Oh, now I see......you just need one of these....

Because I am known for sometimes talking about inappropriate things, ok, alot of the time I am. Most of you know that I have not been to crazy about this whole nursing thing since Hutch was born. After many tears and some curse words, we have it figured out enough to get some fat on that boy. A few months back, I was finally starting to feel like I had nursing figured out, then it was time to go to work and let the pumping begin. I kind of hate pumping but I have worked so hard to get to this point that I refuse to give up. I thought most women were going through this struggle until I saw this picture and wondered to myself if I need to invest in one of these.

This is maybe the most unrealistic picture I have ever seen. Come on, no one wants to talk to you on the phone while you are pumping unless they also like to talk to you when you are running a vacuum cleaner. I also start to get faint when I think about wearing something like this under my clothes on a hot summers day. Oh and nice denim shirt lady!!!

This is my shout out to all you women out there that are crazy (like me I guess) to stick with this nursing thing and pump at work. Nursing is suppose to be so natural but this picture is the furthest thing from natural that I have ever seen.


to bright?

What do you think?

This past Saturday I celebrated my 28th b-day. Woke up late, hung out with my boys, ate some good breakfast at first watch, ate sushi for lunch and hung out with some lovely ladies for apps, wine and makeup. A friend of Hannah's, Gina, gave us ladies a little lesson on makeup and answers some questions every girl may have about makeup. How do I apply bronzer? What brushes do I need? Can I get good makeup at Target? (the answer is yes on that, I just got new foundation at Target that I think I like better than my expensive foundation). I may do a post on the products that I am now trying instead of the products you can only get at the counter. Here are a few fun pics from the party.

Oh, and I am not done celebrating, tonight I am going to dinner with some more friends to Blue Koi where I am going to eat so many dumplings, I may make myself sick, I LOVE THEM!!!

Thanks friends for making me feel so special on my birthday!


full house

This past weekend was another wonderful weekend of family and friends. We were able to host Brett's parents, my parents and a house full of friends and kids all in one weekend. I tell Brett often that if I could, I would spend all my money just hosting people for dinner and parties, I love having people over and just hanging out in the kitchen eating. (Clark, I know you are with me on that one).

This weekend was a reminder to me of why I would like to have a big family, the more going on in this house, the better. Bring on the craziness!!!!!

Love you all family and friends, we really do have a great circle of friends!!!!