Easter is over but Jude is here!!

Well, it is over, my favorite holiday of the year. I took down the Easter tree last night along with all my sparkly rabbit decorations, so sad. It was a great weekend of helping my Dad out on the farm (I will post about this soon, stay tuned), seeing family and friends and watching my beagle have time of his life with all his dog cousins on the farm ;) I would have to say the highlight of this last weekend was that I became an aunt to my first nephew!!!! His name is Jude Matthew and he was born Saturday morning.
He is so sweet and he is my new favorite little person!!! He is so perfect and I have not stopped thinking about how I can get my hands on that little guy since I saw him on Sunday. I think I will offer to take them a meal soon as an excuse to get over and give that baby some love!! ;)


Got the runs

During my training for the 3 day walk I really started liking that I was exercising everyday and had a scheduled amount of miles that I had to cover in a week. After I was finished doing the three day walk, I started to consider doing a 10K or something since I had only ever done 5K runs. The great thing about training for the walk is it was very easy to find someone to walk with all the time. People are intimidated to run over three miles, I wanted to take on this new goal but didn't know who would do it with me. I am not disiplined enough to do it alone so I needed someone that would take this on with me. My good friend, Andrea, and I got to talking about doing some running this past winter and we both decided we would start training for a half marathon, YIPPY!!!! We had both done a 5K and we thought the 10K just didn't seem impressive enough (we are so extreme) so we thought the half marathon would be doable.

We plan to run the Therapy Works 1/2 Marathon on April 20th and so far training has been great. We ran 8 miles this weekend, over half way to 13.1 ;)
Another run just came up last week that we are also going to do. This one is the Brew to Brew and I keep hearing that it is such a blast to run. It is two 4 mile runs per person. We have 5 people on our team and each person runs about 8 miles total but only 4 at a time. You can read more about it here if you would like but it is pretty much running from the Boulevard Brewery in KC to Free state Brewery in Lawrence using a team of five. The other runners drive to each pick up point and switch out runners. I am almost more excited about this race than the one we are training for, how have I never heard of this run, what a great idea!!!
I have found that I almost have to be training for something or I have no desire to exercise and I have zero motivation. It is pretty funny that I use to hate running when I was younger, I dreaded doing track and field days because of those longer runs (a whopping 1/2 mile run, ugggg). Three legged races were more my thing. I also went out for track just one year in high school and did it just because I thought the guy I was dating would think it is cool. I nearly quit because I hated it so much. Now, it has become kinda a hobby and though I am still not fast, I really am starting to love it minus the knee pain (nothing some frozen beans can't take care of). 13.1 here I come!!!


Lessons in self defense

Brett's job has required a bit more traveling these days which has left me at home solo a little more than usual. Normally I don't have a problem with these short trips away; it gives me time to clean up the house, not cook for a couple days, shop and just hang out with friends. Don't get me wrong I never prefer to sleep alone. I have never been one of those people that needs her own space; the less space the better. Anyway, Brett was in Iowa this Sunday night and I had the worst night of sleep. I had a terrible dream about a guy hitting on my bedroom windows and calling our phone in the middle of the night. I just lay there frozen in my bed. I thought about getting a gun but then I thought against it seeing as though I really had no clue how to load it and probably would’ve ended up hurting myself or blowing a hole in the floor. At 2:30 am I suddenly work up in a cold sweat from my dream. I was so close to calling the police to have them check the area. It took me about two minutes to realize that that might overkill and I needed to cool it and go back to bed. But as I lay my head back down, I knew I was going to get a game plan together when Brett got home.When got back yesterday I was telling him about my dream and how I felt like I would not know what to do if this situation really occured. Yes, I have taken a self defense class and I think if I had to kick a guy where it counted I could but what if I was in serious trouble, Brett was gone and I needed to pack some heat? “I need a gun" I told Brett. To which he replied “We already have 4 of them.” We have guns for hunting in our house but I was really thinking I need a handgun. Brett convinced me that one of our shotguns would do the trick just fine and I just needed a little training. Do I know which bullets go to which gun and how to unload and load it fast and correctly???? I have a general idea but I thought I better know how to really do it.
That's right, I got a full lesson last night from Brett on how to load one of his guns in record time.

(how much do you love Brett's shirt? it is my new favorite.)
Brett clocked me to see if I could really handle a pressure situation; on my first try I was locked and loaded in 12 seconds. We decided it would be best to get that time under 10 seconds and after several tries I was down to six seconds.

So, if some punk wants to try breaking and entering at our piece then you might want to reconsider…I am likely to blow your socks off. Give me 6 seconds and you will wish you never step foot on my property


One career that is NOT in my future

I have been making a few trips to the local Johnson Country Library by my house to get some books on some vacation options for this year. Today I walked out of the library and found myself taking a breath of fresh air, it was so stuffing in there, I thought I was going to suffocate. Do any of you feel this way?? The bland colors in there and the smell of old paper.
As most of you know I am not a huge fan of reading since it requires me to sit in one spot and focus for longer than 30 minutes at a time ;) I am not ADD or anything but I don't really love things that require me to sit and do nothing for 30 minutes unless it is taking a nice Sunday nap, snuggling with Debo and Brett on a cold winter day or watching Project Runway or re-runs of Sex In The City.
Anyway, back to the point: (maybe I am ADD, yikes!) I confirmed today that I could never work in a library! All the librarians had huge thick glasses like from the 80's, they all were wearing turtlenecks with tiny flower designs on them and had little to no makeup on. Oh, it is also hard to miss that they all have the football helmet hair. In case you don't know what that is, I have found a picture for you. ( this is the only one I could find)

What in the world??? These women need to get out of there and see the world!! I would prefer just being adventurous and go do something rather than read about it all day. If they like reading about romance, then get out there and have yourself some, it is good stuff!!! Maybe the problem is they don't explore the make over or fashion isles while they are at work, I really don't know.
You know what else I don't understand? How their eyes don't pop out our of their heads reading all those reference labels, ugggg. I also don't understand how they can whisper all day, I would not consider myself and loud mouth but come on, I have to burst out into laughter or anger at three times a day. I am pretty sure I would get fired in no time if I worked at a library. It would be like I was in school all over again where I would get in trouble for talking to my friends when it was suppose to be "quite time".
Being young, I feel like I am always curious where my career will take me but I am %100 sure it will not take me to the library. Now that is a breath of fresh air ;)