before and after

this weekend I worked on the half finished room in our basement. Since we have lived there it has been storage and mostly ugly. I decided to start working on that room and 72 hours and$116 dollars later:......tada!!!!!!
Here is the before:

Here is the after:


callie said...

You really should become an interior decorator. You can really make an ugly room into something amazing!

vwiese said...

Thanks Callie,
Hey, I might do a blog dedicated to you today for leaving a comment. Yes, you are not a lurker, you are my girl. I sometimes wonder if anyone is looking at this blog ;)

kjl said...

So the other day I was looking at my brother's blog (which hasn't been updated in months) and I remembered that you mentioned to Erika that you were blogging...so I search for you and "voila" there was Debo. :)

I've checked it out a couple of times since--even though you never even actually gave me a link to it! You can't expect people to check it out if you don't even invite them. :P

Anyway, the room looks great, and I agree with Callie that you should consider a job as an interior decorator if you ever get tired of event planning. :)

vwiese said...

Hey KJL,
thanks for checking out my blog. Hope to see your comments often. Love ya girl!