Craigslist, the best list of all.

Several years ago we had some friends tell us they were selling their honda on Craigslist and I really had no clue what they were talking about but just didn't really care to much to research it. Then a couple months later another friend found an apartment on Craigslist and again I was confused. What in the world was this list, who is Craig and where could I find this list? Yes, I am kinda behind the times I guess because apparently everyone has been using craigslist for like 5 years. I just started using it last week when I was looking for a few things for the new digs. This table is brand new in the box and is originally $1,499.00, the seller was asking $600 and I got it for $450 last night plus free delivery (eat your heart out Nebraska Furniture Mart)!!!
Sweet Hots!!!! What will I find next? This might be better than estate sales (sorry Kerry, Andrea and Sarah ;)


Mov'in Out, Mov'in On.

A couple of months ago Brett and I thought we would put our house up on the market to see if we had any takers. I know it sounds weird just to throw your house on the market for no reason but I was getting pretty tired of having get togethers and being smashed like sardines. I was also getting frustrated that we were not able to sit down at a table when having more than two people over at one time. We figured we didn't have anything to lose so we would just try it out.

So, after 60 some days of being on the market and over 40 showings, we sold our house!!!

It is not fun keeping your house spotless every day and not even being able to leave a couple dishes in the sink but I think it all paid off once we sold our house for just under what we asked for it. (Guess the market is not that bad in KC after all).
So it was a little stressful to sell a house but buying a new one in record time is a little bit more stressful. We knew it was a great time to buy with interest rates being low and with a lot being on the market for a good price. So, we looked and looked and found a great house, put a bid in and didn't get it. We were pretty bummed about that house but began the search again. After driving our realtor crazy (we are kinda picky and can't make up our minds) we finally found a great home for us!!

The goal was to upgrade just a bit as far as space, stay no more than 15 minutes from work and find something as close to move in ready as possible. We said we wanted to move just a little bit more south and we only got about 10 blocks south ;)

We move in June 21st and we would love all of you to stop by and say hi!! (We are just off of 57th and Roe).


Happy Birthday Little Sister

Have a great day!!!!!! Happy Birthday!