first of all, I hate posting without a picture, maybe people really don't care but I am a visual person so I get bumbed when I don't have a picture with every post. Anyway, sorry folks.

So several of you have asked how the 3 year anniversary was so I thought I would blog about it since you all read my blog ;)
The day started bright and early when I was planning on getting out of bed at 5:30am to run. Instead I stayed and snuggled in bed for another two hours!!! That is always a great start to a day ;) I had a meeting from 5:30-7pm yesterday evening so I was kindaworn out and wishing that we could just stay home and not go to J. Gilberts (which is great steak)as we had planned, or I at least thought that was the plan. I felt so bad on my way home from the meeting, I really didn't want to go out again. Change clothes, re apply my face and do my hair. Brett must have know because I came home and there were candles all over my family room. A large picnic blanket in the center of the room with D Bronx supreme pizza, a cooler of Corona and Coca Cola, and even cheese cake and apple pie for dessert. It was perfect!!!!! I threw my shoes off and ran into the arms of my wonderful groom. I was really impressed with the ambiance, I am an event planner so presentation is everything in my line of work. Brett passed the test on the pizza picnic!!!! He had music, playing, the cool air was coming through the windows and I stuffed my face and we talked about our days. It was the perfect date after a long day at work. I suddenly got a boost of energy because it was all so refreshing and we decided to go see Talladega Nights, I would highly recommend it. I do have a feeling I might have to see that one again because I think it is the kind of movie that you see once and think it is kinda funny but the more you quote lines from the movie the funnier it is. I will for sure get it on netfix when it comes out on video.

Thanks for the laughs and three years of having a blast Brett, you are the best!!!!!


Tri fecta here we come!

sorry it has been a week since I have posted. It has been a busy week with me getting ready for the big event out at the Kansas Speedway. I am getting pumped but it is coming down to crunch time. Anyway, I do have a volunteer meeting tonight that I am running and then buzzing to dinner to celebrate with my groom! Today we have been married 3 years and they have been some of the best years so far. Thanks Brett for all the love and mostly patience!!


summer coming to a close

Yes, one of the best things of summer: ICE-CREAM!!! This summer I had plenty of ice-cream. I started the summer by having a icecream social for our block to get to know everyone which was a so much fun. I was also introduced to FOO's in Brookside this summer where I enjoyed a handful of coffee toffee custard concretes. Needless to say, it is time to cut off the sweets as I try to fight the fall and winter weight, which boys laugh at, but women do have to fight it every year. It is like we go into hibernation or something and save up the weight to keep us warm in the winter. It is really a good plan if you think about it, now if I could convince Brett and my clothes of that. ;) Sure would save on the heating bill this winter. Brett, just think of that?

Another fun thing about this summer has been getting to know my girls in craft night, I have become so interested in making fun things for friends. My friend Hannah taught me this great craft where you use paint to make t-shirts. She is super crafty so she is a great person to get ideas from. Here is what I made my friend for her surprise baby shower, they turned out pretty cute. I am sure this baby is going to be pretty cute and hip wearing these bad boys:

Thanks for all the fun times Craft night girls, looking forward to the next craft night.

Dear Icecream,

I will miss you so much this fall and winter. I look forward to seeing you next June and please tell the the crushed candy that I put in you, that you have been great this summer.

Your BFF, Vikkie


T-1000 baby

If it has been a while since you have seen a classic action movie? Try renting Terminator 2 today. I have had a urge to see this movie again since the weekend and Brett and I finally sat down to watch it last night. Nothing better than PJ pants, a blanket, your hot man and cute dog by your side. Unless you add a cop made from liquid metal, that makes for one great night of fun. Minus the headache I had during the last part of the movie, it was just as good as I thought it would be. My favorite parts are when T-1000 gets shot and then molds himself back together. The very end is awesome when he is "terminated", I am sure to watch that part again tonight after dinner before I have to take the movie back. I highly recommend it!! And yes for all your men out there that are reading this thinking "Man, brett has the dream girl, she likes Terminator?" yes, Brett has a good girl, I also love Total Recall, all the Mission Impossible, Jurassic park and I love to throw a football, I might even be a little better at throwing a football then most of you guys on a good day;) Hee hee. Ok, just playing.


5 dollars anyone?

I hate this, two necklaces completely not wearable because I can't get the stinkin things apart. I am not to concerned about the pink one but I love by long black necklace, dang it. Anyway, today I thought I would put the challenge out there and in anyone things they can get this undone, the 5 bucks is yours. I have worked on it several times and I just get mad and quit.
Today is Friday and anyone that knows me knows that is my favorite day of the week. This weekend we are having some old friends come in town and stay with us. I am pretty excited to sleep in my new room in the basement that we just re did. I am also excited to eat pizza tonight and Oklahoma joes tomorrow. That is the perfect combination!!!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Still the cutest ever

Ok, maybe this post will be better just for the picture. My dog, as you all know, is the cutest animal to walk the earth. The other day when I as snapping some shots of him, he did this trick:

Need I say more, he is not the smartest and really not that great of a listener but he is the so cute and a great nap partner on Sunday afternoons. Love you Debo!!

Lets get it started

How do I start me day?
EGGS!!!! got to get that protein so I am not starving at work and start eating things that I would not normally eat. Brett and I laugh about this subject maybe once a week about how people in the office eat and how it is really disturbing. I think I would put down at least one snickers a day and three cokes if I didn't have my eggs to fill me up. So Eggs: thanks so much for keeping me full so I don't turn into a fat slob ;) Brett: thank you for making my three scrabbled eggs to perfection everyday! ;) Yes ladies, my man makes the best eggs ever so don't even try to compete, I don't. In fact I don't even really make them anymore because I am not patient enough to let them cook so I always burn them. I also have the problem of not spraying enough Pam on the pan so I end up eating half the eggs that I cook because the other half is stuck to the pan. As I sit here with my full tummy I think the chickens for the eggs. This was the dumbest post ever, I might try again later to come up with something better. ;) Peace out.


before and after

this weekend I worked on the half finished room in our basement. Since we have lived there it has been storage and mostly ugly. I decided to start working on that room and 72 hours and$116 dollars later:......tada!!!!!!
Here is the before:

Here is the after:


how about a 4

day four of talking about my vacation, this will be the last day since the weekend is hear and I need to get back to thinking about real life and not vacation.
Golden Gate Bridge, pretty cool. Brett was not sure if it was cool because he couldn't get his eyes open enough to see it as you can see in this picture. hee hee, just teasing Brett, I love it that your eyes are that small. I guess we are both kinda squinting.
Well, that wraps it up.Back to the real life of going to work, eating healthy, working out, hanging with friend and living in the midwest.


and a three

Day three of the vacation posts:
One of the best things about our vacation was my date night with Brett, with the help of my friends this evening was one of a kind. From the dress, to the food, to wonderful hotel we stayed at, it was a success!! Here is how the night unfolded: I wrote brett this card a few days before we left for our trip and when he was all ready to go out for the night and I was still in my PJ's I told him to go down to the lobby, read and letter and I would be down in a bit.
I slipped on my friends Banana Republic dress and shoes that I want to steal so bad and finished it off with pearls. I took the elevator down to the 2nd floor and walked down a large stair case. I looked down to see Brett sitting there looking at me the same way he did when I walked in in my wedding dress almost three years ago. It was wonderful, he was shocked that I put this together and that I surprised him with a cute dress. I then took him to a wonderful little restaurant in a really cool part of San Francisco called Plump Jack Cafe. It was wonderful, maybe one of the best meals we have had eating out. It was wonderful to just sit, talk, drink wine and later ate two tables from Jenna Bush. I guess I picked a good place if Jenna Bush was eating there. We finished up by having a lovely dessert that had candles on it to celebrate our upcoming anniversary and then a taxi ride back to the hotel. My next plan was to get other clothes on and go see Talladega Nights but since it was opening day, it was sold out. That was the only bummer of the night but we walked around a bit in San Francisco and headed back to our hotel that was so nice for a little R and R. I have to say the best part of the night is when we where in the taxi to come back to the hotel and Brett said "I love it that we dined with Jenna Bush tonight but my wife looked hotter" YES!!!! That is what I was looking for. ;)


Day two

Another day about vacation. I am still somewhat rested from our time away but work stress is starting to creep in. "Vikkie Don't let it happen, stay cool, not stressed", I am telling myself ;)
I think Brett looks like a hotty male model in this picture. I may submit to Urban Outfitters, this shirt is my favorite. I love their shirts, everyone should own at least three of them.
As you can see the boardwalk is so cool and full of rides that Brett and I are already to old for. It was great to watch Brett's face on one of the rides, if only I had a camera for that. It made me laugh for at least a good 5 minutes, I love that. Man, I use to ride rides all day at WOF and not feel a thing. I have to say I was really close to blowing chunks everywhere but I kept it on the down low because I didn't want Brett to know I was feeling so ill. Good stuff.


Back in town

Sad to say but it is true, we are back from vacation, it was awesome!!!! Nothing like hanging out with Brett for a week laughing my arse off!! You all should try hanging out with Brett for a few days, just you and him, he is hands down the best person to travel with. Well, Santa Cruz, Cali was a wonderful little town. We spent time by the beach, taking some surfing lessons, eating Pizza My Heart and In and Out Burger and doing some shopping. San Francisco was also a wonderful part of the trip, we had a kicking hotel which we got for free and we ate at a wonderful restarant and Jenna Bush (the presidents daughter) was two tables away from us. I have lots of pictures from my week so I thought I would post a few each day of this week to catch you up from my great vacation. Today I want to talk about In and Out Burger, I am not sure why Kansas has not invested to get this restaurant here but it might be the best fast food I have ever had, Brett seems to think so in this picture.