Snow days

My dad sent me an email today that inspired me to blog. My father lives in small town out in the country at a nice little town called Sabetha. He was emailing me about what he has been up to and it made me realize how snow is such a pain in his neck being out on a farm and how here in the city it is like a dream come true. In KC all the schools close, you have a good excuse not to go into work, you wake up and everything is covered in snow and minutes later a snowplow comes to clean your streets. We have a neighbor who loves to clean off everyone’s driveway and sideways with his snow blower so we don’t think it is too bad. Brett and I both love the snow. Debo also loves it as you can tell. Not to much for us to worry about when it snows.

On the flip side, I got this email from my dad this morning, a bit of a different perspective:

“We ended up with 6 inches of snow, then it really started blowing about midnight on Monday. I had just gone to bed, and was almost a sleep when bang and a flash that lit up my whole bedroom. What they hay!!! I jumped out of bed and notice that the flagpole light was still on, so didn’t know what was going on when again "bang" and what looked to be a roman candle shooting across the barnyard. All power went out. It was no longer what the hay, but what the hell!!! I got up and went outside to make sure there was not hot wires dancing across the feedlot. I could find nothing wrong, so went into town to report it at the dispatch office. Would you believe Joe already had called it in. (He is the greatest neighbor) So I came back home and cleared the roads so the city truck could make it out here, for I barely made it back home. So spent most of the night up. Apparently, the lines blew together over my feedlot, and then it blew a line knockout fuse over at Rod’s corner. Today it is blowing hard from the south, so the roads are closing up again. I hate snow when it blows.”

What the crap, I am such a snot here in KC to think about how glorious the snow is and my poor father is up all night because of the wind and he has to use a tractor to clear his path. Anyway, I kinda get in my own world and think I it so exciting to have lots of snow until I get emails like this, then I just feel bad.

Love you Dad, spring will be here soon.


Heidijayhawk said...

i certainly hope spring is coming very soon!

joe said...

he's the cool neighbor(vick's dad) he came and cleared our drive SEVERAL times because i was sick in bed with pneumonia! thanks vick's dad!

joe said...

sorry about the "vick's" I know its TWO "K"s and and "IE"!

vwiese said...

Hope you are feeling better. Hey, we had a great time at the KU game. thanks for the tickets!! We sat in the student section and it took us back to our glory days!!!