Date Night

Oh, date night. I remember in high school going to get pizza and then bowling on a date with my high school boyfriend. Or we would go to the neighboring town to “drag main”. Going to the movies where we paid like $4.00 or something and seeing everyone you knew (small towns). Or the best was going to my boyfriends house to watch a movie with his parents (fun times ;) NOT!! (Remember when that word was cool?)

Then in college I started dating a different guy, he was a site to see from the beginning. We were great friends for a couple months until I found myself falling in love with him. He finally asked me on a date. Oh, date night!!! What are dates like in college I wondered?? They were usually a movie or out to a fun restaurant. Maybe we would take a trip to Kansas City and go the plaza for some good food and shopping. We would go to Gallyans and climb the rock wall, go play some Frisbee and out to the lake for a picnic with KFC. Or we would just stay in the dorm for some pizza and some reality TV. I went on a lot of fun dates in college with my cute boyfriend, now my husband ;) I will never forget the feeling of getting ready for date with Brett and the anticipation of him walking up 4 flights of stairs in the dorm to come pick me up ;) Or when we lived across town from each other and seeing him pull in the driveway in his vintage Saab. Oh, I kind of get butterflies in my stomach just writing about it.

I am a firm believer in date nights. Brett and I don’t really call them date nights anymore, we just go and do what we please whenever we feel like it. Well, Friday during the day, I got the urge to go on a “Date Night”, just the two of us. I really wanted sushi but I knew Brett would not be in the mood for that. So, I let him plan the date night. He didn’t really do too much planning as it panned out but it was a blast nonetheless. We ended up going to M&S Grille. I sat down and realized that it was a little pricey and I was not sure we wanted to spend this much on dinner. I just started to tell Brett that I didn’t know it was so pricey when he said, “Vikk, it is ok, you get what you want. We have money to go on a date; we don’t have kids or tons of stuff to pay off. It is ok, we can have a nice date night”. I got those butterflies again like I use to when we first started dating. We ate a wonderful meal in one of the best spots in the restaurant. Everything was so tasty and we had the best conversation and just enjoyed being with each other. We headed home and Brett thought we should look through some photo albums for fun. He pulled out the album that I kept of all our college days together. It was the best!!! Snuggled on the couch, looking and laughing at pictures. Thinking of stories that I had already forgotten about or remembering stupid inside jokes. I love date nights!!

Thank you Brett for being the best date a girl could ask for.


brett said...

glad you enjoyed the date night - i think anytime you can eat in your own curtained off section of a restaurant it classifies as a good date.

kjl said...

You guys are too cute! ;)