Welcome to the fam

This past weekend we traveled to one of my new favorite small towns in KS to celebrate as my youngest Brother, Abram, got married to the most wonderful gal. I have loved Misty from the very start! In fact, I have told Abram several times that if he messes this up, I am keeping her and sending him on his way. I am thrilled to officially have her as a sister and as an aunt to Hutchy.
Misty was the most beautiful bride and we had such a great time with family and just being good ole Downs, KS.

Besides the beautiful wedding, here are some the the best parts about the weekend:
- My Dad rented this hunting lodge in Down, KS for the weekend and it was off the hook wonderful. We had plenty of space, a full kitchen, Big screen TV, pool table, big bathrooms and so many animal mounts that my kid thought we were at the zoo. Seeing my sisters, kissing on my niece while eating Grandma's cookies and quick breads, what is not to love. It was just perfect for a large group of people to hang out and we loved it.
- Putting flowers together with my mom and sisters. I am never surprised at what a great team we are when we get on a project. My mom is so organized and a wonderful teacher. The flowers were beautiful and it was so fun to just help out, talk and laugh together.
- Hutchy with his papa. Ok, Hutch has this obsession with Papa Strahm that I can not tame. He says his name constantly when he sees tractors or when he sees a picture of my Dad and it is just so cute. Hutch can take a little time to warm up to some people but he has a sweet spot for my dad and instantly reaches for him when he sees him even if it has been a whole month since the last time he saw him. There is just something about see my son with my Dad that melts my heart. Hutch usually calls for mama and daddy when he is sad and needs us or when he wants something and he has now added "papa" to the list.
- Friday Night Lights!! That is right, we went to a Friday night game in Down, KS and it was great. Free tailgate with BBQ that was so good and just wonderful small town folks. Oh man, I love small towns. Brett may not believe yet but at some point, I will get back to a small town. It is just a matter of time.
Congrats Abe and Misty, Love you both so much.



The baby bump has arrived!!!!


everyone poops

Yes, this is true, everyone poops but not everyone makes it such"an event". Hutch likes to save his up for a day or so and then it becomes a real challenge for him. This past week after he woke up from a nap, I walked in to find this:

He seriously grew a tail over his two hour nap. The sad thing is that I am pretty sure he started this as he was falling asleep so he had this lump sitting in there for over two hours. I went to change Hutch after he woke up and based on the look on his face, I am guessing he was not quite finished with his #2.

Needless to say, Hutch has been taking it easy on the carbs and been eating some more veggies and probiotic yogurt.

Thanks for the laugh Hutchy boy!!!