T-1000 baby

If it has been a while since you have seen a classic action movie? Try renting Terminator 2 today. I have had a urge to see this movie again since the weekend and Brett and I finally sat down to watch it last night. Nothing better than PJ pants, a blanket, your hot man and cute dog by your side. Unless you add a cop made from liquid metal, that makes for one great night of fun. Minus the headache I had during the last part of the movie, it was just as good as I thought it would be. My favorite parts are when T-1000 gets shot and then molds himself back together. The very end is awesome when he is "terminated", I am sure to watch that part again tonight after dinner before I have to take the movie back. I highly recommend it!! And yes for all your men out there that are reading this thinking "Man, brett has the dream girl, she likes Terminator?" yes, Brett has a good girl, I also love Total Recall, all the Mission Impossible, Jurassic park and I love to throw a football, I might even be a little better at throwing a football then most of you guys on a good day;) Hee hee. Ok, just playing.


brett said...

don't feel bad--it's easy to get a headache when your brain is trying to comprehend the sheer coolness of a liquid metal terminator.

toby said...

My favorite part is when T-1000, looking like the adoptive mother, switches her hold of the phone from one hand to another and we hear a quivering THUD. She casually continues her phone conversation, and the camera pans to reveal her hand terminating in a huge butcher knife driven inches into the wall through her husband's head. It somehow seemed in character for both a disenchanted housewife and a killing machine from the future. It's just of many reasons that I consider Terminator 2 the quintessential summer action movie. First rated R movie I ever saw in a theatre. Vikkie, let me know the next time you are watching it.