how about a 4

day four of talking about my vacation, this will be the last day since the weekend is hear and I need to get back to thinking about real life and not vacation.
Golden Gate Bridge, pretty cool. Brett was not sure if it was cool because he couldn't get his eyes open enough to see it as you can see in this picture. hee hee, just teasing Brett, I love it that your eyes are that small. I guess we are both kinda squinting.
Well, that wraps it up.Back to the real life of going to work, eating healthy, working out, hanging with friend and living in the midwest.


callie said...

It's ok Brett, i squint too! heehee!! Vikk, thanks for sharing your vacation pictures with us, it was sure fun looking at a new picture everyday this week. Love ya!

vwiese said...

thanks for your comments, I love to hear from people!!