Great Idea, I'll take it !!!

So my friend John McClain posted on his blog “things you don’t know about me” and it has been dinner conversation around our house. Brett thought maybe I should steal the idea because he thought there were lots of things that people didn’t know about me. I have to say I didn’t really agree at first, I always say I am a pretty normal and average Joe. But then he started listing off things that he thought others would not know about me so I decided to take Brett’s advise and make John’s idea my own ;)

Things you didn’t know about me:

I like it HOT, by this I mean I love to be hot (not just warm) in the winter to the point where I wear sweats to bed and have a heat blanket on high all night. I have to have all hot drinks and soups piping hot in order to enjoy it. My rule of thumb when seeing if it is hot enough is bringing it to a medium boil just before serving it.

I hate teenagers, they are gross, they stink, they don’t clean themselves property, they lack social skills, they are all followers and fall into pier pressure, they are snotty, they dress bad, they think their life is so rough when they don’t know that half of it. I hate them.

I don’t enjoy reading, it is relaxing, and by that I mean I fall asleep within seconds of picking up a book.

I don’t care to talk on the phone for more than 10 minutes after I get off work. Something about being on the phone all day and then having to get on it again to shoot the breeze, I would rather meet you for coffee or dinner if you want to shoot the breeze.

I hate Oprah (who doesn’t really)

I can’t stand people that have speech impediments, it is just lazy not to work on that and fix it. I have zero sympathy.

I love all food but if you make me eat any form of sweet potatoes, I am likely to hurl all over the dinner table.

More to come, didn’t want to give them all away in one blog ;)


Donna said...

oh my gosh, vikkie. lisps drive me CRAZY! i know i'm the meanest person alive, but come on. they are simply not okay!!

Lindsey dB said...

Thank you for being unpopular and saying that you hate Oprah. I get mean looks from folks when I say it.
And, can I just say that when the phone rings at home - i don't answer it, even if i'm standing next to it. i had to tell my friend, Jen, to just start talking and that if we were there, we'd pick up. She now leaves funny messages. =)

toby said...

Oh Vikkie! This is a great idea. Keep these posts coming.

toby said...

I also can't stand Oprah. I don't know how she is so popular with women. She seems to me transparently false in almost all of her interests and concerns on her show.

vwiese said...

Wow, didn't know there were so many "Oprah Haters" I might start a group on facebook!

jmac said...

you stole from me?