What a Weekend

Ok, this is a long one, here we go:
Friday Night: Super hot stuff, went out to a celebration dinner for my girl Lynette. We headed to Tasso’s, a Greek restaurant with live music, hot Greek waiters, great food and the highlight for me, THE BELLY DANCER, Zaina Ali!!!! That is right, after dinner a belly dancer came out and did some hot moves that I knew I had to learn. I volunteered as soon as I got the chance, I was shaking it big time and I LOVED IT! I was shaking parts of my body that I didn’t know could shake. I was surprised at how hard it was as well as what a work out it was, my abs are still a little sore today. I got Zelda’s info and I think I might organize a little belly dancing lesson party, let me know if you are in.

Saturday: This was maybe an even bigger highlight of my weekend. My good girlfriend Andrea’s Mom, Tammy, came over Saturday morning to give me, Andrea and Katy a little lesson in electrical work. Most of the outlets in my old house are still two prong and they are not grounded. Tammy showed us how to do put in new outlets and ground them. I have now done another outlet in my bathroom and I am feeling like a million bucks!! I now plan to change out all the outlets in the upstairs. It is great to know now I why an outlet might not be working or if it is grounded or not, good stuff to know as a homeowner.

The best part of the lesson was when we learned how to put in an overhead light. Brett and I had switched out a fan for a light in our family room about 6 months ago but it has never worked because the switch did not work. When Tammy explained what we needed to do, I got totally overwhelmed. I just told Tammy that I would call in an electrician for that since it seemed like a big job. She said “ it really is not that hard to do, we just get up in your attic, drop a wire down and make a new switch over here”. As my mouth was still open from shock because she made it sound so easy, Tammy was half way out of the door to head to Lowes to get the supplies that we needed. Two hours later, my light worked and had a dimmer on it. I was blown away but what a go-getter she was. She never gave up and explained everything as we went. I can’t say enough about how cool she was and how great it is for my light to be up and running. Now I am going to work on two other lights in my house and help Brett wire our new home stereo. So here is a little Shout out to Tammy, thanks so much for all your help, I can’t wait to take a lesson in something else now, maybe woodworking or plumbing!!

My weekend ended by going to the little guy that I use to baby-sit for in college. Fischer is not so little anymore; he is almost as tall as I am. He did win his game and it was so much fun to watch him. I went home, made some dinner, grabs my sweet beagle and watched my Sunday night shows, good weekend for sure. Can’t wait for next weekend, I will blog about that soon.

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Donna said...

i'm still waiting for the video. :)