"About the Vacation"

So, many of you have been emailing me asking me about the trip to Cabo, Mexico. I hate to report that it might have been the worst vacation Brett and I have taken. Don't get me wrong, it was still time away from work and time together so it was great in that sense. Here are some
highs and lows of this trip. Please notice there were many more lows and I would say they were some low low's ;)

The Lows:
- As you may notice I always post a picture with my blog posts and I don't have one for this post because my camera was stolen/lost the last day in Cabo. The upside is that is was not my "nice" camera from my Dad. But I did just get this one from Brett for Christmas and I have no
documentation that we every even went on this vacation. Actually, maybe that is a good thing...
- Brett being sick pretty much the first two days and then him being stuffed up with snot the rest of the trip. The other low to that is that I can't stand snot and loogies so I would almost gag every time he would sniff, cough or clear his throat. The goal is to be attractive on vacation not repulsing your spouse ;) Poor Brett.
- Brett not covering his whole foot in sun screen and getting third degree burns and blisters all over his foot, he was barely able to walk with shoes on for two days.
- Cost of eating was outrageous for sub par food. Brett got a milk shake for $8, come on!!!!
- I didn't get ice-cream everyday because of the cost, I am way to cheap to spend that kind of money on ice-cream (the high of this is I got a whole gallon when I got home and have been eating it every night ;)
- Brett having major stomach cramps on the plane ride home and having the sharts/shats once we got home. (if you know what sharts are then you know that there was a mess involved).
- Vikkie having the shats pretty much the whole time in Mexico, the plus was at least I was regular.
- Getting my small swiss army knife taken from me in the Mexico airport because I forgot to take it off my keychain. I almost hate flying these days, no customer service and it takes so much time.
And a drum role please........ Just when you think things can't get worse:

- I was not feeling good the night before we left but I thought I had made myself sick because I could not find my camera. We got to the airport two hours before our flight and it was hotter than Hades in that airport. When it was time to finally board the plan, I got in line and started to feel dizzy as I slowing collapsed on the ground. I passed out for a couple seconds and then immediately threw up all over the floor in front of hundreds of vacationers and then twice more in the trash can that Brett found. As I was on the floor sweating and feeling much better at this point. I see this Mexican standing above me trying to get me to get in a wheel chair and saying "You are in no condition to get on this flight, you can not fly like this". I was thinking "the hell
I am not getting on this plane, I want out of here". So, I talked himinto it and we were the last ones to board the plane, I was not staying in Cabo for one more hour. It had already taken to much from me. I was not going to give it 5 more hours of my life.

- Seeing/talking to former KU and present NBA player Nick Collison in
the Cabo, Mexico Wal-Mart.
- Not waking up until at least 10am everyday.
- Finishing a book which I have not done in like two years (thanks Mindy, that book was so good).
- Zip lining over the dessert...it was pretty great and now I really want to do more extreme things like this.
- Being called honeymooners the whole trip.
- All the Mexicans pronounced our last name correctly.
- Staying in a premium resort where golf carts took you everywhere and there were great ocean views
- Laying out at the pool eating Nutter Butters and sipping margaritas.
- The shower...it was out of this world! I hate taking showers normally but I took up to three showers a day at this place.

In conclusion, I don't know that I would recommend Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. You can have wonderful relaxing trips right here in the US of A!! The end.


Must focus

Only 6 days until vacation and I am having a hard time focusing these days. Brett and I had a really difficult time deciding where we were going to go this year for "Wiese vacation". We thought we would go back to Hawaii since we went there for our honeymoon almost 5 years ago and it could be a way to celebrate our 5 year anniversary but we just couldn't justify spending that much money. So, I researched and researched and concluded we would go to Cabo, Mexico. So far, I only hear great things about it so I am excited to get there next week. I of course am most excited about being in the sun and soaking up the rays but I am also looking forward to zip lining, snorkeling, maybe renting some scooters and driving them around and eating whatever the h*ll I want to ;) Enough grilled chicken and veggies, bring on the good stuff.

We are staying in this resort called the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, it is suppose to be a great place to stay so hopefully it is everything I want it to be.

If you have been to Cabo, I would love any tips on places to eat or things to do. As an event planner, you know I have day to day activities already planned but I would love to add to it ;)

My goals for this trip:
-Spend some good quality time with my boy, Brett
-Read celebrity trash magazines by the pool
-Finish reading a book I started a couple weeks ago (I know everyone, big shocker that I am reading a book)
-Eat ice-cream every day
-Come back a bronze beauty


This sh*t is Bananas

In the words of Gwen Stefani....

(Mom and Dad, Don't worry about it, I don't have a potty mouth, I am just quoting someone who had the perfect title to my blog today.)
In my house, we eat a lot of fruit and veggies but we have had a hard time keeping up with the banana supply apparently since we kept having ripe banana's left over at the end of each week. I didn't really notice how many bananas we let over ripen until I opened my freezer last week and a frozen banana fell out and cut my foot. ;) (I put ripe banana's in the freezer to make banana bread). After a frozen banana shot out of my freezer because of overflow and then cut my foot, I took it as a sign that I needed to make some bread. Here is a sneak peek:

Ahh, Banana Bread is sooooo good!!!!! Brett found this recipe online that we think is the best. Brett ate I think close to three loafs by himself last night ;)
Happy Friday!!!