first of all, I hate posting without a picture, maybe people really don't care but I am a visual person so I get bumbed when I don't have a picture with every post. Anyway, sorry folks.

So several of you have asked how the 3 year anniversary was so I thought I would blog about it since you all read my blog ;)
The day started bright and early when I was planning on getting out of bed at 5:30am to run. Instead I stayed and snuggled in bed for another two hours!!! That is always a great start to a day ;) I had a meeting from 5:30-7pm yesterday evening so I was kindaworn out and wishing that we could just stay home and not go to J. Gilberts (which is great steak)as we had planned, or I at least thought that was the plan. I felt so bad on my way home from the meeting, I really didn't want to go out again. Change clothes, re apply my face and do my hair. Brett must have know because I came home and there were candles all over my family room. A large picnic blanket in the center of the room with D Bronx supreme pizza, a cooler of Corona and Coca Cola, and even cheese cake and apple pie for dessert. It was perfect!!!!! I threw my shoes off and ran into the arms of my wonderful groom. I was really impressed with the ambiance, I am an event planner so presentation is everything in my line of work. Brett passed the test on the pizza picnic!!!! He had music, playing, the cool air was coming through the windows and I stuffed my face and we talked about our days. It was the perfect date after a long day at work. I suddenly got a boost of energy because it was all so refreshing and we decided to go see Talladega Nights, I would highly recommend it. I do have a feeling I might have to see that one again because I think it is the kind of movie that you see once and think it is kinda funny but the more you quote lines from the movie the funnier it is. I will for sure get it on netfix when it comes out on video.

Thanks for the laughs and three years of having a blast Brett, you are the best!!!!!

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