summer coming to a close

Yes, one of the best things of summer: ICE-CREAM!!! This summer I had plenty of ice-cream. I started the summer by having a icecream social for our block to get to know everyone which was a so much fun. I was also introduced to FOO's in Brookside this summer where I enjoyed a handful of coffee toffee custard concretes. Needless to say, it is time to cut off the sweets as I try to fight the fall and winter weight, which boys laugh at, but women do have to fight it every year. It is like we go into hibernation or something and save up the weight to keep us warm in the winter. It is really a good plan if you think about it, now if I could convince Brett and my clothes of that. ;) Sure would save on the heating bill this winter. Brett, just think of that?

Another fun thing about this summer has been getting to know my girls in craft night, I have become so interested in making fun things for friends. My friend Hannah taught me this great craft where you use paint to make t-shirts. She is super crafty so she is a great person to get ideas from. Here is what I made my friend for her surprise baby shower, they turned out pretty cute. I am sure this baby is going to be pretty cute and hip wearing these bad boys:

Thanks for all the fun times Craft night girls, looking forward to the next craft night.

Dear Icecream,

I will miss you so much this fall and winter. I look forward to seeing you next June and please tell the the crushed candy that I put in you, that you have been great this summer.

Your BFF, Vikkie


Rebekah said...

Vikkie, I love the way your brain works. You know, I have those same thoughts about ice cream AND the concept of packing on the pounds for hibernation's sake. Maybe we could start a mandate that everybody gain a certain number of pounds during the winter (to keep us warm of course). It's a win/win situation, really; we'll all enjoy good holiday food and we'll all be in the same playing field with the gaining weight thing. Think that'll work?

beth said...

dear vikkie,
i love your letter to icecream.