Date Night

Oh, date night. I remember in high school going to get pizza and then bowling on a date with my high school boyfriend. Or we would go to the neighboring town to “drag main”. Going to the movies where we paid like $4.00 or something and seeing everyone you knew (small towns). Or the best was going to my boyfriends house to watch a movie with his parents (fun times ;) NOT!! (Remember when that word was cool?)

Then in college I started dating a different guy, he was a site to see from the beginning. We were great friends for a couple months until I found myself falling in love with him. He finally asked me on a date. Oh, date night!!! What are dates like in college I wondered?? They were usually a movie or out to a fun restaurant. Maybe we would take a trip to Kansas City and go the plaza for some good food and shopping. We would go to Gallyans and climb the rock wall, go play some Frisbee and out to the lake for a picnic with KFC. Or we would just stay in the dorm for some pizza and some reality TV. I went on a lot of fun dates in college with my cute boyfriend, now my husband ;) I will never forget the feeling of getting ready for date with Brett and the anticipation of him walking up 4 flights of stairs in the dorm to come pick me up ;) Or when we lived across town from each other and seeing him pull in the driveway in his vintage Saab. Oh, I kind of get butterflies in my stomach just writing about it.

I am a firm believer in date nights. Brett and I don’t really call them date nights anymore, we just go and do what we please whenever we feel like it. Well, Friday during the day, I got the urge to go on a “Date Night”, just the two of us. I really wanted sushi but I knew Brett would not be in the mood for that. So, I let him plan the date night. He didn’t really do too much planning as it panned out but it was a blast nonetheless. We ended up going to M&S Grille. I sat down and realized that it was a little pricey and I was not sure we wanted to spend this much on dinner. I just started to tell Brett that I didn’t know it was so pricey when he said, “Vikk, it is ok, you get what you want. We have money to go on a date; we don’t have kids or tons of stuff to pay off. It is ok, we can have a nice date night”. I got those butterflies again like I use to when we first started dating. We ate a wonderful meal in one of the best spots in the restaurant. Everything was so tasty and we had the best conversation and just enjoyed being with each other. We headed home and Brett thought we should look through some photo albums for fun. He pulled out the album that I kept of all our college days together. It was the best!!! Snuggled on the couch, looking and laughing at pictures. Thinking of stories that I had already forgotten about or remembering stupid inside jokes. I love date nights!!

Thank you Brett for being the best date a girl could ask for.


Snow days

My dad sent me an email today that inspired me to blog. My father lives in small town out in the country at a nice little town called Sabetha. He was emailing me about what he has been up to and it made me realize how snow is such a pain in his neck being out on a farm and how here in the city it is like a dream come true. In KC all the schools close, you have a good excuse not to go into work, you wake up and everything is covered in snow and minutes later a snowplow comes to clean your streets. We have a neighbor who loves to clean off everyone’s driveway and sideways with his snow blower so we don’t think it is too bad. Brett and I both love the snow. Debo also loves it as you can tell. Not to much for us to worry about when it snows.

On the flip side, I got this email from my dad this morning, a bit of a different perspective:

“We ended up with 6 inches of snow, then it really started blowing about midnight on Monday. I had just gone to bed, and was almost a sleep when bang and a flash that lit up my whole bedroom. What they hay!!! I jumped out of bed and notice that the flagpole light was still on, so didn’t know what was going on when again "bang" and what looked to be a roman candle shooting across the barnyard. All power went out. It was no longer what the hay, but what the hell!!! I got up and went outside to make sure there was not hot wires dancing across the feedlot. I could find nothing wrong, so went into town to report it at the dispatch office. Would you believe Joe already had called it in. (He is the greatest neighbor) So I came back home and cleared the roads so the city truck could make it out here, for I barely made it back home. So spent most of the night up. Apparently, the lines blew together over my feedlot, and then it blew a line knockout fuse over at Rod’s corner. Today it is blowing hard from the south, so the roads are closing up again. I hate snow when it blows.”

What the crap, I am such a snot here in KC to think about how glorious the snow is and my poor father is up all night because of the wind and he has to use a tractor to clear his path. Anyway, I kinda get in my own world and think I it so exciting to have lots of snow until I get emails like this, then I just feel bad.

Love you Dad, spring will be here soon.


keep it casual

Some of you may know that I am not a huge fan of Valentines Day. I am not sure which part I don’t like: The big cheap teddy bears that have writing on them saying “Be Mine”, the dozens of red roses that have more baby’s breath than roses (I hate babies breath), the packed restaurants, the Little Debbie desserts that are covered in nasty sprinkles or just the hearts everywhere. Now, I do have valentines and I love him dearly but he also knows that if he gives me a dozen roses (or carnations) with baby’s breath, I will throw them directly in the trash. Yes, some of you may think that is harsh but I hate them. I do love roses when they are all different colors and they are bunched together with other big bright flowers, not like this:

I hate getting the same arrangement that thousands of other girls are getting; I want something different and bright. I almost think arrangements like this are depressing, I guess Brett can use this at my funeral if he wants. I don’t think I will mind at that point.

Moving on past the flowers, I have to tell you what I am so excited about tonight. For our date night Brett is taking me to Culvers, that is right, HOME OF THE BUTTERBURGERS!!!! I love this place; I love the burgers, the fries and the custard. I love that is will not be packed tonight and it takes less than 10 minutes to get our food. We will not have to wait in line or make reservations or spend an arm and a leg to go there. I am not sure my date is as thrilled as I am except maybe excited because it will be easy on the check book but he loves me so he is taking me there ;) When Brett and I were dating we use to go to really nice restaurants but it was so stressful on me to get ready, wear the perfect shirt, get to the restaurant on time only to wait because they forgot to write your reservation down. NO THANKS!! I just want to be with my valentine and be causal. Every once in a while I like a nice dinner but I would prefer it be on a weeknight when it is bad weather and everyone else is staying at home. One year Brett took me to Chipotle for Valentines Day and we had the best date. Since then we have made it a tradition to go causal for Feb.14th. Try it out ladies; it is way more fun and you don’t spend all night in a restaurant with hundreds of other people. I get to be done with dinner and snuggling while we watch the KU game with my groom by 7:30pm baby!!!! Nothing better than snuggling while it is chilly outside.

Oh, be sure to get some Reeses buttercup hearts today!!! Not to worry, Easter egg Reeses are already in stores. That might be the only thing I love about this holiday, the Reese’s hearts and the fact that Easter it the next big holiday. Easter is my all time favorite!!!!! Can’t wait to break out the Easter egg tree and all my cute bunnies!!!!


Star Struck

I am sure we all have seen famous people at one time or another. I have to say it is one of my favorite things about going to NYC or LA, just to maybe have a glimpse of someone famous. I have been able to see some famous people and even have pictures taken with them, including: Dirk Nowitzki's(plays for the Dallas Mavericks), Carolyn Kepcher (from the Apprentice), Toby Maguire (As he was making Spiderman 3 in NYC) as well as some KU basketball players and coaches.

Anyway, I love it and last night I was invited to go to a Special Screening of "The Astronaut Farmer" by my girl Andrea . Billy Bob Thorton and Virginia Madson were also there to welcome us and give a few comments on the film before it started. It was pretty cool and thought it would make for a good blog.

Oh, Dad, thanks again for this camera, this last photo was taken from the very back row of the theatre, nice zoom!!


Event time

As most of you know, I do event planning for a career. Some may say it is the dream job and though there are some fun times and great food, it is a lot of hard work and a lot of stress. Most of you may remember my story about having to pick up a dead bird. I have had several instances where an event throws me a curve ball and I have to figure out how I am going to fix it with in minutes. It would take me forever to list off all the problems that I have had to deal with in the past, starting with a blind homeless guy getting lost and wondering into my event full of huge donors or random med students that walk through an event and pretend they are a guest. Like I wouldn’t notice that, they have backpacks on and they are shoveling brie cheese and beef tenderloin in their pockets ;)
Yesterday I had an event and it was pretty crazy all day with rentals showing up, liquor being delivered, valet services, security on site, podium and mic set up and my caterer and florals. I have to say this event had some stinking good food and it was really pretty. My pictures don’t even do it justice but I had to share.


For girls only

Ok, before all you boys read this blog post, you may want to just go ahead and keep on surfing. Just giving you a heads up. Although I think most of you women out and husbands will appreciate this as well I will predict.

Ok, so no surprise, once a month a women gets her cycle (ok, boys stop snickering like you did in the 8th grade when you heard all of this for the first time). Anyway, it is not a huge deal now because I have done it once a month for over 10 years. Yet something new this month really pushed me over the edge and I have to share. Again, boys you may want to stop reading now.

I went to go grab a feminine pad (I like to call it that) and unwrapped it only to find the sticker on the pad that you tear off that read, “Have a happy period”. “Oh, yes” I said out loud in the bathroom, “I will have a lovely period”. After all, it is my favorite time of the month, I love a time to reflect and think about how I love being a women and how we are so special to get a cycle once a month. I mean the commercials for tampons really say it all. Yes, I love to get in a bathing suit and dance around in my pink leggings and then out shopping with the girls. Everything is pink and lots of clouds are used in those commercials for some reason. Are you kidding me??? “Have a happy period”??? Who was the ad wizard on that Advertising team that thought to put that? Did they really think that was going to cheer me up right after I had a two hour headache, cramps all day and a huge fight with the person I love the most for no reason what so ever??? If I was on that ad team I may have written this on that sticker:

“Have a candy bar, you will feel better”
“$1 off French fries coupon, use now”
“Massage for hour coupon”
“Yes this sucks”
“ It is ok to smoke pot when you feel this bad” (totally kidding, never smoke pot kids, it makes your brain shrink and it will destroy your life)

Again, just to conclude, I do know that a women’s cycle is perfectly normal and women have been doing it for years. Yet, really there is no need to come up with cute packaging and nice sayings on the packaging. Rather than making me feel like it is all wonderful, it makes me want to throw the whole box of your products into the trash. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing that brand of feminine products again.

Oh, I went to check out the website of this product and this is what they had to say about that product and see if it said “Have a happy period” anywhere on this web page, sure enough:

My favorite part of this webpage is when they say this:”This is the time of the month that's all about you. So be your own best friend. Make it your mantra to indulge yourself and celebrate being a girl” Don’t event get me started on this comment, hee hee.

Peace out sisters and stick in there!!!