I want Candy

If you don’t know me all that well this may come as a shock but for the rest of you, you don’t even need to read this ;)

Tis the season of candy, Halloween is just around the corner. I would bet to say that I gain mmmmm, maybe around 8 pounds when Halloween rolls around and everyone has candy at their desk and I have a basket full at home when the little kids come around. My all time favorites:

1.) Snickers Bars, Cold or Warm to room temperature.
2.) Easter Egg Reese’s Buttercups (you know what I am talking about, who doesn’t love those)
3.) Reese’s Buttercups (for some reason I like the individual packets better than the ones that come two cups at a time. I love the one cups that you buy around Halloween)
4.) Kit Kat (Simple but delicious)
5.) Heath Bar (this has not always been on my top ten but my dad introduced me to it and I love them)
6.) Nutragoues (some people forget about this one but it is the so stinking good)
7.) Sour Patch Kids (I don’t like to many candies that don’t have chocolate but I do love these little guys)
8.) Milk Duds (I like these only in the movie theaters)
9.) Hershey Kisses with Almonds in the middle
10.) Red Vines (these are not too popular but I have loved them since childhood at the pool in the summer. They are good every once in a while)

So, even though I do eat pretty healthy and that may hide the fact that I am a sugar addict, it is true, I love the sugar!!!

I also love CARBS, I miss the days when meat and potatoes and bread were good for you. I think I could eat potatoes everyday if my butt didn’t blow up like balloon. When you have a metabolism like me, you have to limit it. As you can see I eat mostly eggs, veggies, chicken salad (reason for all the mayo), green tea and I never get enough water. I am pretty sure if I lived alone I would be pushing 300 pounds right now. Thanks to Brett, I do pretty good during the week but when I get my hands on some sugar or carbs, look out KC, I am all over it.

Dear Wal-Mart,
I hate you so much but thank you for all the candy that you stock during the Halloween season, you stock it all and I thank you for that. I especially want to thank you for stocking the Easter Reese’s Egg, you have the best price in town and you allow me to stock up so that the Eggs last until the middle of June. Remember, I still think your store sucks and if I were going to pick one thing to wipe off the face of the earth besides teenagers, it would be you.
Your customer (unfortunately), Vikkie


no thoughts these days

so I think I am going through a dry spell, I can't think of anything at all to post on these days. I am not really bored out of my mind, I just don't think I have anything interesting or fun to share. Mmmmm, think Vikkie, think......

Oh, I did make a cute shirt with Debo my favorite dog on it. :) I am going to have to post something later, this is totally lame. ;) Peace out.


Farewall Huxtables

It was a sad day over my lunch hour yesterday. You see, every single day for the last year I come home and watch two episodes of the one and only, Cosby Show. That is right, one full hour of laughter and sometimes tears, everyday for a whole stinking year! I come home over lunch, grab some lunch, sit down and turn it to channel 29 and prepare myself to be completely entertained.

Yesterday, I did my daily routine only to find out that Blind Date was on instead of the my favorite show. Did I come home an hour late? Did I miss it? Was I on the wrong channel? I panicked!!!! What the H E double L is that about!!!! I didn’t even know what to do with myself. What am I suppose to do on my lunch hour?? Please someone tell me. Yes, I can talk to Brett for a while, watch Debo play and maybe do a load of laundry but I miss the Huxtable family!!!
It was a sad day over my lunch hour yesterday. You see, every single day for the last year I come home and watch two episodes of the one and only, Cosby Show. That is right, one full hour of laughter and sometimes tears, everyday for a whole stinking year! I come home over lunch, grab some lunch, sit down and turn it to channel 29 and prepare myself to be completely entertained.

Dr. Huxtable (Cliff), Clair, Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, Rudy,

I miss you more than you will ever know, I know I should just get cable so I can watch you on Nick at Nite but I just can’t swing it right now. Thank you for over 200 hours of pure entertainment over the last year for free. You guys are the best!!!
Cliff and Clair, thank you for being the coolest parents and setting such a great example for me. Sondra and Denise, you are not around much but I will miss you. To Theo, Vanessa and dear Rudy, you guys are my favorite. You continue to make me giggle and smile everyday. Thank you for being the best kids ever, I do hope to get all your episodes on DVD so that my kids can watch you for as long as I did.
I have been a Cosby show lover since I was a small child and I will never forget all the memories. Please come back to non cable TV.

Your biggest fan,

P.S. If you would like to give a donation to the “Get all the season’s of the Cosby show on DVD Fund” please send a comment ;)


The Mold

Brett just inspired my post for the day because I about peed in my pants it was so funny and an email I am sure I will never get again:

Vikkie emailed:
Heads up, I am taking a walk with Debo,Baxter and Andrea tonight,
just letting you know. I will be home and then go on a walk at 7:30pm.

brett relied:

cool--i'll be buying boric acid to kill the mold in our basement. fun stuff

I am not sure why this made me laugh so hard but I am wired like that. I guess I just think it is funny because I am just taking a walk with some dogs and hang with my friend and the reply was like: "I am going to save the world and kill some mold"!!! So stinkin funny to me, Ok, maybe not that funny but in case anyone wants to kill some mold tonight, I am sure brett would love someone to help him. I am too afraid to be around mold that is growing and is black an fuzzy!!!



Ok, I know this is blog number two today but I wanted to have a post of just Treads and Threads stuff because it was a huge event and it deserves its own post. ;)

Thanks so much to all my friends and family for volunteering and helping me out big time. The event raised over 1 million and will go to help support the Cancer Center at KUMED.

There were some great stories of people being a little over served so those are always interesting to watch. I am sure my friends have some great stories to tell, I was going to post a bunch of them but I want them to start a blog so maybe this will encourage them to do so. This is a blogging world folks, get started!!!

Back in the groove

Well, Brett is home from Bear hunting and Treads and Threads is over. What a crazy week last week was. It all seems like a blur really. Brett had a great time with the boys but I think was pretty disappointed that none of them got a bear. Yet, time with my family is priceless, hee hee. Not sure I could spend 6 days with my brothers burping and farting, not sure how Brett did it. He is my Hero!!! I am glad he got to get to know my brothers more though and I think Brett was happy to hang with the boys for a week.

Ok, I am not sure if my brother Abram reads my blog but I had to post the one of him in his camo and those hot legs, sorry Abe. I do love you!!!;)

Welcome back boys, sorry no bears this time. Not sure you will ever kill a bear now but deer season is just around the corner.


No Bear yet

Well, I talked to brett lastnight and still no bear, everyone is a little frustrated I gathered because they drove 22 hours and paid a lot of money to go shoot a bear and only Brett has seen a baby bear. I told Brett I would pray that he would shoot his bear today but I have not been able to bring myself to pray for that yet, seems kinda weird, don't you think?? Any guidance would be nice.

Since I gave a shout out to my friends yesterday for hanging with me I thought I would give a special shout out to my friend Andrea. I have just gotten to know her better over this summer and last Friday she took me to a Royals game with her company, it was wonderful!! I had not been to a Royals game since George Brett times!!
Thanks for the wonderful weekend Andrea, You are wonderful!!!!


come on saturday

Sorry I have not posted yet this week. I am getting ready for " The Party of the century", it is on Friday and I am in charge of all volunteers and restaurants. Brett has been out of town for over 120 hours now and I am starting to get a little depressed. For those of you that don't know, Brett went Bear hunting with my dad, my two brothers and Brett's dad. I talked to Brett lastnight and he did see a bear but didn't take the shot because it was to small. That a boy, don't kill the baby bears ;) Brett said he got a picture of it so I am excited to see and hear about his trip. This was the image on my bed before he left, not sure I will ever see this again but I thought it was funny. My bed was covered in Camo from Cabelas!!!!

Man, I can't wait to see pictures of Brett dressed from head to toe in camo!!!! hot stuff.

Well, he comes home on saturday and I am getting so excited to see him, I have to say I shed a few tears the other night because I missed him. He is a blast to hang out with so of course I miss him. My friends have been rock stars at spending time with me and going the extra mile to make sure I am doing ok. Thank you to all of you that are so wonderful, I feel so blessed to be loved so much.

Well, since I have not pictures of Brett to post and Debo has been one of my best buddy's this week, I thought he deserved a picture in this post.

Dear Debo,

Thank You so much for taking care of me and loving me so much. The nap we took on Sunday was unforgettable and I loved every minute. Hugs and even some wet doggy kisses. Love you boy.

Your Master,



Problem area

those of you that know me well know that I am a stickler when it comes to HOW my lawn is mowed. I am a huge fan of bagging the lawn at least once a week and trimming is preferred. I am not sure where this obsession has come from. Maybe because I came from a farm and I like to see straight lines in a field or maybe because I am over anal and I really need to get help. Poor Brett usually deals with it but lastnight he was not filling like dealing with it because we could bail hay in our back yard ;) See the clumps, not good.
The front lawn he was more careful about, I can not see one flaw. He even edged around the sidewalks & driveway, oh baby!! I love that!! Can you see how it is mowed to an angle, I have to have the angle, like a golf course, don't give me any of that back and forth in a square. It has to be at an angle. Nice work on the front lawn Wiese, no bailing hay up there.