Back in the groove

Well, Brett is home from Bear hunting and Treads and Threads is over. What a crazy week last week was. It all seems like a blur really. Brett had a great time with the boys but I think was pretty disappointed that none of them got a bear. Yet, time with my family is priceless, hee hee. Not sure I could spend 6 days with my brothers burping and farting, not sure how Brett did it. He is my Hero!!! I am glad he got to get to know my brothers more though and I think Brett was happy to hang with the boys for a week.

Ok, I am not sure if my brother Abram reads my blog but I had to post the one of him in his camo and those hot legs, sorry Abe. I do love you!!!;)

Welcome back boys, sorry no bears this time. Not sure you will ever kill a bear now but deer season is just around the corner.

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brett said...

As the pics show...Abram basically put the "bare" into bear hunting.