vacuum cleaners and large kitchen appliances have three prongs plug ins) !! That is a lot of power they are using and they expect my teeth to be as clean with a little toothbrush and Crest?

Conclusion: I go to the dentist every 6 months to have my pearly whites cleaned; it is not like I wait 2-5 years or until I notice that I have a huge black hole in my tooth? They get it clean; they take care of it, which is what I pay them to do. So, if I blog next Wednesday after my dentist appt. and I don’t sound very happy it is because I got reprimanded by someone that I pay!
I have no clue why I just got all worked up about this but that is what is on my mind today.


Hump day and something to look forward to

So I promised to tell you about why I am so excited about this coming weekend. Me and two other great girlfriends are headed to the windy city for a long weekend. Instead of blowing all my Christmas money at Target like I do every year, I am using it to go see a musical that I have wanted to see for about 8 months now. It was playing in New York City last time I went and I wanted to see it but the tickets were not available for a good price. The Musical is called “Wicked” and the music is out of this world! (I have been listening to the soundtrack none stop) It is based on a book and it is pretty much the life story of the wicked witch of the west and the good witch, Glinda.
We leave Friday just after work and come back on Monday (Thank you Martin Luther King for the day off work) We plan to eat some good pizza, shop at IKEA until we are blue in the face, hit some great little local stores and go see the show. I am mostly just looking forward to being together and laughing with two wonderful people.

Not to worry all, Brett is headed to Orlando for a business trip this weekend so this time he does not have to stay alone while I am out hitting the town with my girls. Many of you get on my case about taking off without my favorite guy but it just always works out. I either get a good hook up to go somewhere for super cheap and I have lots of vacation to use up. Although, Brett and I just booked tickets last night to head to Denver for a long weekend in March for a little skiing and visiting some great friends of ours.


What a Weekend

Ok, this is a long one, here we go:
Friday Night: Super hot stuff, went out to a celebration dinner for my girl Lynette. We headed to Tasso’s, a Greek restaurant with live music, hot Greek waiters, great food and the highlight for me, THE BELLY DANCER, Zaina Ali!!!! That is right, after dinner a belly dancer came out and did some hot moves that I knew I had to learn. I volunteered as soon as I got the chance, I was shaking it big time and I LOVED IT! I was shaking parts of my body that I didn’t know could shake. I was surprised at how hard it was as well as what a work out it was, my abs are still a little sore today. I got Zelda’s info and I think I might organize a little belly dancing lesson party, let me know if you are in.

Saturday: This was maybe an even bigger highlight of my weekend. My good girlfriend Andrea’s Mom, Tammy, came over Saturday morning to give me, Andrea and Katy a little lesson in electrical work. Most of the outlets in my old house are still two prong and they are not grounded. Tammy showed us how to do put in new outlets and ground them. I have now done another outlet in my bathroom and I am feeling like a million bucks!! I now plan to change out all the outlets in the upstairs. It is great to know now I why an outlet might not be working or if it is grounded or not, good stuff to know as a homeowner.

The best part of the lesson was when we learned how to put in an overhead light. Brett and I had switched out a fan for a light in our family room about 6 months ago but it has never worked because the switch did not work. When Tammy explained what we needed to do, I got totally overwhelmed. I just told Tammy that I would call in an electrician for that since it seemed like a big job. She said “ it really is not that hard to do, we just get up in your attic, drop a wire down and make a new switch over here”. As my mouth was still open from shock because she made it sound so easy, Tammy was half way out of the door to head to Lowes to get the supplies that we needed. Two hours later, my light worked and had a dimmer on it. I was blown away but what a go-getter she was. She never gave up and explained everything as we went. I can’t say enough about how cool she was and how great it is for my light to be up and running. Now I am going to work on two other lights in my house and help Brett wire our new home stereo. So here is a little Shout out to Tammy, thanks so much for all your help, I can’t wait to take a lesson in something else now, maybe woodworking or plumbing!!

My weekend ended by going to the little guy that I use to baby-sit for in college. Fischer is not so little anymore; he is almost as tall as I am. He did win his game and it was so much fun to watch him. I went home, made some dinner, grabs my sweet beagle and watched my Sunday night shows, good weekend for sure. Can’t wait for next weekend, I will blog about that soon.


Favorite thing of the week

Just after Christmas I have lots of fun gifts that I have been enjoying, God really blessed me this year with some good stuff. I have been loving my new camera and the ipod that is filled with fun workout songs. Great new clothes and lots of kitchen utensils that I love. But I have to say that one thing that I have been loving this week that I got with my own money are these Old Navy Slippers/boots. I got them for $6.99 and I have been wearing them none stop. ;) My favorite, as you can see, are these boots with shorts!! Brett has given me a new nickname every time I walk in the room with them. “Hey boots, nice shorts,” he says. Anyway, I have now gotten to the point where I come home from work and slip into them as soon as possible. Right after I get out of the shower, I have them right by the shower so I can slip them on. I LOVE THEM!!! I might have to go back tonight and see if they still have some. I can think of a few of you that might like to have a pair, mmmmm who will be the lucky girl!! Sorry guys. Brett, you especially, I know how bad you want a pair of these to hack around in the house in, hee hee.

Besides the boots I have found some great deals, fleece pull over’s, great undershirts so layer like crazy, flannel sleeping pants and some great wrapping paper for only a buck. Yes, most of the clothes will fall about in your washing machine but for $5 who cares!!

Happy Shopping.

Happy Belated

I am so bad, I have not posted a Happy Birthday Blog to my husband yet and it was four days ago (new years eve), sorry Brett. For Brett’s 27th birthday we went out to dinner at Jack Stack with some friends and then to a friends house for cake & ice-cream, homemade pretzels, cheese dip and lots of pop. We played pictionary into the night, laughed and had a wonderful time.

Thanks to all our friends for making Brett’s birthday special every year. You guys really are the best.

Love you my dear Brett and Happy New Year to all.

p.s. on the same note as birthdays, happy birthday to my dear friend Lynette, happy birthday sweetie!!!