More about little ole me

What else didn't you know??

I have perfect vision but my hearing is not all that great

Easter is my favorite holiday, I like it more than Christmas and thanksgiving combine.

I am a certified nurses aid and use to work in a nursing home

I sleep with matches by my bedside in fear of the deadly gas sleeping next to me (oh, oops, was that something you didn’t know about Brett, that is not what this post is about) hee hee!

I am pretty good at running a chain saw but at the same time I can paint my nails like the best of them.

If I could pick one food to eat all week it would be: POTATOES!!!! I LOVE EM!!!!

I have had my whole arm up to my elbow in a pig's va- j- j.


hannah said...

best list ever. EVER!

toby said...

I have used a chainsaw three times in life. It frightens me just a little. If I never had to do it again, I wouldn't be bothered. Something about holding a running gasoline engine just doesn't sit well with me. You are a brave one, Vikkie.

tish tosh said...

i love you lol...sigh. va j-j huh? sigh...