Problem area

those of you that know me well know that I am a stickler when it comes to HOW my lawn is mowed. I am a huge fan of bagging the lawn at least once a week and trimming is preferred. I am not sure where this obsession has come from. Maybe because I came from a farm and I like to see straight lines in a field or maybe because I am over anal and I really need to get help. Poor Brett usually deals with it but lastnight he was not filling like dealing with it because we could bail hay in our back yard ;) See the clumps, not good.
The front lawn he was more careful about, I can not see one flaw. He even edged around the sidewalks & driveway, oh baby!! I love that!! Can you see how it is mowed to an angle, I have to have the angle, like a golf course, don't give me any of that back and forth in a square. It has to be at an angle. Nice work on the front lawn Wiese, no bailing hay up there.

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