Back in town

Sad to say but it is true, we are back from vacation, it was awesome!!!! Nothing like hanging out with Brett for a week laughing my arse off!! You all should try hanging out with Brett for a few days, just you and him, he is hands down the best person to travel with. Well, Santa Cruz, Cali was a wonderful little town. We spent time by the beach, taking some surfing lessons, eating Pizza My Heart and In and Out Burger and doing some shopping. San Francisco was also a wonderful part of the trip, we had a kicking hotel which we got for free and we ate at a wonderful restarant and Jenna Bush (the presidents daughter) was two tables away from us. I have lots of pictures from my week so I thought I would post a few each day of this week to catch you up from my great vacation. Today I want to talk about In and Out Burger, I am not sure why Kansas has not invested to get this restaurant here but it might be the best fast food I have ever had, Brett seems to think so in this picture.


brett said...

dang, are my hands that gi-normous...or is that just a really small burger?

Jennipher Shaver said...

Hey Vikkie! Tish told me your blog was fabulous, and I agree! Did you happen to try the Neapolitan shake??? It is to die for!


vwiese said...

hey, I am so happy to hear from you. I did not try the shake, I didn't even know about it. Maybe next time. Miss you girly!!