For girls only

Ok, before all you boys read this blog post, you may want to just go ahead and keep on surfing. Just giving you a heads up. Although I think most of you women out and husbands will appreciate this as well I will predict.

Ok, so no surprise, once a month a women gets her cycle (ok, boys stop snickering like you did in the 8th grade when you heard all of this for the first time). Anyway, it is not a huge deal now because I have done it once a month for over 10 years. Yet something new this month really pushed me over the edge and I have to share. Again, boys you may want to stop reading now.

I went to go grab a feminine pad (I like to call it that) and unwrapped it only to find the sticker on the pad that you tear off that read, “Have a happy period”. “Oh, yes” I said out loud in the bathroom, “I will have a lovely period”. After all, it is my favorite time of the month, I love a time to reflect and think about how I love being a women and how we are so special to get a cycle once a month. I mean the commercials for tampons really say it all. Yes, I love to get in a bathing suit and dance around in my pink leggings and then out shopping with the girls. Everything is pink and lots of clouds are used in those commercials for some reason. Are you kidding me??? “Have a happy period”??? Who was the ad wizard on that Advertising team that thought to put that? Did they really think that was going to cheer me up right after I had a two hour headache, cramps all day and a huge fight with the person I love the most for no reason what so ever??? If I was on that ad team I may have written this on that sticker:

“Have a candy bar, you will feel better”
“$1 off French fries coupon, use now”
“Massage for hour coupon”
“Yes this sucks”
“ It is ok to smoke pot when you feel this bad” (totally kidding, never smoke pot kids, it makes your brain shrink and it will destroy your life)

Again, just to conclude, I do know that a women’s cycle is perfectly normal and women have been doing it for years. Yet, really there is no need to come up with cute packaging and nice sayings on the packaging. Rather than making me feel like it is all wonderful, it makes me want to throw the whole box of your products into the trash. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing that brand of feminine products again.

Oh, I went to check out the website of this product and this is what they had to say about that product and see if it said “Have a happy period” anywhere on this web page, sure enough:

My favorite part of this webpage is when they say this:”This is the time of the month that's all about you. So be your own best friend. Make it your mantra to indulge yourself and celebrate being a girl” Don’t event get me started on this comment, hee hee.

Peace out sisters and stick in there!!!


Heidijayhawk said...

laughed out loud vickie! what ae they thinking. i have already had my kiddos, and they are truly lovely, but the hysterectomy i had last year (no more periods) was ever so liberating! i can wear my pink tights and dance around all day now...or...maybe i can't...if i don't have that period anymore can i still celebrate being a girl. oh the confusion!

Crabby Rangoon said...

You're a girl after my own heart, boycotting a product for being absurd. "Have a nice period!"--Some PMSing lawyer is going to sue them one of these days, look out.

V, as always, you crack me up!

sarah said...

I am deeply disturbed. Deeply disturbed.

toby said...

Vikkie, until further notice you are carrying my trophy for "Best Blog Post 2007."

vwiese said...

wow, I was not expecting that, thanks brother!!!

kimberly said...

I'd bet they would sell more of their product if it had coupons for fries or candy bars on it. your advice is way better than theirs. amen.

kristen said...

V- this post was the talk of bible study last night, so it sounds like you might be winning awards all around. I think those ad execs were smoking pot when they all agreed that this would make a good marketing campaign. I liked your ideas better.

Tish Tosh said...

i'm disturbed by this...lol. who wants to embrace pain...you're right. as an old addie major i shake my head in disgust at this marketing ploy

beth said...

i had the exact same response when i first saw it. you could not have written a more precise and hilarious post on this ridiculous issue. i am in total agreement.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing this idea expanded to other products. Like condoms! "Have a happy ____"