Test Tube

It has only been a month or so since I blogged last, yikes. Don't worry folks I have a couple blog ideas lined up so don't give up on me.

So, lets see, what has happened in the last month that I need to catch you up on:

- Hutch started saying some words (car, shoe, more, up, sticker, tractor, daddy, papa and our favorite NOOOOO!!!) He has been swimming alot this summer and growing like a weed.
- Brett and I were reminded of why we will never buy a brand new car off the lot. We just sold our car for a grand total of $2,250 when we purchased it about 7 years ago for $13,000 (the engine is completely shot). Cars are the worst investment, we are currently looking into getting a sweet grandma car, perhaps a 98 Buick, oh yes, cassette player and all. Until we get another car, we are a one car family. We are spending lots of time together and getting better at communicating on where we all need to be and at what time. The good thing is we both work 5 min. from home and Hutch goes to daycare 5 min. from our home.

- I have been busy at work working on my biggest event of the year which is in Sept. (thus the reason for not blogging). It is going to be a fun year with Huey Lewis and the News as our performers and lots of great KC restaurants.

- Lastly, I had a birthday and turned 29 years old. It was a pretty uneventful birthday since both Hutch and I were feeling a bit under the weather but I managed to get some good food in and some nice gifts.
I would have to say my favorite gift was what Brett gave me. It is called a Test Tube and it is where you get beauty products samples 4 times a year in this cool packaging. I am so cheap and hate going out to buy beauty products just to find out a few weeks later that I don't like it so this is perfect for me. I got my first test tube yesterday and it was so exciting to get such a fun package in the mail:

As you can see, Hutch is also pretty impressed with the Test Tube, as he eats his dinner. This thing is so cool!!!! I love the packaging and it comes with a $20 gift card so you can go online and get some fun products. Out of the 13 products in the tube my favorites so far are: a Marc Jacobs perfume called daisy, a Jane Iredale lip gloss, a Pro Clinical Colgate Teeth whitening toothpaste and a Phyto Paris Botanical Hair relaxing balm, Lumene Firming Day Cream (wish there was enough to put on my legs and this tush instead of just my face) and Brow Doctor eyebrow enhancing gel.
Score Brett Wiese, I like this gift and I can't wait to get 3 more of these throughout the year!!!