Worth every penny

The breakdown of my last few months:

8 packs of Ginger Nausea Gum: $56
4 gallons of mint chip ice-cream: $16
26 sonic fresh lime slushes: $65
70 flushes after throwing up: $ 140
Throwing up on the street while driving: Absolutely free

Having baby Wiese # 2: Priceless

We will be welcoming a baby March 5, 2011


Tuna Casserole

Back when I was dating Brett, I would have him over to my apartment and fix him some serious farm meals (Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes/ gravy, pork chops, cheesy biscuits, etc.). I guess I thought Brett was going to like anything and everything I cooked because I grew up always seeing my Dad love everything my Mom cooked. So, I was so excited to fix Tuna Casserole for Brett after we got married, who does not love a hot casserole!!! Brett liked Tuna so I figured, where could I go wrong?? I made this casserole about 3 months after being married and Brett informed me that he hated casseroles and has never been a fan. I WAS SHOCKED!!!! What??? I grew up on casseroles!!! "What are you saying Brett, you are not going to eat casseroles??" Well, here we are, almost 8 years later and I have maybe made maybe two casseroles since. Last week I decided that Tuna Casserole sounded really good and Brett was working late a lot so I just thought maybe I could get the other man in my house to like it.

Hutch did not let me down. After having two bowls of it, he said "all done" as he waved his hands. What a sweet boy!!!

In case, you want to give it a try:
Cook a package of elbow macaroni (I did a little less than one package) and boil them just enough to be soft, they cook more later so you don't want them fully done. Then drain.

Then add to the macaroni:

A little less than half a brick of Velveeta in small cubes
1 can of drained sliced mushrooms
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
4 celery sticks cut up
2 chopped green onions
2 drained cans of tuna
I added a bit of milk

Then you bake that at 300 for 20 or 30 min. Then break a couple handfuls of pringles over the top and bake for another 5-10 min. until the chips are golden brown. AHHH, enjoy!! We always loved it with a side of peas and cottage cheese.